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Archive of the original Marathon Rubicon release for classic MacOS Aleph One, titled Rubicon AO Light. This is the Rubicon scenario as it was before Rubicon X.

The files on this archive were taken from the Macintosh Garden here and passed through MacBinary II+ to make them compatible with modern Aleph One for Windows and Linux too.

Also included is a set of maps bundled with the AO Light release, including some netmaps, the Rubicon Xariim scenario and, as far as I can tell, one ported map from the unreleased scenarios that eventually became Rubicon.

Notes for version 2:

Added the weapons and items MML scripts from Rubicon X to fix wrong names in the HUD.

Hosted on Mega because the Simplici7y uploader is failing to upload.

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This is a map I made in college, ages ago. Heavily inspired by certain moments from the Rubicon solo campaign, but with its own unique twists.

This level is designed to be severely punishing, but absolutely doable with a sound strategy. There are ambushes. There are turret puzzles. There are times you'll have to run for your life.

One word of advice - you're not meant to fight every juggernaut. You can still try if you want to :)

Notes for version 1.0:

The first and so far only build.

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Iris 1.1

Vice on 04/10/2024

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Play as a replicant designed by Lysander.

Project Iris is a Rubicon scenario which will likely never be finished.

It features two full-fledged levels and a transition level.

Violet is arguably the best map I've ever made and I am happy to share it for others to enjoy. The level is meant to take place halfway through the story, so expect in medias res-style terminals.

Additional notes:

  • Your unarmed secondary is a "kick" with major knockback.

  • You will need Rubicon X to play this scenario. Make sure to follow the instructions I've included in the zip.

Notes for version 1.1:
  • Hotfix: Door in Dry Petals On My Espresso Martini was locked by default

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