MapDamager Lua

by W'rkncacnter

Uploaded Aug 2nd, 2008


Best with 3-5 players.

Version .2 != .20

Didn't I already put in a description?

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minus ten thousand

treellama on Sep 23rd, 2020, Version .2 != .20

Minus ten thousand stars

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Benoit on Jan 16th, 2017, Version .2 != .20

This script is pretty good ! Even if I don't have the knowledge to make it work. It would be nice if you could make a manual explaining how to use lua scripts in the next version. Otherwise 5/5

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wtf its great!

aquateenhgrfrce on Jan 14th, 2017, Version .2 != .20

Just like what Tony the Tiger said!

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Would not have sex with any of them.

RyokoTK on Sep 27th, 2016, Version .2 != .20

Its a good effort but does not alleviate the core problem of Marathon being a complete sausage fest, as though the 3rd party Marathon Universe wasn't bleak enough to begin with now it has human women with no sex appeal.

The wait continues for sexually appealing BoBs, a feature that would fundamentally change the Marathon sandbox.

At best it answers the question as to why there are no children on the Marathon, the men and women of the Marathon won't touch each other.

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for your consideration

RyokoTK on Jan 16th, 2015, Version .2 != .20

when it says "damager" its mostly referring to emotional damage.

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brilliant on Jun 28th, 2011, Version .2 != .20

This is the greatest lua script ever!

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Better than Munitions Disposal?

ray on Nov 10th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

Quite possibly. And for making me contemplate such heresy, this script gets 1 star.

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the pfhorums are down

$lave on Oct 15th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

this is from irons.

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chinkeeyong on Oct 14th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

You're right guys, this deserves another 1!

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Don't use this!

$lave on Oct 13th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

You'd never guess, there was a fish in mine!

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i for one hate this, here's why

irons on Oct 11th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

there are some people here and they know who they are who just make me so mad guess what wrkcanter is one of them! mopdomoger is pure bull, shit don't even DOWNLAOD it just rate it 1 plz

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irons on Oct 11th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

i hate ticks, ticks like the bugs that suck blood, they have diseases and get into my crotch too

reminds me of ticks, rated 1

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ray on Oct 11th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

I was trying to scrub my floor but this script damaged my mop! You jerk

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ray on Oct 6th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

fun robert

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$lave on Sep 28th, 2008, Version .2 != .20


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chinkeeyong on Aug 27th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

This is a dumb prank. However, you can actually script with Lua, which instantly bumps you up from -19.667 to -19.666. thumbs up

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script does not work as advertised

ray on Aug 22nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

is actually better with 2-4 players, just found out

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treellama is reported for abuse

RyokoTK on Aug 22nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

stop review-spamming or i will tell appleswitch

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the real tim would have given this a 1

treellama on Aug 22nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

The real tim would have given this a 1

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no, it really is a 1

treellama on Aug 22nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

No, I was right the first two times.

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treellama on Aug 22nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

I changed my mind, this script is OK

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deserves another 1

treellama on Aug 22nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

This script deserves another 1

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$lave on Aug 21st, 2008, Version .2 != .20

-Cool stuff, dudes.-

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excellent script with some minor flaws

ray on Aug 15th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

MapDamager Lua is indeed Lua, it does in fact damage maps, and it is, as Wrk says, best with 3-5 players. However, I was disappointed to not see more permanent damage to maps. One star.

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treellama on Aug 15th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

mapdamager? more like catdamager

don't get this if you have pets

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RyokoTK on Aug 15th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

some of these maps aren't like

...u no -- or do u?

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MapDamager is Enterprise-Grade Software; just found out DESTINY

irons on Aug 8th, 2008, Version .2 != .20

If you're a fan of such applications as the Apache web server, OS/2, CDDA, electrostatic speaker, and the metric system, you already know what open-source software can do to kick-start a revolution. MapDamager takes everything so much farther, it pushes the envelope unlike any other Web 2.1 AJAX platform API out there.

For starters, some people have been too kind in reviewing other map-changing scripts (something about VISUAL CODE seems to make the proletariat wet its panties). Let me tell you, brothers, that the only good map is a Damaged map.

W'rkncacnter cooks up his super-special byte-coded chocolate chip pancakes with a few simple commands that leave me as breathless as a spring sapling on a sunny joyride through the Bubbling Creek just outside Fort Bend, Georgia. Within moments of init() we see things no one has had the balls to show us before.



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$lave on Aug 3rd, 2008, Version .2 != .20


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Perhaps I'm not using it properly?

Bruno on Aug 2nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

I don't know if the fault is mine, but running this script solo does not appear to work. It comes with no readme, so I am unable to tell if I am using it incorrectly. I hesitate to host it in netplay as it would likely piss off my joiners.

Upon spawning, I appear to be under the level itself in some sort of hot-pink psychedelic Marathon acid trip with weapons floating overhead and nonsense appearing on the overhead map. Health drains slowly until death. Admittedly this was cool for the first few goes, but it's not what the script is intended to do.

I realize that I may have been trolled, but perhaps there is actually something wrong with the script. Hell, who knows.

Edit: It occurs to me that the script technically does as advertised; MapDamager does in fact damage maps. Also, I no longer doubt that I was trolled hook, line, and sinker. Bravo, W'rk.

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tim on Aug 2nd, 2008, Version .2 != .20

It taught me how to write Lua. I went on to make many crappy scripts. Thanks.

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