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A set of remastered sounds for AOPID:

These are 6 dB quieter than the originals (an attached text file explains why), but also significantly less noisy, much crisper due to the addition of higher frequencies that were absent from the originals, and in some cases free of substantial audio flaws like 60 Hz hum on a lot of the Headless sounds or digital clipping distortion on some of the explosion and weapon sounds.

Note that most of these are not exact reconstructions of the missing audio data, but best guesses that I put together in iZotope RX5 Advanced; in a few cases, however, I was able to use the CD-quality audio sources. Also, make sure you have 16-bit audio on, or you’ll get the original sounds. I also suggest pairing these with W’rkncacnter’s HD AOPID graphics for best results:


Notes for version 1.0:

First release.

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This is a slightly modified version of Hopper's M2 Default HUD. It moves the HUD to the lower left corner of the screen and allows for fullscreen mode without any black bar. This works for any non-M1 scenario.

Thanks to wrkncacnter for the additional scripting.

Notes for version 1.1:

Fixed margins so the lua console can be viewed. Thanks to Terin in the Marathon Discord for fixing this!

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CFP is a complete set of high definition textures for Marathon Infinity and Durandal. Based on the original Freeverse Marathon 2 Durandal XBLA textures, these have been further enhanced by the Alephone community with glowmaps and made to support Marathon Infinity.


Freeverse, Hopper, Treellama, TheDoc45, General Tacticus, J2k, Spurious Interrupt, Tfear7

This is the monsters portion of the plugin.

Installation: The downloaded file must be decompressed before moving to the plugin folder or the load time on every level will be about 5 minutes.

Other CFP Packages:

CFP Scenery -

CFP Weapons Inf -

CFP Weapons M2 -

CFP Walls M2 -

Masters of textures for CFP can be found here:

Notes for version 2.4.2:

All sprites are now HD sprites based on the sprites provided by Hippieman with some AI upscale to fill in the gaps. Including brand new sprites for BoBs, Enforcers, Drones, and Players. Slight AI upscale to the Juggernaut and General Tacticus's VacBobs to match. Removed DDS compression for image quality, hence larger size.

2.4 - Improve Spht'Kr, improve coloring, fix halos, and add missing color table 2 - Improve crushed black on BoB sprites, and add missing color table 4 - Make Cyborg color tables 2 and 3 closer to the original - Add missing color table 1 for Tick 2.4.1 - Bug fix, accidentally reintroduced black halo around BoB sprites, and typo in Tick .mml, fix white halo around Yeti color tables 2 and 3.

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Something I made long ago: desert-landscape replacements for the Lh'owon Day and Night textures.

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