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cool maps 1

danrocno on 04/01/2022

Screenshot titled ""spaceship""

these are some cool maps i made, one's a spaceship, one's a very simple map, and in one, you go bowling!

the spaceship and simple map are meant to be played on emfh, while the bowling one is single player and co-op (though you could play it on emfh if you felt like it) (also make sure to play it on normal difficulty for the best experience)

these are very cool and serious maps and i said that on the internet so its true

please do not look at the date this was uploaded

Notes for version 1:

cool release

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Screenshot titled "Today!"

I felt like google translating all the Bob and VacBob lines for fun and comedy, so i did it.

This has a sound file that has all of the Bobs and VacBobs lines google translated.

This was made for Infinity, but it does work in 2 as well.

note - only works in 16 bit sound mode (because i was to lazy to replace the 8 bit ones)

Voice actors

Soron - Bobs

Ssadke - VacBobs

Notes for version 1.0:


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flappyboi attack The Flappyboi Incident

danrocno on Sep 12th, 2022, Version 1.1


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thrilling gameplay action Marathon 4

danrocno on May 24th, 2022, Version 1.0

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Really, really good Marathon Infinity Upscaled Monsters (Art)

danrocno on Jan 23rd, 2022, Version 1.0

I almost never prefer any HD graphics over original graphics in old games, but this is an exception.

I don't know exactly why, but i really like how these look, and use these basically all the time.

Great job Wrk! I'd love to see versions for the weapons and scenery! as well as maybe even M1 AI upscaled art things.