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Alpha's Redux 2.2

3371-Alpha on 02/22/2016

Screenshot titled "My Blaster Run's Hot"

I have patched tim4i's old m1redux weapons plugin for the official Marathon. This plugin replaces the old weapon sprites with HD variants. Some textures have been refined even further from the original using GIMP to edit them. According to Tim4i, you should not unzip this file but I've found it works regardless. All credit goes to both tim4i & herecomethej2000s as this was their original work, I merely patched the file. The original licence restrictions still apply.


-You need OpenGL to run this pack.

-This plugin is for the official Marathon 1 (not M1A1).

-I did NOT get permission from tim4i to create this patch. He hasn't been online since 2012 and left no means of contact. No copyright infringement intended.

Post any glitches/problems you find here: http://pfhorums.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=39240

Notes for version 2.2:

-Fixed a transparency/eraser mistake I made with the pistol that I didn't fully fix in the last revision.

-Rounded the tip of the assault rifle to make the barrel appear more realistic.

-Antialiased the fusion gun ever further.

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HD Jjarro Scenery At last! Hi res Jjarro scenery replacement

3371-Alpha on Aug 2nd, 2016, Version 1.0

For obvious reasons, this plugin makes an excellent companion to the "HD Scenery" or "Infinity Monsters HD Plugin" since they add sprites it doesn't & vice versa.

P.S. Thank you for this plugin General. For a while I was worried that the only thing this community cared about was useless netmaps & other crap, but you renewed my faith. You've shown me that some members do actually care about improving the original scenarios.

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YEAH!! 3D scenery for M1

3371-Alpha on Feb 21st, 2016, Version 1.0

Finally we have a worthy replacement for tim4i's old HD scenery plugin. Although it's a little laggy on my old hardware, I absolutely love it!

This plugin seems to generate the 3D objects in all the wrong places with the latest version of infinity (1.2.1 as of this writing). One example is in Poor Yorick, Some of the 3D objects will appear on the side of the cat walks you're on.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Small glitch with ammo meters FloatingX

3371-Alpha on Jan 5th, 2016, Version 1.4.1

The latest version of this HUD doesn't display bar-graph ammo meters (for weapons such as the fusion pistol and flame thrower). It merely remains a blank bar regardless of shots fired or number of reloads. The HUD works fine otherwise.

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Would be cool if this was available for M1 Alternate Player Colors

3371-Alpha on Dec 27th, 2015, Version 1.0

Not too bad however M3 also has an HD sprites/monsters plugin as a separate download, which I would rather have.

This file definitely improves Eternal's visuals, however I would have loved to see a full HD Eternal.

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A Must Have for Rubicon! Hi-Res Floating HUD for Rubicon-X

3371-Alpha on Dec 27th, 2015, Version 1.1

This should be included with Rubicon by default if you ask me.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Not what I had in mind. High-res Landscapes Plugin (M3)

3371-Alpha on Dec 3rd, 2015, Version v1.1

I'm not so sure these can really be called "HD". They're just blurred, over anti-aliased versions of the originals.

These are out right the highest quality landscapes for infinity available. Although the 2048x1080 version of this plugin is included with infinity, you can easily download and replace it with this one if you think your computer can handle the extra load.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Highest quality! Marathon Durandal Textures @ 1024X1024

3371-Alpha on Nov 28th, 2015, Version 1.1

This plugin has the highest quality textures of any texture plugin. Fair warning, it's a bit laggy on older systems (specifically older GPUs). Also note, it doesn't have built in landscapes. Consider using "High-res Landscapes Plugin (M2)" with this plugin.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Works Well. Night Vision Lua

3371-Alpha on Nov 27th, 2015, Version 1.0

Works well in dark locations. Haven't noticed any glitches with this script. I can confirm it works in M1, 2, & 3. It tends to make the scenery flicker inside Rubicon X however.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Also works with other scenarios UESC Marathon

3371-Alpha on Nov 26th, 2015, Version 1.0

Certain GUI elements look odd (out of place) with this theme however it's very functional. It also works with other scenarios including M2, M3, and Rubicon X.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Awesome Marathon Music Remasterd

3371-Alpha on Nov 26th, 2015, Version 2.0

All of these tracks are phenomenally great remakes. My only complaint is track 06. The original of that particular track had a soothing effect that your remake just doesn't have. Regardless I think this is one of the best audio remakes I've ever heard, not just in the Marathon universe but gaming in general.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Can also be used with official Marathon 1 M1A1: StarScape DDS

3371-Alpha on Nov 25th, 2015, Version 1.0

This image not only works on M1A1 but can also easily be used with the official Marathon 1 by following these steps:

1) If on Mac: Right click on the Marathon app and select "show package contents" and navigate to /Contents/Resources/DataFiles/Plugins. If on Windows or Linux: go to your Marathon 1 plugin folder.

2) Then find the TTEP plugin and open it's Collections folder. You should see sub folders with various numbers for names.

3) unzip the starscape.zip then make 3 copies of the starscape.dds, rename each "04.dds", "24.dds", and "21.dds".

4) Replace image "04.dds" inside folder 02. Replace image "24.dds" inside folder 17. And finally replace image "21.dds" inside folder 18.

5) Enjoy the better graphics! This starscape image is significantly better than the one included in TTEP.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Nostalgic! Rotating Items

3371-Alpha on Nov 5th, 2015, Version 1.0

Though it's not Marathon original it does remind me of many old shooter games such the FurFighters. Thank you for the plugin.

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Don't Stop Developing! 3D Items Plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 4th, 2015, Version 1.3

I hope when you say "final release" you mean "I'm not releasing anymore for now as I've fixed all bugs so far". It would be a shame for such an innovative plugin to disappear like that. Your plugin will be the future of Marathon, I guarantee it!

Note: this plugin appears to work in both M2 & 3.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

A step in the right direction! Gorans Animated Liquids

3371-Alpha on Nov 4th, 2015, Version 0.2

Excellent plugin! Havent noticed any glitches yet on either M2 or 3. I think the only thing that missing is animations for liquids other than water, but as you mentioned above that's pending.

Works very well but seems to override the HD weapons plugin with the old textures. Other wise works VERY well! So realistic looking!

Edit: turns out you can restore compatibility by simply following the plugin's instructions on removing the scope effect! Certain visual/texture glitches will still remain however.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Small bug but other wise works well m23redux Plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 3rd, 2015, Version v1.1

This plugins tends to make your fists disappear when switching to melee with the Freeverse HD Weapons plugin installed but otherwise works well. This plugin also works on Rubicon X, although it replaces the sprites rather than updates them.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Complements other HD texture packs High-res Landscapes Plugin (M2)

3371-Alpha on Nov 3rd, 2015, Version v1.1

An excellent companion to the "Marathon Durandal Textures @ 1024X1024" plugin since that plugin doesn't have built in landscapes. Note: these textures are not "HD remakes" (they do not match the originals in any way) but still fit the environment very well and are of higher quality than Freeverses' landscapes.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Excellent Plugin ShotsFired Plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 3rd, 2015, Version v1.1

Upgrades the bullet sprites: check! No bugs, No glitches: check! Works on Marathon 2, 3 & Rubicon: check! Higher quality than Freeverse's projectiles: check!

If you ask me this should be included with M2 & 3 by default.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

What about Melee? Weapon Enhancement Pack plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 2nd, 2015, Version v1.41

This plugin enhances all Weapon sprites except the fists, which is a bummer. Note: remove/disable the Freeverse HD Weapons plugin before using otherwise the Weapons will have incorrect size proportions and can cover over half the screen.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Does exactly what it says XBLA Monsters Plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 2nd, 2015, Version 20120128

No bugs, no glitches, just works. Oh yes, a fork of this plugin for infinity can be found here: http://simplici7y.com/items/infinity-monsters-hd-plugin-2

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Does not work on official M1 m1redux Plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 1st, 2015, Version v1.1

When used with the official M1 (not M1A1), it tends to mix & match the ammo textures and has incorrect size proportions for the weapons. A version of this plugin I modified for use with the official Marathon can be found here: http://pfhorums.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=39240

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Small Texture Bug with official M1 HDscenery plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 1st, 2015, Version v1.0

Does a great job at making the scenery clearer. However there's a small bug: it causes the floating UESC Defence Drones to cycle between all available scenery textures, which is odd considering the plugins isn't even sopose to modify their textures. This only occurs when used with the official Marathon 1, not M1A1.