black Fire

by Unclenate

Uploaded Jul 20th, 2011 for Marathon Infinity


well, my texturing currently sucks. i've already fixed it all and will put it in my update of this pack, but for now, this is my first draft of my first map pack. it still needs work, but id like some constructive feedback on specifics of improving these maps if you have any so that i can...well.. improve them...

Version 0.1

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The Cool Guy on Dec 16th, 2011, Version 0.1

Actually I have heard of the news of jesus christ and my new maps are much better

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Good and Bad

Umbra on Oct 21st, 2011, Version 0.1

Microwaved Steak - My favorite. I like the open feel to this level. You have an excessive number of platforms and some should be removed in favor of the adjacent stairs.

Applesauce Factory - A map for giants! Lacks flow and is boring to the eyes.

Pepsi Factory - Layout causes arduous running to and from. My least favorite. When I finally located the Pepsi machine I realized I was given no quarters in my inventory.

Not Pfhor Sale - Has a slight Thunderdome feel. You should not hear a ship creaking in this map. Please replace that with wind or even loons singing.

Plasma - This simple map could benefit from 5D.

Overall, you should experiment with sounds more. The sound of water would completely disappear if I moved over slightly for example. Architecture was poor in spots, and nice in others. Oversized maps look more so because of repetitive textures. Textures clashed in areas. Accessible liquid columns don't belong next to platform lifts.

4 Screenshots

Microwaved Steak

Screenshot titled "Microwaved Steak"

Applesauce Factory

Screenshot titled "Applesauce Factory"

Pepsi Factory

Screenshot titled "Pepsi Factory"

Not Pfhor Sale

Screenshot titled "Not Pfhor Sale"