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I like it

Phortiphy on Jun 7th, 2007, Version 2.1

Let me get this out of the way: this map is the first one I've seen that had so much texture variety using the stock Infinity shapes. It looks pretty cool.

Now yeah, it's a gimmick map in two ways (textures and the "Simon" lights in the middle). Even so, it's a very playable arena, and while it's not original as such, that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. Perhaps a flamboyant replacement for the * of Pains?

This modifcation of Dave Baily's map is my first attempt at CTF. For some reason some people like it though personally I'd choose CCR2 (part of Magenta Filter 1.3) This version works with CTF lua 4.0.2 so you guys can stop bugging me to email you maps. ;) The readme goes in to further detail.

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