• Currently 5/5 Stars.


Unclenate on Aug 5th, 2011, Version 2.0.0

a great idea and great contribution for redeeming classic infinity maps and some other maps as well. i'd like to thank all who participated in this beneficial project.

adding more pathways, lifts and other forms complexity allows for the maps to have much better flow and as a result, better, more enjoyable gameplay.

i think my only disappointments in these maps were 'waldo''duality' and 'ex justica mortis'.

but overall, an outstanding pack that will be remembered for ages...

Second Quest

RyokoTK on 01/08/2008

Second Quest is a project designed to remake the original Infinity netmaps, as well as maps from other classic sources (Coriolis Loop and Marathon 2, currently). The end goal was to make them playable and enjoyable, and I believe we succeeded on all counts, with a total of 29 maps so far. It is a collaborative project, including efforts from myself (RyokoTK), screamingfool, Kinetic Turtle, Irons, and treellama.

3,670 downloads, 8 reviews, 5 screenshots, 4.9 rating