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Small Texture Bug with official M1

3371-Alpha on Nov 1st, 2015, Version v1.0

Does a great job at making the scenery clearer. However there's a small bug: it causes the floating UESC Defence Drones to cycle between all available scenery textures, which is odd considering the plugins isn't even sopose to modify their textures. This only occurs when used with the official Marathon 1, not M1A1.

HDscenery plugin

tim4i on 12/07/2010

Plugin Version of Visciom 'HDscenery' v1.0 for Marathon.

-For screen shots and details refer to original MOD. -Original Readme enclosed -Released under permission

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut & Paste 'HDscenery v1.0.zip' into your 'Plugins' folder in the AlephOne Folder. (Create the folder if you don't have one)

2) Start AlephOne.exe and go to Preferences->Environments->Plugins (Click to Enable/Disable Plugins)

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