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HD Jjarro Scenery At last! Hi res Jjarro scenery replacement

3371-Alpha on Aug 2nd 2016, Version 1.0

For obvious reasons, this plugin makes an excellent companion to the "HD Scenery" or "Infinity Monsters HD Plugin" since they add sprites it doesn't & vice versa.

P.S. Thank you for this plugin General. For a while I was worried that the only thing this community cared about was useless netmaps & other crap, but you renewed my faith. You've shown me that some members do actually care about improving the original scenarios.

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fuck survival Munitions Disposal.lua

irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version 1.1

lets play king of heighters or something

ray, do you still smoke? if so, are tobacco taxes still prohibitive? if so, do you still live in salem? if so, are you a witch or a witch hunter? fuck survival

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fuck survival Ein Heldenleben

irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version 1.2

i made that 2.5d joke about eight years ago. i retract my 4-star review

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fuck survival Super Cool Kill Zone

irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version goddddddddd

i'm still here

fuck survival

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fuck survival Super Cool Kill Zone

irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version goddddddddd

do you idiots understand yet

fuck survival

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irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version 1.0


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fuck survival skull in dubbl player

irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version 1.0


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fuck survival Marathon Olympics

irons on Jun 2nd 2016, Version 1.0

kawaiipet knew what he was doing. wrk knows even more what he's doing. remember team fortress classic? and those dumb physics let you fly around using grenades without dying? and your wildest dreams came true? that's how the olympics are in wrk's and kawaiipet's mind. the path around a sphere crosses itself and now we're back where we started. try it.

p.s. fuck survival p.p.s. needs robert tag

wrk's view on the matter: "maybe if i actually finish it someday it'll be worthy of the robert tag"

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Surprising Addition to an Improved Script Survival 2.0

Windbreaker on May 23rd 2016, Version 1.3

Survival 2.0 manages to improve on some of the problems presented in Megabyte's script, by eliminating rounds and implementing continuous waves, as well as tweaking enemy balance and adding Bobs. The slow build in difficulty up to the rocket juggernauts is more rewarding and engaging in my opinion. Having the ability to call in Bobs for reinforcements adds another layer to the game as well, and has rekindled my own and others' interest in the survival gametype.

However, the biggest addition to this version is Ben's survival script generator, which allows the player to easily design and implement their own survival scripts. While still somewhat limited at this point (you can't open existing scripts as far as I know), the user interface is pretty intuitive, and the ability to customize your own survival script is worth the price of admission on its own. So far I haven't run into any problems with it. Well worth the download, and good job Benoit!

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It works! Circle Plugin for Weland

aquateenhgrfrce on May 13th 2016, Version 1.2

Great plugin for making circles. Great that this exists due to the lack of shapes tool for weland.

Just one note, this won't work on Weland version 1.4.3 (same goes with a lot of other plugins too), you need Weland version 1.4.1 or earlier in order for this plugin to work.

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I like shooting pfhor Survival 2.0

HailErdogan on May 13th 2016, Version 1.2

Pew pew. This is fun and gives me shit to do when I don't want to write my homework. I can't survive for 5 minutes once the red s'pht'kr appear.

Seriously, this got me and my brother back into Marathon. Me likey.

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Still a classic Kill Them All IV

Ethnik_1 on Apr 23rd 2016, Version 1.00

Really good design concept. I had such fun plowing through this on Total Carnage -- there was nary a dull map and I'm now a better player for having gone through it all. "The Final Sacrifice" is so depressingly difficult, though -- it seems like there's no health or save point whatsoever for the player after you jump from the starting ledge. I guess that was the intention. I also seem to recall at least one map in earlier editions that isn't here. Other than that, however, pretty addicting.

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All I Ever Wanted Turn Based Marathon

Tycho X on Apr 11th 2016, Version 1.0

5/5, my life is now complete. On a more serious note, props to Wrk for writing this script. It's legit (for once). I suppose it's a shame no one really plays anymore, I would have loved trying it out in a full 8-man free-for-all.

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Awesome Lua Scripting guide for dummies

aquateenhgrfrce on Apr 2nd 2016, Version zipped

I think all programming manuals should be like this.

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100% Serious Lua Scripting guide for dummies

Sharkie Lino on Apr 2nd 2016, Version zipped

50% Of the time!

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real LUA xperts get hungry Lua Scripting guide for dummies

Hopper on Apr 1st 2016, Version zipped

Hey W'rk, Sparklo and I were wondering, when you got hungry at the end of this guide did you eat a sandwich, and if so, what kind of sandwich? I will change my rating to 1 star if you do not reply.

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piss Lua Scripting guide for dummies

RyokoTK on Apr 1st 2016, Version zipped

I would have given this 5 stars, but you tagged it "xpert" instead of "official."

Please take Simplici7y seriously.

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"other 3D games" Ein Heldenleben

irons on Mar 28th 2016, Version 1.2

minus one star for implying mararthon is not 2.5d

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One thing. The Gray Incident

MoppyPuppy on Mar 26th 2016, Version

You did fix the no recharge ending to The Accolade right?

Same with the friendly VacBobs in Sonic Firestorm?

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Ethereal Susannah Windows

Grymy on Mar 25th 2016, Version 1.0

Very relaxing. The landscape truly is sculptural. It only takes a few minutes to finish. The pillars work better if you stand in front of them than in them. Play with the lights out, especially on the last level in order to see in the darkness. Love the sounds too.

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great stuff Survival 2.0

aquateenhgrfrce on Mar 4th 2016, Version 1.1

You took survival from its original form and made it 10x better. Completely alien from the original script, even the code doesn't resemble the original code at all.

Having a continuous stream of aliens definitely adds to the tension of the gameplay requiring much more attention to team effort. Also the addition to bobs to help out the team is a nice touch.

Its progressively climbing difficulty greatly adds to the challenge of the gameplay. No more 30 min slug and chug fests until the players tired out that plagued the old survival script, instead a slow build up of harder opponents that requires some bit of strategy and teamwork. Most games only last about 12 mins, which is good because people tend to get tired of long and repetitive fighting.

Another good thing about this script is that the player can no longer just camp and blast aliens from a safe zone on any map. Players are always kept on their toes and constantly moving in order to survive.

Just one thing, the upper display text sometimes gets cut-off for windowed mode players such as myself. Not really much you can do about unless if there is a way to have the text create a new-line lua. Also I still think that the call-in-bob powerups should be something other than an invincibility powerup.

Other than that, my main gripes are due to the limitations of the games engine and are totally beyond your control.(i.e. needing to limit the amount of aliens because A1's engine only allows for 32 active monsters at the same time, something that shouldn't even be an issue with today's hardware, and not turning off angry bobs that feel betrayed because lua doesn't handle anything like that)


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YEAH!! 3D scenery for M1

3371-Alpha on Feb 21st 2016, Version 1.0

Finally we have a worthy replacement for tim4i's old HD scenery plugin. Although it's a little laggy on my old hardware, I absolutely love it!

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Not Working HD M1A1 Weapons in Hand (Beta version)

Zetren on Feb 15th 2016, Version 1.2

This doesn't seem to work in M1A1 1.3a1 and 1.2.1, returning the error:

"Assertion failed!

Program: C:...\Marathon.exe

File: shapes.cpp

Line: 1635

Expression: bitmap

For information on how your program can cause an assertion failure, see the Visual C++ documentation on asserts

(Press Retry to debug the application - JIT must be enabled)"

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more stylish than a hipster with a typewriter Kill With Style

aquateenhgrfrce on Feb 13th 2016, Version 1.0

Except last time I hosted, I made a few kills with fists and only got a few points :/

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Goo Chutes Kill With Style

irons on Feb 13th 2016, Version 1.0

To an extent I haven't seen in other scripts, Kill With Style's effect on gameplay varies with the level you play it on. In some cases, you'll more or less play as you always do. In the more fun instances, you'll end up chasing each other up and down the same staircase, going in circles until one of you can line up a good shot. It's a hell of a lot of fun.

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TOO MUCH SHOOTING Marathon Phoenix

will229 on Feb 13th 2016, Version 1.3

Man, I want to give this a higher rating, but this is one of the most irritating scenarios. You cannot go into one room without getting attacked from every direction. I end up just dying on purpose to memorize where all the enemies are, then try to complete it without getting hit as much. The maps are EXCEPTIONAL, however. The level design and flow is beautiful. But, the amount of enemies kills it. The Red and Yellow Droids are NON-STOP. If they cut the amount of enemies in would STILL be too much. That's not even an exaggeration. Too bad. This could have been great. Marathon Rubicon is still what I measure perfection against.

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* * * * * * * Thomas Mann's Greatest Hits

W'rkncacnter on Feb 9th 2016, Version 7.0

7 out of seven on a scale from VII to stop camping.

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I'd Rather Play House of Pain! Thomas Mann's Greatest Hits

Sharkie Lino on Feb 8th 2016, Version 7.0

And now for the serious part! :P

Overall, the majority of these maps are pretty decent for Small sized rounds, I'd say 4 at most. I've had some fun ones in them before! The biggest issue is that majority in the pack feel so similar, particularly in size.

Yes I know, they're 7-polygon maps. But even so, even with that amount I have certainly seen some attempts to make them have some difference with each level. Then again, maybe I expect too much. :P

Finis Operis is the most confusing. Is it a legit suicide map, or is there some trick to it?? Even it being an irons map, I am totally confused by it!! You're killing me, Smalls!

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Inventive by Design Thomas Mann's Greatest Hits

Windbreaker on Feb 7th 2016, Version 7.0

Though these maps all share the limitations imposed by the 7 polygon limit, it's impressive to see the sheer variety in design that irons was able to produce from the formula. Some creative use of scenery/lighting/geometry goes a long way, and that is the stand-out quality of this pack. The small to medium maps are the standouts as they play pretty fast and have decent variation in height.

Now I'm just waiting for the Greatest Hits Remastered® release which should include some 777-polygon maps. Irons totally promised me it'd be out soon so we can just cross our fingers can't we!