Weapons In Hand - Muzzle Flash and Motion Blur

by Ares Ex Machina

Uploaded Mar 30th, 2014 for Marathon Infinity


A plugin for the original weapons-in-hand graphics for Aleph One, featuring: - Different looking muzzle flash with blended edges. - Motion blur on certain frames, including bullet shells and the fists. - An optional translucent scope effect for the magnum.

Works with both Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity!

Version 1.5

  • Removed black halo around edges of the optional graphics for the Marathon 2 SMG.
  • Optional graphics for the Marathon 2 SMG have been made powers of 2.

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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Incompatible with HD Weapons

3371-Alpha on Nov 4th, 2015, Version 1.5

Works very well but seems to override the HD weapons plugin with the old textures. Other wise works VERY well! So realistic looking!

Edit: turns out you can restore compatibility by simply following the plugin's instructions on removing the scope effect! Certain visual/texture glitches will still remain however.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Great mod! Issue with latest rev though

narcogen on Apr 17th, 2014, Version 1.5

Love the mod, been using it for our let's play series.

One thing, though, the latest version, rev 1.5, seems to break the updated Freeverse weapon models for the pistol and the SMG. With this mod in place, only those models go back to the originals. When I revert to 1.3, I get the updated models.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Nice effects

ntg255 on Mar 1st, 2014, Version 1.4

Like the work. Too bad for the BoBs though.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Dan the Man on Jul 9th, 2011, Version 1.0

Great upload.

PS NEW MISSION FOR ME: I've got to make flashes and motion blur for WEP (but not uploadit of course without permission from the original author) but still, like President People, I'm switching to these and ditching the WEP pack for now, until I can do the same thing to WEP.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

good indeed

Unclenate on Jul 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

im sad that two bobs had to die in the process of this demonstration though...

then again, it was worth it...

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Most Excellent

President People on Jul 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

I switched to these from the Weapon Enhancement Pack weapons. The change back to the pixellated sprites was a bit weird, but the superior muzzle flashes were worth it.

The screenshots pretty much say anything else that needs to be said. :P

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Say hello to my little friend!!!

Screenshot titled "Say hello to my little friend!!!"

This...is my BOOMSTICK!!!

Screenshot titled "This...is my BOOMSTICK!!!"

Yoga Fire!

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Screenshot titled "Plasma!"

Well do ya, punk?!

Screenshot titled "Well do ya, punk?!"