Google Translated Bob and VacBob Lines

by danrocno

Uploaded Feb 4th, 2022 for Marathon Infinity


I felt like google translating all the Bob and VacBob lines for fun and comedy, so i did it.

This has a sound file that has all of the Bobs and VacBobs lines google translated.

This was made for Infinity, but it does work in 2 as well.

note - only works in 16 bit sound mode (because i was to lazy to replace the 8 bit ones)

Voice actors

Soron - Bobs

Ssadke - VacBobs

Version 1.0


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Good just in concept

Adminn_1 on Jun 15th, 2022, Version 1.0

Make things make no sense.

9 Screenshots

In high school?

Screenshot titled "In high school?"

Do you see that he is dead?

Screenshot titled "Do you see that he is dead?"

Im out of your mind!

Screenshot titled "Im out of your mind!"


Screenshot titled "Five!"


Screenshot titled "Today!"

Why dont you wait for a backup?

Screenshot titled "Why dont you wait for a backup?"

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chat Lounge

Screenshot titled "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chat Lounge"


Screenshot titled "So!"

Take us away!

Screenshot titled "Take us away!"