by Vice

Uploaded Apr 10th, 2024 for Rubicon AO Light


Play as a replicant designed by Lysander.

Project Iris is a Rubicon scenario which will likely never be finished.

It features two full-fledged levels and a transition level.

Violet is arguably the best map I've ever made and I am happy to share it for others to enjoy. The level is meant to take place halfway through the story, so expect in medias res-style terminals.

Additional notes:

  • Your unarmed secondary is a "kick" with major knockback.

  • You will need Rubicon X to play this scenario. Make sure to follow the instructions I've included in the zip.

Version 1.1

  • Hotfix: Door in Dry Petals On My Espresso Martini was locked by default
  • Tags: scenario
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