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black Fire 0.1

Unclenate on 07/20/2011

Screenshot titled "Microwaved Steak"

well, my texturing currently sucks. i've already fixed it all and will put it in my update of this pack, but for now, this is my first draft of my first map pack. it still needs work, but id like some constructive feedback on specifics of improving these maps if you have any so that i can...well.. improve them...

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someone tell switch to add a "like" feature to this site Minipax

Unclenate on Apr 21st, 2012, Version Four

excelling maps indeed. though i did notice something about many of these maps... they're layout style seems fairly different from your CC maps. more flat and spread out...

anyway... glad to see there all still new maps to be brought in to this community...

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better The Grab Bag

Unclenate on Apr 9th, 2012, Version 3.0

emfh maps still need help with weapon layout and lifts need speed to balance out the map...

palace of eru is better now...

i love the added survival castle-like maps, they are definitely your stronghold

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wow... skull in signle player!

Unclenate on Apr 5th, 2012, Version 1.0

all aliens are friends AND everyone gets their own SKULL!

the marathon world is a better place because of you...

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the maps look fine how they are SL Maps

Unclenate on Feb 28th, 2012, Version 1.1

there are standards that are unreasonably low but there are also standards that are unreasonably high...

i for one would prefer to stay in the "green" zone in this color spectrum

my rating is a 5 rather than 4 to reverse the tragic abuse on this rating system

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Enjoyable Capture the Falg

Unclenate on Jan 15th, 2012, Version 1.0.1

the messages for events and the marine changing colors makes this game enjoyable once again

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marvelous M2 XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin for AlephOne 1.0

Unclenate on Jan 5th, 2012, Version 1.1.1

i dont have an XBox, nor am i unlazy enough to transfer the shapes if i did have one... so this made my day.

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inspiring layouts with poor weapon placement Cranch Wire Sunday

Unclenate on Jan 2nd, 2012, Version 1.2

i love the varying layouts of these maps, and their decent color. your big issue is weapon layout. everywhere you have spare ammo laying, so should you have matching guns laying there too. once you fixed all that, these maps will be good enough i believe...

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humph The hell man?!?!?

Unclenate on Nov 27th, 2011, Version 1

interesting... that is all...

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newt ginrich 2012! Water Parque

Unclenate on Nov 27th, 2011, Version 1.0

ugly texturing but pretty decent layout. most importantly, fun to play on. just get some help on the wepp set up...

overall pretty good

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it's good to have you back Starlight

Unclenate on Aug 27th, 2011, Version 1.0

the power drive maps were good maps but the embedded physics made me lag, so thanks for fixing them. and good work on your other maps. my favorite of the bunch was 'Miracle mile'.

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advice, Level 1 I crap on you

Unclenate on Aug 20th, 2011, Version 1.1

your maps have too much uneeded space, which getting rid of some of it will make it easier to have enough ammo and such. as for the architecture: its still pretty simple but your efforts in good flow in this map are, to some degree, significant.

also ,continue to take dugit's advice and other's advice realistically. even people who have strait on ridiculed my mapping have helped quite a bit...

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neat Pfhor Textures Remix

Unclenate on Aug 20th, 2011, Version 2.0

it sure looks better than the dull, dark, gloomy, and depressing infinty pfhor textures...

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redemption Second Quest

Unclenate on Aug 5th, 2011, Version 2.0.0

a great idea and great contribution for redeeming classic infinity maps and some other maps as well. i'd like to thank all who participated in this beneficial project.

adding more pathways, lifts and other forms complexity allows for the maps to have much better flow and as a result, better, more enjoyable gameplay.

i think my only disappointments in these maps were 'waldo''duality' and 'ex justica mortis'.

but overall, an outstanding pack that will be remembered for ages...

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Enjoyable Pop'ems (aka Popems)

Unclenate on Aug 5th, 2011, Version 1.1

the thing i like about these maps is that they are fun and enjoyable. they are focused more on being fun than they are on being detailed and fancy. i personally like the moderate balance of architecture in these maps, not too little/not too much. still, detailed and dynamically advanced architecture is a good thing in mapping, but (for me at least) too much of it can get a bit distracting...

my favorite maps are Werefrog, wine and roses, and CFA 3000

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thank you The President's Edited Eternal Shapes

Unclenate on Aug 3rd, 2011, Version 3.0

my OCD impulses can finally rest now that the 3rd person view is accurate with the 1st...

i cant believe they changed the enforcers' 3rd person appearance, but just ignore the marine's...

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beyond red spectrum Paradise Lost

Unclenate on Jul 30th, 2011, Version XV

i like these maps mch better than red spectrum. although red spectrum is very well a worthy map pack, this pack is face melting.i cant really comment too much because of my melting face.

red spectrum had some weapon placement and quantity issues, whereas this pack does not, the weapons are where they should be, and in their correct amounts.

the architecture and dynamics in these maps are far beyond red spectrum itself, and far far FAR beyond the complexity from the average map.

my favorite of your maps are, Dance of Pales, and Official tallmap, though all the rest are just as good...

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Hot stuff Red Spectrum

Unclenate on Jul 30th, 2011, Version 2.02

the map desings, architechture, and overall dynamic is nearly perfect. sometimes a tad too detailed but not a significant issue.

my main issue in quite a few of these maps is the lack of weapons here and there, i hate having to risk my life searching for them, so just raise the amount of weapons just a tad higher.

overall,this is indeed an action packed fun filled map pack that should go down in history...

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great job, M1A1 Fixes

Unclenate on Jul 18th, 2011, Version 1.0

...but truely, the thing i miss the most from the original m1 is the old platform sound.

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stylish Deeze Maps

Unclenate on Jul 16th, 2011, Version 1.1

pretty excellent maps indeed. i think your only problems are: first map: this map as you know is pretty cramped, and although your quite the architect, its very detailed to the point where its disorienting. plus, some flow issues in this map. Second map: your second map is overall great, the only small issues with it are that your texturing is a little weird in some places, though im not the best at texturing myself, so this is a small complaint.

but hey, no maps is flawless. so other than that your maps are good, both in look and gameplay.

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sadly... Shapes for the "Kool Physics" !!

Unclenate on Jul 15th, 2011, Version 1.0

...people these days dont like using custom physics, they perfer simply going with the standard physics becuase they're used to it.

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relative improvement The Great Pillar

Unclenate on Jul 8th, 2011, Version 1.1

good thing to add two slmall platforms rather than a large one that gets in the way, and a few more neat new things you put in. heres what i want you to do from here, first the platforms are too slow, you gotta make sure there faster getting you there in at least 3-4 seconds, another thing, the invisble wall isnt very easy to identify, put a low wall where the invisible wall is, and/or some thin pillars.

overall pretty nice fix up. keep at it!

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good indeed Weapons In Hand - Muzzle Flash and Motion Blur

Unclenate on Jul 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

im sad that two bobs had to die in the process of this demonstration though...

then again, it was worth it...

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far beyond me Caustic Dystopia

Unclenate on Jul 7th, 2011, Version 1.0

yep, far beyond me...

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ok start My first map pack

Unclenate on Jul 5th, 2011, Version

i liked your second map better. but il be honest and say you got alot of work to do. heres my suggestions...

texturing; your texturing is mostly hidious, especially the liquids on walls and stuff. its best to stick with one texture set. complex achitecture: this skill is mostly learned only by making more and more levels, and observing other good maps for guidance, keep at it, dont give up. go to pfhorums and find, checklist for mapmakking by RyokoTK. there you will get all the real info you need.

i dont mean to be harsh, you just need to practice by making more maps (if you want to improve), but dont give up, we could really use more good mappers. i hope this helps...

also any advice that people give you in a rude tone, or try to chew you out. ignore their oppressing comments.. yet at the same time consider what they are saying...

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Brilliant Unlost Found

Unclenate on Jun 17th, 2011, Version 1.2

water nearby is a surefire map, there might be more things you could do to improve it, but none i can think of.

i dont really like your pfhormal writing map, but i guess its mainly because the pfhor texture set sucks in general.

for the rest of your maps, they are pretty dynamic and detailed, which makes them more fun and complex. the fact that many of them are symmetrical, however, tends to make it less interesting and less strategic.

your two newest maps are also very enjoyable both in looks and play. my only mild issue with "A Warm Feeling" was that it feels a bit stuffed... overall, this pack can probably be improved, but it is in excellent condition the way it is now.

good work...

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Good Dead City

Unclenate on Jun 4th, 2011, Version 5.0

im getting de ja vu, because it looks alot like another survival map. but other than that, it looks great for playing survival.