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Nice 7-Poly Map Pack

brilliant on Mar 12th, 2011, Version 1.0

This map pack is pretty good! Most of the maps are really fun. Death in Venice, though, I didn't like as much. It was annoying that I was falling 5WU from the ceiling when spawning. Also, I didn't like how once I fell in the hill I could not get out. In Felix Krull, the alien weapons were really annoying in the passageways because of autoswitch. I liked the maps Joseph and His Brothers, Listen, Germany!, and Doktor Faustus. The weapons in Doktor Faustus are pretty balanced, which made it really fun. I also liked Joseph and His Brothers a lot because it is a map with fusion pistols and magnums only, and I really like the fusion a lot. It's hard to find a fusion and magnum only map. I really enjoyed this simple 7-Poly map pack and I believe it is worth the download.

A series of seven-polygon netmaps suitable for any size group and every classic competitive game type.

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