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README file: "What is one important asset to an invasion? A dropship! Invade any UNMERGED map with this script: Dropship.lua! (It won't work properly if the map is merged. If you really want to invade an merged map, you can split it using Atque). You can deploy up to 2 different types of units, which you can order to attack any enemy by 'shooting' the enemy monster (make sure you have fists out). NOTE: Your units can be distracted before they fire at their given target A dropship is also supposed to be able to fly. Press the "previous weapon" and "next weapon" buttons (for those I use Q and E since I control with WASD) to adjust the speed to reverse or forward (given in the upper left-hand corner) and the microphone button to activate the thrusters (recommended to set the caps lock key as the microphone button). Thrusters: when you have thrusters on, you are capable of flying around as you please, but you cannot use the cannon. When you have thrusters off, you are air-braked and cannot move anywhere, but you can operate the cannon and your health will charge up. NOTE: you will always know when you have the cannon as your current weapon if the weapons HUD is blank. you cannon switch from it (for whatever reason) until you activate thrusters again. To select which unit to deploy, press the toggle map button. The unit that is currently able to be deployed (by pressing the action button) is indicated on the top middle of the screen. To recall your units, press the alt-fire button. NOTE: once again, your units can be distracted by enemies before they get to you. The current cost for Hunter-Seekers is 500 credits, and 525 for the Drone Brute. You gain credits by killing enemies or from your units killing them. You cannot have more than 5000 credits. All in all, the credit system will be a bit choppy until I can figure how to fix it better.

Version 1.03

Fixed the invisible unit bug. All the troops you deploy should be visible now. The only things I will possibly work on now is the deceleration and credit flow (and more troops maybe). You guys welcome to customize the troops and change them to your own liking in the physics model. They are the minor and major ticks. I also noticed that if you launch a game twice in Aleph One with the script, the script will not work properly. I don't know why this is, but I DO know that it works just fine if you quit and reopen Aleph One. (IMPORTANT: Make sure you that your CAPS LOCK is off before the game starts.)

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More troops

Tresh on Aug 3rd 2010, Version 1.03

U must add more troops since the drones are killed to easily. And here's an idea: maybe u shouldnt do it with a system of credits but with a system of time, so the more powerful the troop more time will take until u can used it again!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Destiny on Aug 3rd 2010, Version 1.03

The drones didn't seem to work out with this version of A1, whatever. You did help me to fly! I always wanted to fly in Marathon! Look at me go! weeee!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Wasn't using physics model given. They're working now with it.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Hmm, where are my troops?

goran svensson on Aug 1st 2010, Version 1.02

The flying works ok, but when I call in my troops, something invisible enters the battlefield. I cannot see my troops, and they don't seem to do anything.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


elitesoldier on Aug 1st 2010, Version 1.02

just a few things: I would suggest making more troops in V2. also please make it so you gain credits over time, instead of having to kill enemies to get them. Suggested you add the ability to drop minor Pfhor of all type and make it so your allies wont kill them. I have encountered using this script on Vulcan but all of the VacBobs shot them down, so please make it so allies don't kill your drops. But otherwise its great! EDIT: perhaps make a map pack for use of it??? Thanks.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.


Tresh on Aug 1st 2010, Version 1.02

I like the style since is original; but i would like to see my troops and u should add more troops like bobs or something.

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Drones killing BoBs!


Flying, with drones still killing BoBs