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UPDATE: This MML was created in response to an old inaccurate conversion of the scenario for the Aleph One engine. If you download RED from the following link, you are getting an accurate conversion of the original files and you do not need this Addenda:

This is a fixed version of the file here:

To install, simply drop the .mml file into the Scripts folder in the RED scenario folder.

The idea behind this MML is to restore some of RED's appearance which was not preserved in the old Aleph One port, which as of this writing was last modified in 2011. Note that if you're playing a newer RED port then this file may not be necessary.

I make no guarantees that this does correctly restore aspects of RED, as I have not played the original scenario files. This is merely a correction of syntax errors in the MML file. I have also removed the fog that was added in that MML as it was not a part of RED originally.

Notes for version 3:

The MML file will actually load in Aleph One now.

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Easy on the eyes Gentle Flashes MML

Iritscen on Feb 7th, 2023, Version 0.1

Pickups and other flashes don't normally bother me, but in netgames the constant pickup flashes are pretty hard on the eyes, so this is a welcome solution. Note that it does not work for the original Marathon scenario however as the effects IDs are different.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Does not run, but... Marathon Red addenda

Iritscen on Jun 21st, 2022, Version 2

...see the version of the file here, where I corrected the errors in the MML:

I also removed the red fog, since fog was not a feature of Infinity and thus RED did not have it.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Hmm, interesting Turret Defense

Iritscen on Nov 4th, 2009, Version

This script has promise. I did crash in the recharger room when I had fists up and attempted to switch weapons. And I do a lot more dying than killing, since I seem to take a lot more of a pounding than the turret. And the requisite charging of health (shields) at the start of each life is wearying.

As a fan of weird netmaps and netscripts, I'd be interested in seeing how this could be made into a net game, once the bugs are worked out.

P.S.: StuffIt Expander opens this on a Mac.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

It's meatballs for your spaghetti CTF Lua

Iritscen on Nov 4th, 2009, Version 4.0.2

I really appreciate the work that went into redeeming CTF (even if it ends up being overshadowed by its pluckier younger brother Rugby).

The perennial problems with CTF that tim mentioned can't be helped (since we can't use Lua to make newbies play better or drop out less).

However, the infamous lag of CTF 4 concerns me. Is it native to CTF mode, or does it have to do with the 909 lines of Lua in this script? My reservations lead me to deduct one star.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

So far, so good Marathon : Freedom (OSX)

Iritscen on Mar 15th, 2009, Version .35

Considering the early stage that the game is at, I am impressed by the in-game graphics and the presentation of the menus and such.

I found it interesting to play as a BoB (fighting Pfhor is a lot harder when you don't have cybernetic implants!), a S'pht defender and a Pfhor.

The two main issues right now seem to be (1) the lack of ability to see what is behind you, leading to many deaths from behind (your character takes little damage before dying, which is fine as a game design decision, but only if you can avoid cheap deaths, and right now one shot from behind often ends your life), and (2) the difficulty in dodging incoming attacks.

I don't know if CubicCircle plans to add strafing, but it would fix the second problem. A radar would avoid the first problem. Then again, BoBs in Marathon cannot strafe and do not have radars implanted in their bodies (one assumes), so I won't dictate game design to CC.

In any case, I feel confident that the game will become more polished as time goes on and say "Good job, sir!" for CC's efforts so far.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Honestly? 5 Ein Heldenleben

Iritscen on Jan 18th, 2009, Version 1.2

Even though Arcadia plays horribly for me, this pack deserves an unmitigated 5 -- every other map has long lines of sight, lots of elbow room, and plenty of ins and outs, which are my three favorite ingredients in a map.

I might have hesitated to 5 it before Anticitizen One was added, but now it's a no-brainer.

I don't know any of the games these maps were based on, but I guess a little plagiarism is a good thing from time to time.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Room for improvement Power Drive

Iritscen on Oct 23rd, 2008, Version 1.1.0

That being said, I really like what is being done here. I can't give it a higher score because of three main reasons:

  • The maps are supposed to encourage the use of all weapons more evenly, but there are no pistols in some levels. This particularly irks me more than it may irk others because the pistol is Marathon's defining "marksman's weapon" in lieu of a sniper rifle-type weapon, and I really want to see marksmanship encouraged a bit more. The pistol is quite viable if we can pick up a second one, otherwise it simply will be overlooked as it always was.

  • I feel pretty strongly about the SMG being left the way it was. It was already a power weapon in my opinion -- getting "kept on the beam" by an opponent for most of a clip meant certain doom, and a clip lasts, what, a second? So I don't think it needed an upgrade in any way.

  • Too many alien weapons on the maps! Turn some into pistols, please. The increased power of the alien weapon becomes overbearing when there are so many on the map, and tilts overall gunplay in the direction of more blunderbussing and blind short-range charging (moving away from rewarding careful aiming), since that is what works for this weapon -- and I feel that is a direction things don't need to go in any further.

Every other change to the weapons is very well thought-out and I look forward to hosting these maps, with the exception of Persepolis, which for some reason rubs me the wrong way. I wish I could put my finger on it and be helpful, but I can't, sorry. All I can say is that the structure confuses the eye greatly, and the upper and outer areas don't seem used at all (perhaps connected to the location of spawn points, just throwing that out there as a thought).

All the other maps are nice, and stand out from most maps -- to me anyway -- in the amount of cover they provide, which is something I feel is often overlooked in map design.

Sorry if my score seems low, but I really want to leave room for scoring revised versions higher, since I see that room for improvement. Consider the actual score a 3.5.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

What changed? Munitions Disposal.lua

Iritscen on Oct 23rd, 2008, Version 1.1

I actually did not see a difference in play when using this script.

Reference is made to "Never stop firing" as if I needed that advice... that is how I have been playing for years, so i don't know what this script is supposed to do for me.

"Fire weapons to gain points"? Again, this seems to be a tip directed at novices. Perhaps new Marathon players will benefit from this more than seasoned pros like myself.

Oh well, it didn't make things worse, so it gets a 5.