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Start of something wonderful? POWERS

timothy on Jan 31st 2009, Version 1.0

Interesting concept. I wish you could use the POWERS to deflect projectiles. For some reason the POWERS doesn't work through a liquid. Co-op seemed interesting, but it could get a little slow. I liked how players could flip switches, trigger doors, etc. I think it would be better if only one or two players got the POWERS while everyone else had traditional weapons. It would also be neat to combine the POWERS with other game types. Maybe tag where the person who is "it" gets the POWERS. The biggest problem I found was the lack of POWERS. The first thing I did was increase the POWERS by several orders of magnitude, but it still wasn't enough. My next thought was to make the POWERS exponential, which seemed to be effective.

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It is strong POWERS

ray on Jan 31st 2009, Version 1.0

Amazing strong netscript 5/5

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Easily would have made the top 10 in the contest Telephone Line

timothy on Jan 28th 2009, Version 1.0

The central arena and the lower area with the lifts between them make a nice combination. Based on the few games I've played, the upper areas around the arena seem to get ignored somewhat. Something feels off about the weapon and ammo placement but I can't put my finger on it. The textures look very bland and it's difficult to orient yourself quickly.

Overall it's a good map but there are a couple similar ones in Cosmic Clouds that I'd probably play instead.

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I dont get it High-res Landscapes

BOB on Jan 25th 2009, Version 1.1

I dont get it. Whats it supposed to make better? everything is exactly the same!!! please can some on help?

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Great Pack Ein Heldenleben

inguinal falx on Jan 19th 2009, Version 1.2

All these maps are great fun and I am very much enjoying Arcadia and Egyptian Temple as alternatives to the usual Spanker-centric maps to which I usually gravitate.

Everyone loves Zora's Domain...admit it, you do! Haven't seen any other examples of a good multi-tiered cylinder like this.

Velora Pass is great fun too though I would love to see it retextured.

Lastly, Anticitizen One is simply fantastic and the most realistic combat arena I have ever played on A1. There are long open streets on the outside leading to a central plaza, and buildings on the perimeter complete with rooms, stairs and windows. I wouldn't normally be firing off rockets in CQB but it works well here! Every game I've played on this map has been nonstop carnage.

Nice work, TL.

P.S. I'm OCD and would appreciate one more map to round out the pack.

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Good pack but poor texturing Ein Heldenleben

Vladtepes on Jan 18th 2009, Version 1.2

This pack is getting better with original map architecture.

But the texturing work (especialy in the new map) has to be improved.

For those who are wondering from what games those maps come from :

Zora's Domain : Zelda Ocarina of Time Velora Pass : Unreal Egyptian Temple : Golden Eye (N64) Arcadia : ? Anticitizen One : Half Life 2 (?)

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Honestly? 5 Ein Heldenleben

Iritscen on Jan 18th 2009, Version 1.2

Even though Arcadia plays horribly for me, this pack deserves an unmitigated 5 -- every other map has long lines of sight, lots of elbow room, and plenty of ins and outs, which are my three favorite ingredients in a map.

I might have hesitated to 5 it before Anticitizen One was added, but now it's a no-brainer.

I don't know any of the games these maps were based on, but I guess a little plagiarism is a good thing from time to time.

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Fine Jump Script

WeirdoYYY on Jan 4th 2009, Version 1.2

Might take some getting used to and such but all in all is a fine script.

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Needs alot of work.. Pfhorge

WeirdoYYY on Jan 4th 2009, Version 0.95

First off to be positive this little utility has alot of potential such as Terminal Editing, Scripts, Plug Ins, and all that jizz. Now what really bugs me the most however is the visual mode.. I understand I could use the Visual mode script but to save time a built in visual editor that is good would be fine.

In this visual mode everything is frozen including liquids and platforms.

That being said, this is only in it's infancy so I could be proven wrong.

If someone could put this much effort into an update for forge or something maybe we could put an end to the "Your line of sight crosses too many polygons. Please remove some."

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Very good script Visual Mode

WeirdoYYY on Jan 4th 2009, Version 2.0.3

When you need to fix a map right then and there you can do it..

The only major setback I find tho is that it just does textures so if you need to make a map you gotta make it blank first then work off that which can be a bit tedious.

All in all tho it does what it says it does and it is a must have for all mappers.

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Great Potential Deus Volt! Alpha

$lave on Dec 31st 2008, Version 1.0

But it isn't ready yet. Although there is some amazing architecture and level design here, there are too many things which hold it back.

First of all, the weapon/ammo availability and placement. The beginning of the first level almost made me give up on this scenario altogether; there were simply too many enemies in too tight an area to fight with your pistol and fist. Throughout the first level at least, I found that having to fight the amount of monsters there were with only my fists and pistols to be annoying.

The second issue with this scenario is the lighting. There are many areas which could be improved drastically if you just applied more differential lighting. Most of the scenario is simply too bright; in most levels there are only "dim" and "bright" areas, with very few (possibly no) dark areas. To clarify, I generally consider lights 0 - 8/9 to be "bright", 9/10 - 14 to be "dim" and 15 through 20 to be "dark". The texturing generally isn't (in my opinion) too bed, with the exception of the second level. The second level is largely textured poorly and far too bright. An example of a level which could be spectacular of better lighting was used is Atom Heart Mother (I enjoyed the Pink Floyd reference). I'd make the passages between areas substantially darker, and add more differential shading to most areas (using both bright/dim and dark lighting together in areas). This level seemed to be inspired by Aye Mak (although I could be wrong) and I'd suggest looking at Aye Mak for examples of good lighting, you can also check out Marathon: Rubicon which (I thought) had generally good lighting.

The third issue was the monster placement. There are simply too many areas where you have to fight too many monsters in too tight a place. Every level seems to have this problem; you are often not prepared for the amount of monsters and/or have no room to dodge; this is amplified (again, especially in the first level) by the lack of appropriate weapons.

That said, I thought the overall level designs (with a few exceptions, most notably the beginning of level 1 and most of level 2) were excellent; rivaling (again, in my opinion) some of the best scenarios/conversions out there. I also happen to be a huge fan of Marathon: Infinity's levels (those which didn't suck), and a lot of these levels brought to me the feeling of marathon Infinity's better levels.

I also thought your terminals were excellently written, no complaints there (although I've never been a fan of Robert Blake in any scenario).

I really think this deserves 2.5 stars at the moment, but simply by fixing the existing levels in terms of monsters, weapons, lighting could easily bring it up to a 4 star scenario, and by fixing up all of the better levels (mainly minor things) it could become a 5 star scenario; but the first and second level would have to be re-done, and the pfhor levels could be better.

I greatly look forward to seeing this scenario "fixed up", I really enjoy some of the designs/architecture, even if the levels themselves need a lot of work in other aspects.

One final note, is that playing co op, neither Jim nor I could find any way of getting past the immediate post-initial area without rocket jumping. We were able to get to the platform leading out of the lava to the building, and found one switch, but our guess was that one of the inactive terminals was supposed to teleport us to the next area. I can't really comment on that too much though, as with the addition of terminals it likely would have been far more clear.

If you'd like to run through these levels with me co op for more specific advice/examples, I'm fully willing. You can e-mail me at [email protected] or contact me over AIM (animalsfloyd) if you're interested.

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Bugs, bugs, bugs Cherry Pit

timothy on Dec 9th 2008, Version (Beta) 1.0.1

This was a lot worse than I heard, but new co-op maps are always good. Don't give up, keep trying

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Ratings are cyclical $LAVEWAD

timothy on Dec 9th 2008, Version 1.0

Great maps, although after playing them for months I wish there was just a little more to this release. You need to play co-op to really experience these maps.

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A solid step, but in the wrong direction Spawn Whiners

ray on Dec 5th 2008, Version 1.0

While the technical merit of these scripts is unquestionable, I speak for all of us here at Ray Laboratories when I question treellama's stance against spawn killing. Spawn killing is a time-honored tradition of Marathon, and it's a shame that concessions such as this are being made to the rabid anti-spawn-killing partisans. Look to Ray Laboratories in the near future for some forward-looking action on the spawn killing dilemma.

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Amazing Work! Marathon C: Version 7

Synchronicity13 on Dec 2nd 2008, Version Number 7

There's some excellent mapmaking going on here... Good differential shading, clever secrets, and some ingenious use of 5D space. I especially liked the addition of small details that really complete the level, like being able to flood the starting area in "Harpooning." The story's intriguing... can't wait to see more!

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Good Work Stop Camping

timothy on Nov 24th 2008, Version :C

I thought they were fun, but when I hosted the scripts people stopped joining my games.

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Get it. Paradise Lost

$lave on Nov 16th 2008, Version X

This is, as Treellama has said, yet another must have netpack. All the maps are balanced, good looking (although some more so than others) and flow well.

From the first release this has been a steady 5 star pack. The complex architecture is nicely balanced with fast, balanced gameplay, and although the architecture does inevitably damage the flow slightly in some areas, it isn't intrusive enough to damage the gameplay or detract from the overall quality of the maps; the flow still rivals (and often beats) that of many of the previous "Must Have" netpacks.

I think we all owe a huge thank you to RyokoTK, our favourite community ruiner.

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YAMHNP Paradise Lost

treellama on Nov 16th 2008, Version X

Yet another must have net pack!

This fine heptadecaptych is a worthy successor to Red Spectrum.

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quality AND quantity Paradise Lost

inguinal falx on Nov 16th 2008, Version X

Until now, I haven't given the matter much thought because I downloaded a lot of the maps piecemeal as they were released.

After seeing all these amazing maps listed together, I can comfortably offer my opinion that this is the best map pack I have ever seen.

I have compared the list of PL X's maps to all the other favorites and in terms of both quality and quantity, it stands alone.

It's self-indulgent but here are my thoughts on each map:

  1. Serpent's Kiss: fast and furious. Why don't we play this more often?

  2. Oculus ex Inferni: I have never had a bad game on this map and I love the way it looks. I like to play oculus, and ile boule consecutively: concentric circles of polygon hell, the center of which is FM which I will mention in a minute

  3. Downfall of Paradise: My vote for best map in the pack. Never been able to figure out why the action is so fast on this big map but its amazing. Something for everyone here. You can play Downfall 5 different times with as many different strategies and it doesn't get old. I am consistently amazed by this map.

  4. SCB: Just make sure you have 6-8 players.

  5. Darkest Insurrection: I'm not a fan of this one but I'm a rocket-whore and I appreciate the concept.

  6. Paradigm Shift: Just LOOK at this map! I get killed all the time because I'm admiring the damn walls. Good for deathmatch, koth, and team games. This map really has it all.

  7. Acid Rain: I have problems with the flow and there are too many suicides.

  8. Metropolis Part I

  9. Hourglass : I haven't played these much and can't really comment.

  10. Hydrocity: I think this is one of the most underrated maps around. The only reason I can think of is that you need a lot of players.

  11. Fortress Morrolan: The center of hell and imo, tied for best map of the lot. I like the original and didn't think this one needed the revamp. I was wrong. This map is outrageously fun and I'm happy that it's getting hosted often. I would play a 20 minute emfh on this map. team games have been better than on the original. it might be a fluke but people seem to camp a lot less on the remake too.

  12. Fatal Tragedy: Another huge map that keeps a fast pace. I love this map because I'm a rocket whore and I host it all the time.

  13. Dance of Pales: I liked Cenotaph and I love this one. I host this and Downfall when I feel like getting outside for a while.

  14. Sevil Alucard: I've heard a few negative comments on this one that I don't quite understand. You have to think a little bit more on this one because there's too much room for straight running and gunning. As long as there are enough players to sustain the action, I love playing this map.

  15. Polaris: simple, well-desgined, but it doesn't have anything for me too sink my teeth into.

  16. Biohazard: Had some great games with 2-4 players here. Love the way it looks. It's a great complement to the larger levels in the pack.

  17. Killer Instinct: Haven't played it but I've looked around and I can't wait to start. Looks like a bare-bones pagan purity. All the open space should lend itself to some interesting gameplay...maybe similar to that we see on the corpus swinus remake.

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Hit and miss Quantum of Lua

chinkeeyong on Nov 11th 2008, Version 126.svn

Well, this is a rather motley pack. It's fun at first but quickly gets boring; however, points for trying. I see some very interesting implementation of new game mechanics here. While not really my cup of tea, these scripts create some cool effects which might be useful for start-up scenarios or TCs where normal Infinity rules don't apply. Plus, you have some mad Lua skilz.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Pretty cool Stop Camping

chinkeeyong on Nov 11th 2008, Version :C

While I'd normally disregard a Lua script from Wrk named "NO GOTTA PEE DANCES", these scripts actually work quite well to stop people from camping. They don't have any impact on normal gameplay and foil the plans of would-be spawn campers and cowardly snipers; I heartily recommend this to any host looking for a twist.

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Better than Munitions Disposal? MapDamager Lua

ray on Nov 10th 2008, Version .2 != .20

Quite possibly. And for making me contemplate such heresy, this script gets 1 star.