Clairvoyant Disease

by CryoS

Uploaded Nov 9th, 2008 for Marathon Infinity


This is my first officially released map pack, named Clairvoyant Desease. It contains my 4 best netmaps. 1: Unholy Voyage 2: Rinse The Valve 3: Silver Sanctum 4: M.I.A all maps are KTMWTB, KOTH and EMFH compatable.

Version 0.5


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Fix it.

RyokoTK on Nov 10th, 2008, Version 0.5

There are a handful of problems consistent with all four maps:

  • Not nearly enough spawn points. Every map should have a minimum of 8, no matter how big it is. Spawn-camping and spawn-killing were simply too frequent, and not even intentionally -- in a 5-player game we were spawning on top of each other on all of the maps.

  • Generally poor weapon balance. It's a bad idea to only have one rocket launcher on the map, and a worse idea to have a ton of ammo for it at the same time! It lets one person hoard the good weapons and perpetually control the map. The problem was consistent with the rockets on all of the maps, and the shotguns as well on at least two of them.

  • Not enough weapons near the spawns, or at least weapons worth anything. An assault rifle with no grenades is not helpful when one player has all the rockets and is spawn-camping at the same time -- see the above two bullet points. Similarly, for each weapon, put some ammo next to the weapon.

These problems make the maps virtually unplayable to any serious degree. Rinse the Valve is the best map, and I would put it at "decent" on a good day. The good news is that these problems are mostly fixable while retaining the maps.

Visually, the maps are good enough. Some differential shading is necessary, but the minor details (especially on M.I.A.) are appreciated. Flow-wise, the maps also could use some help, but generally they aren't horrible, except on M.I.A. where there is a major dead-end that led to many kills for the aforementioned rocket guy.

Fix these problems, then we'll talk. In the meantime, this pack can get no better than two stars from me.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

not ready for prime time

treellama on Nov 10th, 2008, Version 0.5

Most of these maps have some serious flaws; Rinse the Valve is about the only playable one, and even it isn't very good.

Texturing and lighting are OK, but everything else is pretty bad. Flow suffers from dead ends, bouncy walls. Player spawn placement is horrendous; there aren't enough of them, they're in bad places, and at least one is in mid-air. One is a few feet from the hill, directly visible.

Weapon placement is equally bad, it seems like weapons were just placed randomly. Weapon balance is also lacking (one map has only one SPNKR, which is easily guarded).

I would wait till the next revision before downloading these, they're not ready yet.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.


W'rkncacnter on Nov 10th, 2008, Version 0.5

I hope the version .5 means you know these maps need a LOT of work. Gun balance is the worst I've seen in maps for quite a while. The spawn points are completely broken on a few of these maps. I saw at least one untextured side, and there are no words to describe how bad the KOTH map was.

Do better please.

4 Screenshots

Unholy Voyage

Screenshot titled "Unholy Voyage"

Rinse The Valve

Screenshot titled "Rinse The Valve"

Silver Sanctum

Screenshot titled "Silver Sanctum"


Screenshot titled "M.I.A"