Gentle Flashes MML

by gumdrop9

Uploaded Feb 5th, 2023


A very simple MML script which helps me greatly with some of the in-game flashes which are too bright. Feel free to edit to suit your needs.

Version 0.1

Made this for Scraniel, but might help others. Just makes some of the flashes less bright. It should be copied into the Scripts directory of Aleph One, and as of AO v1.6, does not need to be enabled in preferences. It should work with most 3rd-party scenarios, depending on what those creators have modified.

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Easy on the eyes

Iritscen on Feb 7th, 2023, Version 0.1

Pickups and other flashes don't normally bother me, but in netgames the constant pickup flashes are pretty hard on the eyes, so this is a welcome solution. Note that it does not work for the original Marathon scenario however as the effects IDs are different.

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