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Broken on Aleph One v1.4 Enhanced HUD for Marathon Phoenix

Shockwave_S08 on May 26th 2021, Version 1.0

The reason I'm giving it three stars is because the Shield/Oxygen bars don't work on the latest version of Aleph One. Everything else works though.

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dada Mararthon: Yuge

visage on Apr 20th 2021, Version 1.2

This is familiar, as if it were from an old dream, but I can’t exactly remember...

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helviusrufus on Apr 13th 2021, Version 1.0

This is great. This is reason enough to start using AlephOne 1.4. Incipiat trucidatio.

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Test results from AlephOne-20210408 playing Pathways Into Darkness System Se7en

baconicsynergy on Apr 13th 2021, Version 1.2

A complete success!!! This is the perfect GUI plugin to get that old school Mac feeling. Excellent work :)

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So excited! Aleph One: Pathways Into Darkness

baconicsynergy on Apr 11th 2021, Version 1.2

I've always known about PID but never played it. I'm really excited to dive into this game!

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Pretty darn amazing! Marathon OST 2021

eisnerguy1 on Apr 9th 2021, Version 1.4

Sounds fantastic so far!

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It's Broken. Marathon TROJAN

Sharkie Lino on Apr 3rd 2021, Version 1.0

Necessary mission-finishing switches on Have Gun, Will Travel, and the last level do not respond at all. Because of this, the levels cannot be completed. Very disappointing.

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Admittedly Entertaining. Global Warming Lua

Sharkie Lino on Apr 3rd 2021, Version toolate

See, you can easily fix this problem if you would just stop accidentally leaving the water running! Then the maps wouldn't flood, and you'd use less water in general. Win/Win!

The round I tried this one wasn't all that bad. I'm not sure if I would host it myself, but if someone else was? Yeah I'd be willing to play a couple of rounds of it in one session.

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Interesting! MaraToon (Infinity)

Sharkie Lino on Apr 2nd 2021, Version 1.0

Might not be my favorite thing, but it deserves a high rating for the work you put into it.

Just ran solo through some of the stock network levels just to see what some things would look like, and it did certainly give me a chuckle. I will say, the landscapes certainly look pretty damn good.

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Exellent work! MaraToon (Infinity)

herecomethej2000 on Mar 23rd 2021, Version 1.0

Decades ago I did a joke project with someone where we tried to replace the monsters with stick figures. In doing so we found that this game really had potential for cell shaded style graphics for artists who actually knew what they were doing and weren't 12. It's fantastic to see someone went ahead and actually did it. Excellent work! I do hope you one day find the energy to do the player sprites, as it would be great to play multiplayer like this. This could easily be the best graphic set for the game.

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No Credit for Me MaraToon (Infinity)

Meerjel01 on Mar 20th 2021, Version 1.0

This is gonna make me actually finish Infinity. But first I must have Access To Arasaka music into it.

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It’s difficult to overstate how much better this makes the game look MaraToon (Infinity)

The Man on Mar 20th 2021, Version 1.0

Some people might consider it sacrilege how much this reinvents the appearance of the game, but those people are wrong. (Yes, it’s an opinion, and opinions can’t be wrong. This one is still wrong.) This is clean, simple, elegant, and gorgeous… and may just bring these games to an entirely new audience. I’ve had several people express interest in screenshots and videos of this plugin that had never shown the slightest bit of interest in Marathon before. You need this plugin. Get it now.

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Shield capsules for thought Xtreme CRIST Tournament

Adminn_1 on Mar 15th 2021, Version 2k310

Thank you for inspiring further thought about the potential of Marathon scripting and adding an extra layer of melancholy to the CRIST lore.

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Exelente Marathon M1A1 Latino

Maw-117 on Dec 13th 2020, Version 0.3

Yo al igual que muchos jugadores de habla hispana han sido muchos años jugando Marathon con trabas cuando no dominas %100 el ingles. Y es increible poder jugarlo en español casi ya 15 años despues de la primera vez que tuve el juego.

No esperaba encontarlo tan "Completo". Eso es un punto bueno.

(Seria interesante incorporarlo a uno con pack HD de M1, ya que creo que no existe ninguno)

  • Ninguna queja :)

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Still ancient. Marathon 2 Upscaled Textures

MoppyPuppy on Nov 16th 2020, Version 1.0

I appreciate that you didn't make everything look smooth and plastic when it wasn't appropriate.

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New maps in 2020? And they're actually good? Imperium

The Man on Nov 14th 2020, Version V

It’s a quarantine miracle!

Windbreaker seems to be the last net map creator standing since RyokoTK 4GOT again. If you don’t have this collection yet, there’s a good chance that you’ve been wasting your life. These maps are staples of modern net games, alongside Windbreaker’s previous few packs. They’re gorgeous, they flow incredibly well, and they’re even fun to explore and wander through. They also work well with Survival, since Windbreaker was even thoughtful enough to merge in scripts raising the monster activation limits.

Basically, if you’re still hosting Marathon net games in 2020 and aren’t hosting this pack for at least some of your games, you need to reëxamine your life choices. A set of net games without at least one Imperium map hosted is probably a subpar set of net games. I’d recommend this, Infra Apogee, Caustic Dystopia, Second Quest, Red Spectrum, Paradise Lost, and Starlight as a starter kit of packs for newcomers to learn (an admittedly very Windbreaker and RyokoTK-heavy kit, but their maps tend to be some of the most commonly hosted).

As for the maps here, they’re all great. I think “Yucatan Dive” is my favourite to wander through, though it’s rare to have enough players to make it worth hosting (so games where there are enough players are a treat). “End Times” and “Getaway UK” are very distinctive looking, memorable levels. “Hyacinth House” is also always a load of fun. I think “Inaugural Trams” is my favourite of the new levels – it feels like a cousin of “Tempus fugit” from Infra Apogee, not that I’m complaining. “TRON” is probably the most stylish, though.

If I do have a complaint, it’s that treellama made Visual Mode in Weland, and not one new map from Windbreaker since then. What gives? :V

tl;dr: It’s great that someone released new maps in 2020 and they’re actually good. Get this. If you already had an old version, get it again.

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YouLoveMe on Nov 14th 2020, Version 3.0

ryoko please im so sorry

i love this file and i love you don't do this to me

youloveme iloveyou

readmes are good

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Polished Amateur Scenario Portal of Sigma

treemantheo on Nov 13th 2020, Version 1.1

It takes a lot of work to make a long-form Marathon scenario like this, so although I put this down somewhat quickly due to lack of interest, I want to give credit where it's due for the effort put in to give it the polish that the author was striving for. Most notably, apparently collaborating with various mapmakers from the community help build the maps, which all look visually stunning.

What I liked:

  • Visually appealing map design throughout. Looks better than a lot of TCs.
  • A lot of attention to detail in the terminals, texture sets, weapons, enemies, and items (also lol @ the DOOM armor pickup for shields). Though there is playful "reimagining" of existing images, nothing feels slapped on.
  • I never got lost or confused; the map flow is decent
  • Secret areas
  • Team effort
  • Cohesive presentation overall

Constructive critique:

  • This might not bother people who are just in it for the gameplay, but the writing is not strong, and personally I noticed it right away which is a poor first impression. If you're striving for something that has an impact on the player, you want to evoke a sense of mystery, build strong characters, and give the player a sense that they're on the map for a reason that feels like more than just a fetch quest, none of which I felt here. If you're collaborating again, consider bringing on one or more writers or editors for this. Hunt down some scifi or comics writers! I think having a strong story-first approach will also result in more interesting maps from a gameplay perspective.
  • Enemy encounters seem bland. Consider positioning that takes advantage of the enemies' strengths. Have them sneak up or have the high ground; Let them have the upper hand, and don't make them deaf. Surprise the player -- but not by having enemies teleport in right in your face, which happens several times in the first (actual) map. Also please don't teleport the player directly into a pack of hostiles, that's just rude.
  • Too many weapons introduced in the very first fighting map. This uses up all the excitement around weapon reveals almost all at once.
  • There's a bit of an ammo shortage.
  • (nit-pick) The first terminal that a compiler is sitting in front of doesn't look like a terminal, it looks like a wall. Then there's a ton of other walls that don't do anything which have the same texture.
  • I would have liked to see new enemy types since we got new weapons, but this doesn't affect my enjoyment that much.
  • Rebellion is a sucky map preference, especially when there's no pattern buffer immediately available. (your scenario is not the only one with this problem -- looking at you Rubicon X)

Soo I know I gave a lot of critique here, but I hope the author takes it in stride. Despite my criticisms as a player, I made a lot of maps and several longer scenarios for Marathon in my formative years and nothing came close to this, so I want to say nice work and I think anyone could enjoy this if they're just looking for a casual good time. Keep making stuff, and email me if you want an editor, playtester, or original music for future scenarios. ;) (at) gmail (dot) com

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Immaculate Marathon 2 Upscaled Textures

HailErdogan on Nov 12th 2020, Version 1.0

Frankly, I'm a little turned on.

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thx for help Fullscreen Corner HUD

Quiver on Nov 4th 2020, Version 1.0


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Top 3 pic mods Fullscreen Corner HUD

Jacob on Oct 26th 2020, Version 1.0

Took a little bit, but I found out what the top 3 pics are from.

1st - Marathon Squadron

2nd - Portal of Sigma

3rd - Excalibur Morgana's Revenge

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I Could Map Better. Imperium

Sharkie Lino on Oct 21st 2020, Version V

No I couldn't.

The test runs we did were a lot of fun, even though we had more players than some maps were meant for, haha. Channel Z definitely reminds me of Mucking About and Master Slave from Red Spectrum. TRON was really a unique and fun experience. Just takes a little getting used to as sometimes the plain-colored walls can be a litte confusing in terms of where you are and some movement, but then again, we had 5 players on there during one of the test runs.

Pretty awesome work on Phantom Power with the precipitation and wind volume effects, I had no idea the precipitation got stronger the first time I played it, as well as the fog getting darker, but that's because I didn't have fog on the first time until I did a solo run. Sorry. :P

The other new maps are fun too.

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Been Over 8 Years and I Still Play It Marathon Phoenix

ForeverBlackened on Sep 29th 2020, Version 1.3

My first review of this game was made on Aug 2012 and it's quite stunning seeing how much history I have with this particular game.

My opinion still stands that this scenario, Eternal, and Rubicon surpass the original trilogy. I'd say EVIL and The Gray Incident are on par with the trilogy. Red is really the only one I'd rate below M2/MI. (Not a huge fan of M1 myself, too much Doom.)

Regarding Phoenix, unlike the previous commenter, I find the combat a thrilling experience; it's especially adrenaline-inducing when playing on Total Carnage; the enemies are so aggressive and ruthless, prompting me to strategize to take advantage of their weaknesses.

I find the level design very complicated and interesting. (The complicated level design grew on me over time; I don't need a guide to beat MP anymore.)

Perfect scenario... except for that typo in Tantive IV. Sytemic glitch indeed.

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Awesome! Operation Tantalus

Mazaro on Sep 27th 2020, Version 1.0

Another absolute classic, I remember playing this one vividly. Thank you very much for this! Might I suggest a port of "Marathon Revisited"?

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Thank you Phoenix Falling

Mazaro on Sep 27th 2020, Version 1.3

I am surprised and amazed to see a port of the last M1 TC in 2020. I played through this one 3-4 times over the years and loved its weird creativity, especially the later alien sections with the original art. At one point I even unearthed and set up a 20 year old mac just so I could play this TC again. Thank you so much for bringing this one back to a playable form.

Bugs for me:

*Game crashed a few times (not sure why).

*Troopers and garbage cans were transparent.

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minus ten thousand MapDamager Lua

treellama on Sep 23rd 2020, Version .2 != .20

Minus ten thousand stars

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ugly Wrk Maps

Windbreaker on Sep 12th 2020, Version 1.0

I haven't downloaded these yet, but just from the screenshot, if you're going to remake maps, you should make them look better not worse.

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Thank you Marathon TROJAN

Destiny on Sep 11th 2020, Version 1.0

I have wanted to replay this scenario for so long. One of my most favorite TCs for Marathon. Now I can finally hear the music again and experience this scenario once more. Good job.

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fulldiaper Portal of Sigma

irons on Sep 3rd 2020, Version 1.1

i like the purple but it's not as fun as you'd think

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Nice Marathon 1 Remastered Sounds

Quiver on Aug 21st 2020, Version 1.0

Elevatesquality of sound a lot