Thomas Mann's Greatest Hits

by irons

Uploaded Feb 7th, 2016 for Marathon Infinity


A series of seven-polygon netmaps suitable for any size group and every classic competitive game type.

Version 7.0

Seven new maps, including one for CTF. Final release.

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  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

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W'rkncacnter on Feb 9th, 2016, Version 7.0

7 out of seven on a scale from VII to stop camping.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

I'd Rather Play House of Pain!

Sharkie Lino on Feb 8th, 2016, Version 7.0

And now for the serious part! :P

Overall, the majority of these maps are pretty decent for Small sized rounds, I'd say 4 at most. I've had some fun ones in them before! The biggest issue is that majority in the pack feel so similar, particularly in size.

Yes I know, they're 7-polygon maps. But even so, even with that amount I have certainly seen some attempts to make them have some difference with each level. Then again, maybe I expect too much. :P

Finis Operis is the most confusing. Is it a legit suicide map, or is there some trick to it?? Even it being an irons map, I am totally confused by it!! You're killing me, Smalls!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Inventive by Design

windbreaker on Feb 7th, 2016, Version 7.0

Though these maps all share the limitations imposed by the 7 polygon limit, it's impressive to see the sheer variety in design that irons was able to produce from the formula. Some creative use of scenery/lighting/geometry goes a long way, and that is the stand-out quality of this pack. The small to medium maps are the standouts as they play pretty fast and have decent variation in height.

Now I'm just waiting for the Greatest Hits Remastered® release which should include some 777-polygon maps. Irons totally promised me it'd be out soon so we can just cross our fingers can't we!

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Nice 7-Poly Map Pack

brilliant on Mar 12th, 2011, Version 1.0

This map pack is pretty good! Most of the maps are really fun. Death in Venice, though, I didn't like as much. It was annoying that I was falling 5WU from the ceiling when spawning. Also, I didn't like how once I fell in the hill I could not get out. In Felix Krull, the alien weapons were really annoying in the passageways because of autoswitch. I liked the maps Joseph and His Brothers, Listen, Germany!, and Doktor Faustus. The weapons in Doktor Faustus are pretty balanced, which made it really fun. I also liked Joseph and His Brothers a lot because it is a map with fusion pistols and magnums only, and I really like the fusion a lot. It's hard to find a fusion and magnum only map. I really enjoyed this simple 7-Poly map pack and I believe it is worth the download.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

I Have to Agree with Him

Schwa on Mar 1st, 2011, Version 1.0

I have had a lot of fun with these maps.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.


DADDY Z3RO on Feb 27th, 2011, Version 1.0

Astonished am I that this can be done with 7 polygons.

Quite fun.

49 Screenshots

Doktor Faustus

Screenshot titled "Doktor Faustus"

The Magic Mountain

Screenshot titled "The Magic Mountain"


Screenshot titled "Buddenbrooks"

Death In Venice

Screenshot titled "Death In Venice"

Felix Krull

Screenshot titled "Felix Krull"

Joseph And His Brothers

Screenshot titled "Joseph And His Brothers"

Listen, Germany!

Screenshot titled "Listen, Germany!"

A Gleam

Screenshot titled "A Gleam"

Railway Accident

Screenshot titled "Railway Accident"

The Blood Of The Walsungs

Screenshot titled "The Blood Of The Walsungs"

A Sketch Of My Life

Screenshot titled "A Sketch Of My Life"


Screenshot titled "Anekdote"

Little Herr Friedmann

Screenshot titled "Little Herr Friedmann"


Screenshot titled "Tristan"

Serenus Zeitblom

Screenshot titled "Serenus Zeitblom"

Lodovico Settembrini

Screenshot titled "Lodovico Settembrini"

Clavdia Chauchat

Screenshot titled "Clavdia Chauchat"

Adrian Leverkuhn

Screenshot titled "Adrian Leverkuhn"

Leo Naphta

Screenshot titled "Leo Naphta"

Hans Castorp

Screenshot titled "Hans Castorp"

Joachim Ziemssen

Screenshot titled "Joachim Ziemssen"


Screenshot titled "Spirochete"

Frau Stöhr

Screenshot titled "Frau Stöhr"


Screenshot titled "Echo"

Madame de Tolna

Screenshot titled "Madame de Tolna"

Director Behrens

Screenshot titled "Director Behrens"

The Kridwiss Circle

Screenshot titled "The Kridwiss Circle"

Gesta Romanorum

Screenshot titled "Gesta Romanorum"

Maria Mancini

Screenshot titled "Maria Mancini"

Baptist Spengler

Screenshot titled "Baptist Spengler"

Leo Zink

Screenshot titled "Leo Zink"

Doctor Krokowski

Screenshot titled "Doctor Krokowski"

Silent Sister

Screenshot titled "Silent Sister"

Réflexions sur la violence

Screenshot titled "Réflexions sur la violence"

Apocalypsis Cum Figuris

Screenshot titled "Apocalypsis Cum Figuris"

Henry Clay

Screenshot titled "Henry Clay"


Screenshot titled "Kaisersaschern"

Churlish Porter

Screenshot titled "Churlish Porter"

Christus Imperator Maximus

Screenshot titled "Christus Imperator Maximus"

Marvels Of The Universe

Screenshot titled "Marvels Of The Universe"

Knifelike Pains

Screenshot titled "Knifelike Pains"

Sine Pecunia

Screenshot titled "Sine Pecunia"

Emerald Ring

Screenshot titled "Emerald Ring"

Mario And The Magician

Screenshot titled "Mario And The Magician"

Tonio Kröger

Screenshot titled "Tonio Kröger"


Screenshot titled "Lamentation"

Disorder And Early Sorrow

Screenshot titled "Disorder And Early Sorrow"

A Man And His Dog

Screenshot titled "A Man And His Dog"

Finis Operis

Screenshot titled "Finis Operis"