Make Somebody Pay by treellama


If your favorite net maps are SPNKR Diarena, Marathon Rocket Arena, and RED, you will love this script. All weapons are changed into rocket launchers, and all ammo is changed into rockets.

Works both as a net script and a solo script.

Version 1.1

Fixes ammo respawn problems, fixes starting weapons, requires Aleph One 0.23

  • Uploaded Jan 21st 2010
  • tags: script
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5 Reviews

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Even Werefrog is Fun Again

timothy on Feb 2nd 2010, Version 1.1

Great job with this script. Every once in a while life calls for some extra rockets, but most of the time the people making the maps put down all this superfluous SMG ammo and Fusion pistols.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


RAITHE on Jan 23rd 2010, Version 1.1

So simple yet so effective. Win. But it still ruins COLORSPEACK.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

This script ruins COLORSPEACK

RyokoTK on Jan 17th 2010, Version 1.0

Suck it down.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Can't recommend

ray on Jan 17th 2010, Version 1.0

I hear from a reliable source that this script ruins COLORSPEACK.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.


W'rkncacnter on Jan 17th 2010, Version 1.0

This script ruins COLORSPEACK.

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Rockets in Paradise