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Complements other HD texture packs

3371-Alpha on Nov 3rd, 2015, Version v1.1

An excellent companion to the "Marathon Durandal Textures @ 1024X1024" plugin since that plugin doesn't have built in landscapes. Note: these textures are not "HD remakes" (they do not match the originals in any way) but still fit the environment very well and are of higher quality than Freeverses' landscapes.

Plugin Version of Tim Vogels 'High-res Landscapes v1.1' for Marathon 2 Durandle.

-For screen shots and details refer to the original MOD. -Original Readme enclosed -Released under permission

INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Cut & Paste 'High-res Landscapes v1.1 (M2).zip' into your 'Plugins' folder in the AlephOne Folder. (Create the folder if you don't have one)

2) Start AlephOne.exe and go to Preferences->Environments->Plugins (Click to Enable/Disable Plugins)

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