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relative improvement

Unclenate on Jul 8th, 2011, Version 1.1

good thing to add two slmall platforms rather than a large one that gets in the way, and a few more neat new things you put in. heres what i want you to do from here, first the platforms are too slow, you gotta make sure there faster getting you there in at least 3-4 seconds, another thing, the invisble wall isnt very easy to identify, put a low wall where the invisible wall is, and/or some thin pillars.

overall pretty nice fix up. keep at it!

This is my first netpack. It features a giant pillar. You start inside the pillar and stay there. Its really big and nice, with minipillars inside. I'm very sorry that I couldn't include screenshots because my network is too slow.

:::IMPORTANT NOTE::: All my projects (and all of iamanidiotbad's projects) are temporarily DEAD. Copying my projects is allowed. Thank you for your time.

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