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Excellent Detail M2 XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin for AlephOne 1.0

Provost on Sep 24th 2012, Version 1.1.1

The most important thing to know about this pack is that it does not support color tables. After removing the scripts and graphics for walls and weapons, I was able to rework this pack for Marathon Phoenix. The Vacuum Bobs looked a bit out of place with the old graphics and this plugin does not have the colors for the Renegades but a little recoloring with Word can easily cook up new variations. Someone with a rudimentary understanding of mml (meaning someone else) could easily come up with scripting to allow for such a feat.

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Splendid Marathon Phoenix

Provost on Sep 24th 2012, Version 1.2.1

Marathon Phoenix deserves highest praise. The map making, more than anything else, really stands out. The opponents utilize the innovative architecture to attack in ways that Marathon does not usually support. They frequently sally forth from a small side door or slip through a high window. Enemy ranged troops like to lurk on the ledges. The weapons are not terribly exciting but they'll bring the foe down.

The story has improved substantially from earlier versions. That being said, it still suffers from some significant gaps. A human/renegade alliance after the Count of Tuscany level would make perfect sense and it would make great gameplay to spearhead an assault of biosynthetic troops. Naturally, this agreement might fall apart after a few levels. Alternatively, we might ally with the Renegades on Red Eye Express. Also, the terminals speak often of the inexhaustible numbers of the Pfhor legions - as if even thinking of defeating them were nothing more than wishful folly. M2, of course, suggests that the rebellion of the S'pht would tear the heart out of the alien empire.

The Renegades would not have had any reason to give up the interior of the Atreides. (Tantive IV) The human presence on Intervals is unbelievably tragic. They would know better.

Phoenix does not use the ticks, yetis or drones. The first two would align perfectly with the background and fit into empty levels like False Dichotomy and Swan Song. The absence of the drones is a little sad.

Still these are aesthetic considerations, not pertaining to gameplay. (Just let us fight with the Renegades for a few levels before we know who they really are.) Overall, Marathon Phoenix is the best scenario that has come out for years.

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Short, Sweet, Elegant... Marathon Aeon

PerseusSpartacus on Sep 11th 2012, Version 1.10

...and hard. The white-bloods are pretty tough to fight, even on Kindergarten. Still, that difficulty makes some of the levels really good. 'The Rise and Fall of Dugit' is awesome, as is 'The Asphodel Meadows'. However, I would note that Aeon has some major and some minor flaws. For instance, the first Green Trooper on Lapsis Linguae is insanely aggressive, to the point where I was listening to bullets clinging around my head while saying to myself 'What is going on here?' Still, at least he isn't too hard to kill. You just need to get your grenade to land at his feet. Furthermore, vacuum levels (aka 'Words Which I Command' are never fun. G4 Sunbathing was the rare exception, and Acme Station was just plain rough. In sum, don't do vacuum levels unless you know how to really make them fun. To top things off, you really need a pattern buffer at the start of 'Blaze'. Even so, Aeon is very fun to play. This scenario should easily get 5 stars once some of the issues are tweaked.

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Decent The War Fraternal

NobilityV3 on Sep 6th 2012, Version 1.0

Nothing great, nothing bad. Decent maps.

Also, can you upload the rest of the ORIGINAL Rubicon netmaps that aren't in Rubicon X? I can't find them anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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Somewhere in between Chains of Dreams

Crater Creator on Sep 2nd 2012, Version 1.0

I'd rate this as an intermediate level map - it's not full of beginner mistakes but it's not up there with the top maps, either. I think there was an overemphasis on monsters, though I will say the difficulty ramped up smoothly playing on normal. The battles would've been more interesting with a fusion pistol, to take advantage of many monster's weaknesses and to get more chain reactions going. You should also make sure there aren't whole groups of monsters that congregate together without attacking. The final battle was well constructed in a couple ways. First, the geometry was complex enough to allow the A.I. to chase the player in different ways, and secondly there was a good sense of anticipation after hitting the switch, waiting for the climax to arrive. Ironically, it was advantageous to leave the green fighters alive to absorb projectiles from later waves. I would've liked to see some small-scale nonlinearity, more glimpses of spaces the player will visit later, and some cases where the player gets the high ground. Lighting was odd in some places, particularly in the interior Jjaro-themed room. There's no effort put into story or exploration, but I say that's a good thing. It means you had the discipline to stay within a limited scope.

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Not bad Dave's Epic Adventure

PerseusSpartacus on Sep 1st 2012, Version 1.0

Actually, pretty good. Sure felt like PiD (aside from the lack of talking dead guys and some other minute details). Oh, and that M-79 is nasty: "Oh look, some Headless. Now let's see what this-- BOOM! Ugh, there goes my triple health." ;)

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Don't Listen to Ryoko! Chains of Dreams

PerseusSpartacus on Sep 1st 2012, Version 1.0

Seriously, nice battles. Loads of fun on Kindergarten (yes, I'm a Spazeroid) and probably up there with Emerald City Citizens and Paratroopers (both from KTA). Still, Ryoko is right about differential shading. Often, it's difficult to gage what's the floor and what's a wall. However, this map does make up for it a bit by having a nice variety in textures. Great architecture, by the way. Keep it up!

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welp. Chains of Dreams

RyokoTK on Aug 30th 2012, Version 1.0

I gave you a bunch of suggestions, and I'm pretty sure you didn't follow any of them, so I'm not entirely sure why you asked me to test your map to begin with. I said I would have given your map a 2.5 as it was, and I'm rounding down.

Anyway, in short:

  • Differential shading
  • Differential shading
  • Differential shading
  • Your battles are pointlessly oversized
  • No balance for Total Carnage; there's not enough ammo without relying on fists/infighting, and the card room is a pretty ridiculous fight on TC that you can't really win without stupid amounts of luck
  • KTA maps aren't really any better when they're bigger, look at Marathon 2 or something to figure out how to make interestingly designed maps with actual objectives

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Fun Rounds! Caustic Dystopia

Sharkie Lino on Aug 27th 2012, Version 1.3

Liking these new additions, Wind! I also do like the SSM-free ones that you have for the smaller levels.

I know you like using multiple sets and I can say that your use of them has definitely improved. I'm glad you're keeping the Jjaro and Pfhor sets to themselves now as, in my opinion, they really just don't go well with other sets.

But, in general, great stuff.

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Wow. Someone did it. Marathon Classic HUD

DADDY Z3RO on Aug 27th 2012, Version 1.0

I remember I posted AGES ago that I realized that the HUD scripting might allow for this kind of classic HUD. Someone decided that was true and did it. I'm really quite impressed...

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Decently strange but unique idea. AAAdventures 1 ~ Daisy

ihatelivinginthisplace on Aug 20th 2012, Version

An AI going rampant, only to fall so far into love to wipe out BOBs to fashion a body for herself... Interesting hahahaha.

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Love these. Marathon animated GIFs

StrangeBoB on Aug 19th 2012, Version 1.0

These will be quite useful to me for some projects. :)

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ihatelivinginthisplace on Aug 18th 2012, Version one point zero

:P Great Job W'rkcacnter!

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Didn't download, don't need it. But it is epic. Caustic Dystopia

ihatelivinginthisplace on Aug 18th 2012, Version 1.3

Far beyond my abilities. 99/5

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Finished and Playing Again - BETTER THAN ORIGINALS Marathon Phoenix

ihatelivinginthisplace on Aug 18th 2012, Version 1.2.0

The architecture in this scenario is impeccable. This RyokoTK deserves the highest applaud for the effort he put into this masterpiece. inf/5 rating, but 5 is the highest available. RyokoTK, make scenarios like this one, and you'll get me hooked.

Adlib added 3/12/14

Btw, Stone Temple Pilates at Normal is wicked difficult. Serial number of tries just to make it about the 20th time? Relentless brutality, but it's the way it should be. Rock on RyokoTK.

AND HONESTLY, Phoenix beats the original Marathon trilogy. Played it more than the originals.

Adlib added 9/29/20

So far, I'm at Tantive IV in Total Carnage difficulty - wonderful and difficult scenario, surprisingly beatable in TC.

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:C Atomic Map Pack Final

RyokoTK on Aug 17th 2012, Version

I wanted to dismiss this pack out of hand for being old, because most maps made before the metaserver era were made by people that never really had the means to play multiplayer extensively, so they were generally really idiotic and horrible to play. Turns out these aren't so bad.

This pack has a lot of dumb problems: stupid dead ends, gimmicky traps, lots of corridors and tight spaces, and architecture that's generally unclear or muddy. The lighting is also, on the whole, pretty flat. So yeah, comparing it to maps made in the last few years, these don't really hold up. But when comparing it against stock Infinity maps, or Coriolis Loop, these are actually decent; I would expect maps made 15 years after these to be better, because that's how these things work.

And, the mapper gets a cookie, because these maps don't have monsters AND they have enough ammo -- two problems that consistently plague old maps, or new maps modeled after them. So, on the whole, this pack is recommendable as a curiosity, but nothing really stood out.

EDIT: Treellama pointed out to me that I'm just assuming that these maps are actually really old. If these maps were made after, oh, 2005, then they're completely terrible.

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Uninspired Aeon of Strife

Pfhriggin' on Aug 15th 2012, Version v1.2

Here's a crazy idea: release something original and fun. Like... oh, a map, maybe?

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General principle Aeon of Strife

RyokoTK on Aug 12th 2012, Version v1.2

I hope you at least started by cribbing the physics files that came with Infinity/Forge, so at least you had a head-start on your zero-effort "monsters fight themselves!" physics file.

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Stop making arena maps Caustic Dystopia

RyokoTK on Aug 7th 2012, Version 1.2

All of the new maps in this version were of the reliable "open space in middle, ring around the outside" format.

Stop it.

Other than that these maps are pretty much flawless. I was particularly impressed with the uncharacteristically subtle lighting on Dunces and the very gentle curve on The Pod. Just make your layouts more complex (or at least more unique) and you'd have a truly top-flight pack on your hands.

(ETA: I posted this, and then realized I hadn't yet played Convinced of the Hex. However, it ALSO fell into this format. Double stop it.)

(ETA 2: The high quality of your newer maps is making the early Caustic Dystopia maps look terrible. Time for a new pack!)

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Great idea EasyShade

RyokoTK on Aug 7th 2012, Version 1.5

For people that are trying to apply a consistent lighting effect over a large/geometrically complex area, this utility is great.

But if people start using this to light their entire maps with the same effect, I will reach through my ethernet cable through the entire internet to where you (yes, you, Crater Creator) live and murder you.

I hope it was worth it.

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This is fantastic. Marathon Classic HUD

StrangeBoB on Aug 6th 2012, Version 1.0

Now I can play the classic known as Marathon with the original & cool-looking HUD. Thank you very much.

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Pretty Good Pfhor Textures Remix

Sharkie Lino on Aug 6th 2012, Version 2.0

Though, the only thing that seems off with this update is the brightness of them. They seem a bit too bright compared to the older ones. Just a heads up.

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Awesome Kill Them All IV

Sharkie Lino on Aug 1st 2012, Version 1.00

Had a 4-player round going last night. Lots of carnage and fun!

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Yay Kill Them All IV

brilliant on Jul 31st 2012, Version 1.00

I am very happy to see this released! I am having a lot of fun playing it.

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Re: Danish Style New Interface (MaraMag March '95)

Godot on Jul 23rd 2012, Version 1.0

Danish style indeed, you can see the Bang & Olufsen influences. ;)

I bet Ture never expected to see this piece from his University of Kansas student days unearthed after 17 years.

Great work on reanimating this one. :)

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Danish style New Interface (MaraMag March '95)

Hopper on Jul 22nd 2012, Version 1.0

Research suggests that the artist is Ture Wibrand, who went on to a successful design career in Copenhagen. Here's to you, Ture!

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Thanks New Interface (MaraMag March '95)

W'rkncacnter on Jul 22nd 2012, Version 1.0

Any file that pushes Ryoko's crap down on the main page is a file worth uploading. I was getting worried no one was left to make this happen.

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Good job! New Interface (MaraMag March '95)

RyokoTK on Jul 22nd 2012, Version 1.0

It's really important that every hideous rendition of the Marathon 1 HUD is its own separate file. That way, when I visit Simplici7y, half the front page is filled up with insignificant variations on the same awful HUD. Thank you!

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Excellent Map Design Kill Them All IV

PerseusSpartacus on Jul 19th 2012, Version 1.00

Short, sweet, simple. That's all I need to say about these maps, aside from that they are carnage-filled and loads of fun even on lower difficulties.

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Good Work Marathon Classic HUD

goran svensson on Jul 18th 2012, Version 1.0

Just as I remembered it from Marathon 1!