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A Decent Small Map The Goose & The Hog

Sharkie Lino on Sep 3rd 2013, Version 1.0

Worked pretty well for the 4-player game we had a few days ago. It's good that you fixed that "stuck" corner, reduced the platform delay times, and added more weapons to the lower areas, still a few things though. I would really consider removing the Jjaro textures, as they really don't fit well with sets other than its own. The short hallway with the dead end, across from the teleporter seems rather pointless and may only encourage camping, or be an annoying trap for others. I would also consider either moving the invisibility or make it spawn in more than just that ledge, since that may also encourage a possible camping point.

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How? Visual Mode

Wazdakka on Sep 2nd 2013, Version 3.0.1

I have a big question - I'm using Weland 1.4.1 and I've downloaded this replacement for Visual Mode thanks to all the positive reviews. However, when I drag the file into my "Plugins" folder in Weland, nothing appears when I view my plugins dropdown menu in the actual application. Would somebody please help me out?

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Where's the Walkthrough? Marathon Phoenix

theDoxologist on Aug 20th 2013, Version 1.2.1

I'm liking all of it so far... the action is quite fast, which is a nice change just coming from Marathon EVIL.

But I'm totally stuck on Enchanting New Mexico. Where's the walkthrough so I can move on?

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Very Interesting Nature's Peace

Sharkie Lino on Aug 19th 2013, Version 1.0

It's actually kinda nice being able to check out some levels without worrying about any hits.

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What the Hell is this? VISUAL MODE Plugin

Overwatch_C-17 on Aug 18th 2013, Version 1.0

When I click Visual Mode on the plugin menu, it just appear a weird image. How to use this plugin?

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I like the script, but Visual Mode

W'rkncacnter on Jul 27th 2013, Version 3.0

Visual mode lua is released under the JUICE license, and one of the requirements of the JUICE license is it's not allowed to be hosted on Github. Better get a good lawyer.

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It was used to make Invidia Durandal 1.1 Visual Mode

ftg.death.rhino on Jul 26th 2013, Version 3.0

That's got to be a reason to use it, right?

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Better than VML. Nature's Peace

$lave on Jul 5th 2013, Version 1.0

For running through crappy solo levels. Thanks.

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A Must-have for any Mapmaker Circle Plugin for Weland

PerseusSpartacus on Jun 22nd 2013, Version 1.2

This thing works like a charm, and with the latest updates in 1.1 and 1.2, you can fairly quickly construct vast circular areas that wouldn't be altogether out of place in a scenario like Rubicon. Anyone who uses Weland to make their maps (and if you're not, you seriously should) should download this and start messing with it.

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Needs a Lot of Work The Pfhortress on the Horizon

PerseusSpartacus on Jun 20th 2013, Version 1.1

The texturing is the worst element of this map. Things are barely textured beyond a pave, and there is absolutely no light other than fully bright. Those need a lot of effort put into before they start working. Also, doors rarely work well in multiplayer, much less big ones that can easily be confused for a wall. Once you know they're doors, it comes natural, but until then, you'll be wandering around using up what little ammo and such is in that room looking for a way to get to the area in the screenshots... and probably not living. If those were just open all the way, all the time, you'd be in a much better position.

Nevertheless, for 2-3 players (4 would be too much, I think) I would assume Total Carnage to ensue. The small nature of the map means your chances of surviving the first few seconds are slim, but they are helped by the many 2x powerups around the map (along with the 3x powerups at the north and south ends of the map). So even if you get nailed in the rear with a SPNKr Rocket, you may just be able to nab that little yellow can of life just ahead of you.

All in all, an interesting concept, but it needs a lot more polish before you can consider it done.

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Finally! Copy/Paste Plugin for Weland

craZboy557 on Jun 18th 2013, Version 1.0

Does its job well! Its great to have a way to shift my map so the side whenever autocenter is being an ass. Definitely recomend downloading it.

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Guitarman returns! Uptagon

President People on Jun 17th 2013, Version 1.0

Welcome back, buddy!

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Listen to me clearly, folks. VISUAL MODE SOURCE CODE

ftg.death.rhino on Jun 15th 2013, Version 1.0


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Yep, it works. Circle Plugin for Weland

craZboy557 on Jun 13th 2013, Version 1.0.1

It works well, though with just about any of the circles you'll have to divide it up to be able to fill it. That's only a small inconvenience though. If you're using weland there's not really any reason not to go for this.

Edit: So, woot! Now it automatically adds in the lines, and while I haven't tried them yet the new methods for setting centers and.... radi, I guess? Radiuses? Anyway, those sound great.

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Fantastic Mr. Phoenix Marathon Phoenix

PerseusSpartacus on Jun 1st 2013, Version 1.2.1

Competes with Rubicon X for top place. The great thing about Phoenix is it's a reasonable length, not some tedious thing you have to spend a year playing on-and-off like Rubicon. The enemies are aggressive, and even Kindergarten is no cake-walk. The arsenal is innovative, intuitive, and fun to use. Truly amazing work.

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All Time Favourite Carnage Pack v1.1

reetveter++ on May 29th 2013, Version 1.1

More than six years after release, countless hours (days maybe) of hosting netgames, many sessions of both agitation and euphoria, I simply can only conclude that this is one of the all time favourites.

Ideally suited to 2 - 4 players, guaranteed to leave most participants agitated. Which - in my opinion - is proof of a well designed map.

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Love it Chibi Usa Soundtrack

Playerfound on May 25th 2013, Version 1.0

I don't care who made it they are all awesome... well some more than others.

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PHX levels are good. Marathon Phoenix

Dispatcher on May 19th 2013, Version 1.2.1

As one who's made a few Infinity and 3rd party maps before, I've just come from playing the first level and the first part of the next. The level design and texturing looks good so far. I like how you put in secrets right from the start (won't spoil it).

Music is good. As for using existing assets; if the creators don't have a problem, I don't.

Glad you haven't thrown endless perpetually respawning Pfhor at the player; I tossed a scenario into the trash for doing that number on me.

Only suggestion so far is that the environment outdoor lighting (and shadowing) could be a little more detailed.

Its nice to play fun levels, and so far Phoenix has them!

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Link doesn't work. Marathon 2 Map with Special Edition Soundtrack

craZboy557 on May 18th 2013, Version

Site linked to appears not to exist.

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This is pretty sweet. Rotating Items

President People on May 17th 2013, Version 1.0

The SPNKR doesn't seem to be rotating, though.

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Confusing Instructions M1A1-SE Tracks

craZboy557 on May 13th 2013, Version 1.5

The tracks are good, but... you're supposed to be able to replace the in-game tracks with these, right? I can't figure out how to do that. The instructions say I have to extract them, and I have no idea what that means. Maybe I'm supposed to know what that means, but I just can't figure it out.

Edit: Ooooook. FIIIIINALLY found a converter. If you ever change it so that we get them as MP3s then I'll raise the score. Worth getting just for the music. Rushing ftw!

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Convenience TTEP Plugin (M1)

craZboy557 on May 11th 2013, Version v7.0

Just as good as the original, but more convenient.

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Well, it makes the game look better. What else do you expect? HDscenery plugin

craZboy557 on May 11th 2013, Version v1.0

Like I said about the original, it doesn't do much, but it makes the game look a bit better and it does that well. As well, this one is more convenient, so yeah. You want a better looking game, download it.

Small oddity, it has a text file that says you've unzipped too far if you can see it, but the plugin still worked. Odd, a bit confusing.

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Only better definition M1A1: StarScape DDS

craZboy557 on May 11th 2013, Version 1.0

Stars are higher definition and there are more of them, but they're all just a bunch of white. To call them spots wouldn't be accurate, as there IS detail to them, but they're rather uniform. The original file actually has an advantage over this as the stars there are multiple colors. What came to mind for me when I heard this had the milky way and hundreds of red and white and blue and yellow stars.

Edit: Ok, it's actualy pretty good. Might be better than the original stars. Still wish it was more colorful and varied, but y'know. It's decent.

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Cool HD Scenery for M1A1

craZboy557 on May 11th 2013, Version 1.0

It's nothing amazing, but hey. It does what it does well, and that's making some parts of the game look better, so if you're trying to make your game look better go ahead and get it.

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Beta HD M1A1 Weapons in Hand (Beta version)

craZboy557 on May 11th 2013, Version 1.2

Woot, now I have a mod. Really cool I must say, but there's definitely a few things I hope to see in the next couple updates. For one, the Magnum and Fusion Pistols are a bit derpy looking. The Fusion pistol doesn't have a lot of detail, almost a grey blob with some red lights. Some detail; maybe it's just the perspective, but I think some more detail would be good. And the Magnum looks REALLY derpy. Too narrow, the scope is too high, too smooth. Doesn't have to be a rectangle but a little but more boxiness would go a long way with it. Also, the rocket launcher doesn't go all the way to the side of the screen. I'd expect that would be a simple fix though. All in all cool, looking forward to the full release.

Edit: So now I've played it a bit. (at first I just went in and scrolled through the weapons) Ok, the MA-75 definitely is awesome looking. Seems to be smoother animations too, which is great. Can't speak on the TOZT, alien gun, or SPNKR as I don't have them yet in this playthrough.

Edit: Oh, and a readme for how to install would be nice. Didn't know how to do this at first.

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Epic... ... NESS Kill Them All IV

SaikopathicAngel on Apr 28th 2013, Version 1.00

The hub is one of the big highlights of this pack. It's separated into episodes packed with levels! Great job!