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Unclenate on Jun 17th, 2011, Version 1.2

water nearby is a surefire map, there might be more things you could do to improve it, but none i can think of.

i dont really like your pfhormal writing map, but i guess its mainly because the pfhor texture set sucks in general.

for the rest of your maps, they are pretty dynamic and detailed, which makes them more fun and complex. the fact that many of them are symmetrical, however, tends to make it less interesting and less strategic.

your two newest maps are also very enjoyable both in looks and play. my only mild issue with "A Warm Feeling" was that it feels a bit stuffed... overall, this pack can probably be improved, but it is in excellent condition the way it is now.

good work...

Unlost Found

brilliant on 12/31/2012

A Marathon Infinity net pack.

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