Marathon RED Addenda (fixed)

by Iritscen

Uploaded Jun 21st, 2022


UPDATE: This MML was created in response to an old inaccurate conversion of the scenario for the Aleph One engine. If you download RED from the following link, you are getting an accurate conversion of the original files and you do not need this Addenda:

This is a fixed version of the file here:

To install, simply drop the .mml file into the Scripts folder in the RED scenario folder.

The idea behind this MML is to restore some of RED's appearance which was not preserved in the old Aleph One port, which as of this writing was last modified in 2011. Note that if you're playing a newer RED port then this file may not be necessary.

I make no guarantees that this does correctly restore aspects of RED, as I have not played the original scenario files. This is merely a correction of syntax errors in the MML file. I have also removed the fog that was added in that MML as it was not a part of RED originally.

Version 3

The MML file will actually load in Aleph One now.

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The Last Nakh on Sep 9th, 2022, Version 3

Hey, thank you for editing this. I last used my copy with an old Aleph One, so I didn't know that it doesn't run with newer builds. Or, maybe when I changed the indentation for my upload, I made some mistakes; that is more likely…

Either way, thank you!

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Corrected HUD

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Before this MML

Screenshot titled "Before this MML"