by irons

Uploaded Oct 20th, 2007 for Marathon Infinity


JUICE is a Java-based--and, therefore, cross-platform--utility for editing map files. It can't replace a dedicated editor like Forge, but it is capable of editing several aspects of map files, most of which are geared toward fixing and tweaking network maps. For example, you can edit existing and place new level objects; you can change monster and item parameters; you can do some things that no other editor will let you do. If you're a mapmaker who needs to edit these sorts of things, but without consistent access to a Macintosh, give JUICE a try.

A manual is included, both in HTML and PDF forms.

v1.1.1 adds the ability to embed shapes patches.

v1.1 includes the long-anticipated texture converter.

Version 1.1.1

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Lemon JUICE is good

Dan the Man on Jul 12th, 2011, Version 1.1.1

Its very good, especially seeing that I have no access to a macintosh. Great app for download and usage, especially since its x-platform. (you already said that)

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


W'rkncacnter on Nov 14th, 2007, Version 1.1.1

This is the only program around that lets you add shapes patches, so it's automatically better than your face.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Art Linkletter Says

treellama on Jun 20th, 2007, Version 1.1

I heartily endorse this product. JUICE eats Chisel's lunch, then the lunch it brought for itself from home, then some cookies from the vending machine. It's that good.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

This is a title.

RyokoTK on Jun 8th, 2007, Version 1.1

JUICE does a lot of really useful things that are nice to have on call at a random time. It's not really something I rely on -- yet -- but it's nice to know that, oh, I need to replace all of X with Y... and JUICE is there. Or I have a bunch of floating objects... but JUICE can fix all of those.

It's a great tool to have.

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