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quality AND quantity

inguinal falx on Nov 16th, 2008, Version X

Until now, I haven't given the matter much thought because I downloaded a lot of the maps piecemeal as they were released.

After seeing all these amazing maps listed together, I can comfortably offer my opinion that this is the best map pack I have ever seen.

I have compared the list of PL X's maps to all the other favorites and in terms of both quality and quantity, it stands alone.

It's self-indulgent but here are my thoughts on each map:

  1. Serpent's Kiss: fast and furious. Why don't we play this more often?

  2. Oculus ex Inferni: I have never had a bad game on this map and I love the way it looks. I like to play oculus, and ile boule consecutively: concentric circles of polygon hell, the center of which is FM which I will mention in a minute

  3. Downfall of Paradise: My vote for best map in the pack. Never been able to figure out why the action is so fast on this big map but its amazing. Something for everyone here. You can play Downfall 5 different times with as many different strategies and it doesn't get old. I am consistently amazed by this map.

  4. SCB: Just make sure you have 6-8 players.

  5. Darkest Insurrection: I'm not a fan of this one but I'm a rocket-whore and I appreciate the concept.

  6. Paradigm Shift: Just LOOK at this map! I get killed all the time because I'm admiring the damn walls. Good for deathmatch, koth, and team games. This map really has it all.

  7. Acid Rain: I have problems with the flow and there are too many suicides.

  8. Metropolis Part I

  9. Hourglass : I haven't played these much and can't really comment.

  10. Hydrocity: I think this is one of the most underrated maps around. The only reason I can think of is that you need a lot of players.

  11. Fortress Morrolan: The center of hell and imo, tied for best map of the lot. I like the original and didn't think this one needed the revamp. I was wrong. This map is outrageously fun and I'm happy that it's getting hosted often. I would play a 20 minute emfh on this map. team games have been better than on the original. it might be a fluke but people seem to camp a lot less on the remake too.

  12. Fatal Tragedy: Another huge map that keeps a fast pace. I love this map because I'm a rocket whore and I host it all the time.

  13. Dance of Pales: I liked Cenotaph and I love this one. I host this and Downfall when I feel like getting outside for a while.

  14. Sevil Alucard: I've heard a few negative comments on this one that I don't quite understand. You have to think a little bit more on this one because there's too much room for straight running and gunning. As long as there are enough players to sustain the action, I love playing this map.

  15. Polaris: simple, well-desgined, but it doesn't have anything for me too sink my teeth into.

  16. Biohazard: Had some great games with 2-4 players here. Love the way it looks. It's a great complement to the larger levels in the pack.

  17. Killer Instinct: Haven't played it but I've looked around and I can't wait to start. Looks like a bare-bones pagan purity. All the open space should lend itself to some interesting gameplay...maybe similar to that we see on the corpus swinus remake.

Paradise Lost

RyokoTK on 02/16/2015

Paradise Lost includes 36 maps, with a focus on high-quality aesthetic while maintaining good, enjoyable gameplay.

Version XVI no longer has embedded weapon/recharger MML.

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