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Excellent Plugin

3371-Alpha on Nov 3rd, 2015, Version v1.1

Upgrades the bullet sprites: check! No bugs, No glitches: check! Works on Marathon 2, 3 & Rubicon: check! Higher quality than Freeverse's projectiles: check!

If you ask me this should be included with M2 & 3 by default.

ShotsFired Plugin

tim4i on 11/20/2010

Plugin Version of 'Shots Fired v1.1' by James Hastings-Trew (Nardo) for Marathon 2 Durandle and Marathon Infinity.

-For screen shots and details refer to original MOD. -Original Readme enclosed -Released under permission

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut & Paste 'shots_fired v1.1.zip' into your 'Plugins' folder in the AlephOne Folder. (Create the folder if you don't have one)

2) Start AlephOne.exe and go to Preferences->Environments->Plugins (Click to Enable/Disable Plugins)

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