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Infra Apogee 1.5

Windbreaker on Apr 30th 2015


12 multiplayer maps for Marathon Infinity that vary widely in size and design. Third edition features 4 new maps as well as significant modifications to the existing ones.

Notes for version 1.5:
  • Features 4 new maps: "New Pacific", "The Cylindrical", "Tabula Rasa", and "Crash Map".

  • Structural changes on "Perverse Infection", "Initiation", and "At the Gates of Dawn".

  • Minor changes in weapons placement/texturing on almost all existing maps.

498 downloads, 2 reviews, 12 screenshots, 5.0 rating

Starlight VI

RyokoTK on Apr 9th 2015


Twenty-six multiplayer maps.

Three new maps to this version: Hurting Other People, Elder Kingdom, and Tallmap Sequel.

1397 downloads, 5 reviews, 9 screenshots, 5.0 rating

SL Maps 1.2

Sharkie Lino on Apr 6th 2015


SL Maps is a net pack for infinity consisting of levels from Infinity, M2, and others that have been modified, usually for additions or better flow, or remade.

Proper Credits

The levels listed below in this pack come from Quick Six and were originally created by Treellama.

Age of Aquarius. Incontinental Divide.

Notes for version 1.2:

Major Changes.

You're Gonna Die Big Time: Being a usual arena map, there were some issues with the amount of spawn kills occurring on the level. New spawn rooms with teleporters have been added to the upper level, and the stairway, to help combat this. To help keep true to the original level, the outside ambient flashing lights have been restored.

Minor Changes.

Incontinental Divide: Downed size tag from [M] to [S].

One Hit Wonder: Upped appearance percent on the 2X canister from 10 to 15.

Flight Of The Toolator (both versions): Fixed a missing grating texture on one of the windows.

909 downloads, 9 reviews, 5 screenshots, 3.6 rating

BallsHUD 1.0

W'rkncacnter on Apr 1st 2015

The perfect HUD for those of you who like to stare at balls while you play.

154 downloads, 0 reviews, 0 screenshots, 0.0 rating

EVIL Ra'thor I

Scuzbomb on Mar 31st 2015


9 levels. This may be the most difficult scenario you will ever play.

Here's a review from the only person I know that completed it.

I just finished Ra'thor (except for the hidden level, which I did not find the entry point for).

"I've been playing Marathon since late '95, and think I'm a pretty good player, but your scenario is hands down the most difficult I've ever played. In fact, I'd say it's pretty near impossible to beat on Total Carnage, especially the last 3 vacuum levels. I freely admit that I cheated constantly for oxygen and once or twice for ammo (especially on Igor Ra'thor), and occasionally used Forge. I do have a life, and I just didn't have the time (or desire) to play those levels over and over again to reach the level of perfection needed to complete them on the available oxygen or ammo (at least what I could find). I believe I never cheated for shields, but I may be mistaken. It took me a long time to get through the maps, so memory fades. You made free use of hidden switches that made things that much harder".

D. Supanich, North Hollywood, CA (March 2003)

Notes for version I:

This scenario was created back in 1998 and is based on Marathon EVIL. It's my original version and is meant to be almost impossible to complete. I'm working on an updated version that will be much easier and include 2 new levels...Version II coming soon!

186 downloads, 3 reviews, 3 screenshots, 1.3 rating

3 Boss Battles 1.0

skraeling on Mar 2nd 2015


This is a small map containing three boss battles.

It's basically three monsters with modified physics and shape files to make fighting them more interesting. Each requires a special type of arena for its behavior to work. Also, there's a Bob that heals you.

I had a lot of fun making and testing this. So, I'm sharing it.

That being said, the battles aren't totally balanced (although there are times where they work exactly as I intended), but that's why I provided invincibility if you want it. Also, each monster can be cheesed pretty easily, if you really want to.

My favorite is the Enforcer, although the Hunter actually works the most accurately, if you're not cheesing him.

Notes for version 1.0:

Contains Physics, Shape, and Forge Map files.

258 downloads, 0 reviews, 4 screenshots, 0.0 rating

Paradise Lost XVI

RyokoTK on Feb 16th 2015


Paradise Lost includes 36 maps, with a focus on high-quality aesthetic while maintaining good, enjoyable gameplay.

Version XVI no longer has embedded weapon/recharger MML.

3024 downloads, 22 reviews, 16 screenshots, 4.7 rating

Fart Or Die! 1.2

dustu on Jan 8th 2015


Fart or Die is a 5-level single- and multiplayer game. Lots of aliens, terminals with strategic help, and civilians to help out (or get in the way). This is a perfect game for new map makers. It contains a little of everything and is not overly complex! But don't worry - it's still challenging and fun!

If you download this, please take the time to review it! :)

Notes for version 1.2:

Please refer to read me first file included in zip file of version 1.2 map for complete details.

482 downloads, 2 reviews, 8 screenshots, 2.0 rating

Behind The Times Pack 1.0

Atom95 on Dec 27th 2014


A collection of maps I made using old forge tools (0S9 old). It also includes most of the Atomic map pack I made a few years ago with a few fixes and tweaks.

Keep in mind that on both 'Puddle of Goo' and 'Back In My Day' there are two hills separated by goo and lava respectively.

Also, The Squared Circle is a boxing ring.

Yeah, I'm A7om95 too. Just couldn't remember my password for that account =)

417 downloads, 0 reviews, 3 screenshots, 0.0 rating

Like the wind beta 1.1 1.1

Atom95 on Dec 27th 2014


A map designed for racing. Set the game type to King of the Hill for scoring to work properly.

Line up, hit the switch, and run to the end of the map. When you reach the end, you begin getting hill time. Whoever has the most time wins. I suggest setting the time limit for 2 minutes.

Notes for version 1.1:

This is a work in progress, and I'd love feedback on it. I think the core concept is good, but the physics and speed could probably use some tweaking.

Also, yes, the rockets don't do damage. They are meant to simply slow other players down.

406 downloads, 0 reviews, 2 screenshots, 0.0 rating