Rubicon - Xariim

by tiloprobst

Uploaded Jan 17th, 2017


Originally released in 2002, "Xariim" is my solo scenario for Marathon Rubicon. 14 solo levels, one solo carnage level, three Read Me's. The (positive) review on is still up - read it if you want.

Tested with Rubicon X and Aleph One 1.2.1. Select the scenario file under Environment.

ADRESSING THE 2/5 REVIEW BELOW: Yes, it is true that this release has issues. While I don't know what the reviewer is refering to with Ataraxia being "unbeatable" (I just played through the entire package), it is true that a switch in "Closed Quarters BOB Combat" should actually be a destructable surface. As a result you can block your own progress by hitting the "switch" again. There are more similar bugs in later levels. There are other minor problems too, like some polys not having ambient sounds. That all being said, I can assure the reviewer that Rubicon Xariim was tested a lot, by me, Jane Davison and partially Christopher Lund. John Sumner vidmastered the whole thing, so you can watch him beat the Ataraxia level. The reason why these issues never got fixed is that I released the package in 2002 when I finished school. After that I was off doing the mandatory military service in Germany, so not much mapmaking going on during that time.

Version 1.0

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Fantastic Scenario!!!

Spooky on Aug 30th, 2019, Version 1.0

The map making skill here is incredible. Rubicon is my fav scenario and dare I say this is better. Terminals are a bit lacking, in spelling and content, but are humorous. Aqua is a doofus I got through the first level he mentioned fine stuck on the second one he mentioned so I'm going to assume I need to keep looking. Almost finished was just looking for a walkthrough. I wont cheat I promise.

Deserves more stars. Would give 6 if I could.

Edit: Can confirm whole scenario can be played through. Aqua you were on the other side of that door earlier look at your map :p

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Great to see this again!

adaman7 on Dec 30th, 2017, Version 1.0

I remember playing this as a kid -- I had a blast back then, and was very inspired by your mapmaking style! And it still holds up quite well. You really take advantage of the Rubicon texture sets, as well as your own sense of design, to create spaces that are both fun and appear functional.

I was also a fan of your other solo maps as well -- it would be nice to see some of them posted as well!

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Broken levels and other shit

aquateenhgrfrce on Jan 20th, 2017, Version 1.0

"Ataraxia" and "Close Quarters BOB Combat!" are broken.

"Bob Combat" has a switch that needs to break, but it fixes itself if you just active it.

"Ataraxia" is unbeatable. If you try to insert the 2nd chip into one of the slots since it won't do anything.

You should've tested this more.

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