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Flying physics V2

Phortiphy on 02/24/2008

This is a 2 physics pack that I made a while back. The first one is playable, if rather gimmicky. The second one IS NOT PLAYABLE AT ALL, EDIT and was included as an example of the variety of things you can do with this EDIT. They both involve pressing the walk key to "fly". Nofall2 is not playable because I set player gravity to a negative number when walking, but the problem is that if you're killed you just keep going up and up and up into the ceiling. Because of some unknown engine property, if you accelerate into the ceiling while dead at a constant rate, it sends you up through the ceiling, where everything looks untextured, then for about a minute of that you come up through the floor, continue upwards through the ceiling and repeat. Because your corpse is still moving, it is impossible to respawn.

There. Do what you will with this, but at least let people know what you are doing before hosting it. EDIT In response to Tim, here are some suggestions for getting the most out of this: 1) Certain maps, such as Intercontinental Divide, get the most out of this (I found quick six in general to be pretty good for it). 2) The setup of this is such that a person on the ground can usually trump a flying person. That's alright, because in my experience there's only one or two people spoiling like that. 3) You can control the rise and fall (and direction [you can build up mad speed]) by shooting in the opposite direction (preferably with a machine gun, rockets don't work as well).

All credit for concept goes to Count Roland. Other tweaks are credited to me. He has okayed this for distribution last time I saw him.

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Final round of Mayhem 3 First tourney/final round

Phortiphy on 12/23/2007

This is the final round of the Mayhem 3 tournament. There was a point, at around 3-4 minutes where I just gave up, as I was not entirely happy with the map choice, but oh well. Congrats to Megabyte for a stunning decapitation of my self-confidence! :D

EDIT: This map requires The Warehouse to run.

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Edit on my above review. Paradise Lost

Phortiphy on Nov 13th, 2007, Version

The last two maps added really disappointed me. The level design was good, but the overuse of the solid color textures really bothered me, especially in acid rain. I felt like I was trapped in a two year old's toybox. Paradigm wasn't so bad, but both were still very confusing to the eye, and both levels had the same predominant theme (paradigm was more open and used less solid color textures, but still...). They just felt like add ons to each other. If I could give something 3 and 1/2 stars, I would give it to this.

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Can anyone give me a Hoo-Rah!? Co-Op

Phortiphy on Nov 8th, 2007, Version 1.0


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Great for all Paradise Lost

Phortiphy on Sep 26th, 2007, Version 1.0

And by all, I mean any number of people.

I played through this entire pack with two other people, and even Downfall of Paradise, which is much bigger than the other two, was still awesomely fun. Even though I never ended up seeing the whole map, there was action every second. Excellent flow! I like the other two for different reasons, mostly because they are small but BEAUTIFUL. I especially like the detail that went into Serpant's Kiss (the jjaaro one, i think). The other map (lava one) was very beautiful too, especially in the parts where the walls are broken. I love how in all of these, there is an invisibility powerup, and while the only reason to get it at all on Downfall of Paradise is to cloak against motion sensors, the shadow plays in the lava map and especially serpant's kiss (which are easy to hide in WITHOUT invisibility) make the use of invisibility more strategic than just sneaking up behind somebody. I also like how there are health rechargers in serpant's kiss and the lava map. Health rechargers don't really belong on big maps, where unless you put it in the middle of an arena or something similar, it would be freebe health to anybody, if it's tucked into a corner (CTF maps are arguable here, though); but in small maps the recharger can be used, but only if the placement is exceptional, and it is. In serpants kiss, I only felt comfortable enough to stand there long enough to fill only half a bar, before dropping down the side to hide against anybody who might have seen me, and in the lava map, I made sure that there wasn't anybody in the middle before i started recharging. This is the way it should be; making you brave enough to reach the charger but cautious enough to not stand there for long. In short, great maps! I can not wait for more!

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I like it CTF Castle Carnage

Phortiphy on Jun 7th, 2007, Version 2.1

Let me get this out of the way: this map is the first one I've seen that had so much texture variety using the stock Infinity shapes. It looks pretty cool.

Now yeah, it's a gimmick map in two ways (textures and the "Simon" lights in the middle). Even so, it's a very playable arena, and while it's not original as such, that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. Perhaps a flamboyant replacement for the * of Pains?

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I like it CTF Castle Carnage

Phortiphy on Jun 6th, 2007, Version 2.1

I was looking for this map ever since I first got aleph one working. I like the cramped hallways, and it offers decent defence for the flag (finally) with the need-to-go to teleporters, unless you use the switch, and the "secret" door behind the flag. It is my ideal map, but I am known for my weird tastes. I still remember JC's reaction when I first hosted it: "ewwwwwwww"

That email winky is for me. ; ) right back atcha.