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What about Melee?

3371-Alpha on Nov 2nd, 2015, Version v1.41

This plugin enhances all Weapon sprites except the fists, which is a bummer. Note: remove/disable the Freeverse HD Weapons plugin before using otherwise the Weapons will have incorrect size proportions and can cover over half the screen.

Plugin Version of Visciom 'wep v1.41' for Marathon 2 & Marathon Infinity

-For screen shots and details refer to original MOD. -Original Readme enclosed -Released under permission

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut & Paste 'wep v1.41.zip' into your 'Plugins' folder in the AlephOne Folder. (Create the folder if you don't have one)

2) Start AlephOne.exe and go to Preferences->Environments->Plugins (Click to Enable/Disable Plugins)

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