by W'rkncacnter

Uploaded Aug 6th, 2018


A set of Weland plugins.

NOTE: If these aren't showing up in your list of plugins, you may have to compile them yourself.

Includes a plugin for: * Completely texturing levels from scratch * Generating stairs * Resizing maps * Bulk modifying monster flags for a level. * Adding annotations to maps with random complaints from DADDY_Z3RO * A re-release of VISUAL MODE so all of my plugins are together.

The source code is available for all of the plugins.

Version 1.2

Added "Alter Monster Falgs" plugin.

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Visual Mode is just a prank. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PLUGIN PACK.

Lion O Cyborg on Feb 11th, 2019, Version 1.2

Most of those plugins are legit, except visual mode which is just a troll prank that displays an image of a man with a Marathon nametag injecting himself with "Forge Visual Modes" and screaming "VISUAL MODE!" whenever you try to activate it in Weland's plugins menu.

That is not fucking funny. In fact, I find it just plain tasteless and rude. >:(

I need a Forge style visual mode i.e. a port of Vasara with the original Forge's 3D view height adjustment mode (toggled by CAPS lock in the edtior) to make adjusting heights better, as the digit based system sucks. This is to say that I require visual aids in 3D/2.5D level editors so I can see if my level looks right on the fly. Tomb Editor and the Build Engine editor are two examples of how to do 2D editing and 3D texturing right.

Having to constantly open the game, load my map with Vasara on, do my work, save it using a very easy to forget console command, fish it out of the default aleph one directory and put it back in Weland's one, open it again and THEN adjust heights using the awful non visual "set heights" option is pointless busywork. That's why forge included such as feature in Visual mode TO BEGIN WITH. The digit method was only intended for backup and/or minor adjustments once the general height was set e.g. quickly copying the same height across multiple polygons without having to adjust them all in visual mode, saving that for new heights.

I really hope someone actually makes a visual mode/vasara version for Weland itself and not as an Aleph One plugin without it ending up such a childish prank like that. I was looking forward to using a less clunky texturing system too. That'll teach me to get my hopes up.

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Aurora on Aug 6th, 2018, Version 1.2

"Generating stairs"


Thank You

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ihatelivinginthisplace on Aug 18th, 2012, Version one point zero

:P Great Job W'rkcacnter!

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iamanidiot123 on Apr 13th, 2011, Version one point zero

Downrating is wrong.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


DADDY Z3RO on Apr 4th, 2011, Version one point zero

The stair generator is FANTASTIC.

Oh yeah, you picked my favorite complaint i have ever made: "Try making a real plugin next time"...

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

I won't lie.

DADDY Z3RO on Apr 4th, 2011, Version one point zero

That random complaint annotation plugin sounds very funny. On the other hand, quit rereleasing VISUAL MODE.

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RAITHE on Apr 4th, 2011, Version one point zero

Admiral Ackbar was right.

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iamanidiot123 on Apr 3rd, 2011, Version one point zero

lol, I think the daddy z3ro plugin is funny (the plugins are useful :D) and I like the fact that you provided the source code :D Very useful! (lol, you put daddy z3ro into the tags again XD)

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