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3 Boss Battles 1.0

skraeling on Mar 2nd 2015


This is a small map containing three boss battles.

It's basically three monsters with modified physics and shape files to make fighting them more interesting. Each requires a special type of arena for its behavior to work. Also, there's a Bob that heals you.

I had a lot of fun making and testing this. So, I'm sharing it.

That being said, the battles aren't totally balanced (although there are times where they work exactly as I intended), but that's why I provided invincibility if you want it. Also, each monster can be cheesed pretty easily, if you really want to.

My favorite is the Enforcer, although the Hunter actually works the most accurately, if you're not cheesing him.

Notes for version 1.0:

Contains Physics, Shape, and Forge Map files.

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Paradise Lost XVI

RyokoTK on Feb 16th 2015


Paradise Lost includes 36 maps, with a focus on high-quality aesthetic while maintaining good, enjoyable gameplay.

Version XVI no longer has embedded weapon/recharger MML.

2840 downloads, 22 reviews, 16 screenshots, 4.7 rating

Infra Apogee 1.1

Windbreaker on Jan 31st 2015


8 multiplayer maps that individually feature textures from all 3 Marathon games. Second edition introduces 3 new maps, as well as numerous modifications to the old ones.

Notes for version 1.1:
  • Features 3 new maps: "Psychadelica", "At the Gates of Dawn", and "Solastalgia".
  • Numerous modifications to flow and weapons balance on all existing maps.
  • Various bug fixes.

314 downloads, 2 reviews, 8 screenshots, 5.0 rating

Starlight V

RyokoTK on Jan 31st 2015


Twenty-three multiplayer maps.

Five new maps to this version: The Dark World, Mixological, Dragon's Maw, Twilight Citadel, and Imperial City.

1203 downloads, 5 reviews, 7 screenshots, 5.0 rating

Fart Or Die! 1.2

dustu on Jan 8th 2015


Fart or Die is a 5-level single- and multiplayer game. Lots of aliens, terminals with strategic help, and civilians to help out (or get in the way). This is a perfect game for new map makers. It contains a little of everything and is not overly complex! But don't worry - it's still challenging and fun!

If you download this, please take the time to review it! :)

Notes for version 1.2:

Please refer to read me first file included in zip file of version 1.2 map for complete details.

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Behind The Times Pack 1.0

Atom95 on Dec 27th 2014


A collection of maps I made using old forge tools (0S9 old). It also includes most of the Atomic map pack I made a few years ago with a few fixes and tweaks.

Keep in mind that on both 'Puddle of Goo' and 'Back In My Day' there are two hills separated by goo and lava respectively.

Also, The Squared Circle is a boxing ring.

Yeah, I'm A7om95 too. Just couldn't remember my password for that account =)

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Like the wind beta 1.1 1.1

Atom95 on Dec 27th 2014


A map designed for racing. Set the game type to King of the Hill for scoring to work properly.

Line up, hit the switch, and run to the end of the map. When you reach the end, you begin getting hill time. Whoever has the most time wins. I suggest setting the time limit for 2 minutes.

Notes for version 1.1:

This is a work in progress, and I'd love feedback on it. I think the core concept is good, but the physics and speed could probably use some tweaking.

Also, yes, the rockets don't do damage. They are meant to simply slow other players down.

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Andy's Weapons 2000 1.0

coolate on Dec 8th 2014

This is a fun physics model my friends David, Steve and I made and have been evolving over the past, well 14 years. We tried to keep it very simple, and they are really just more of weapons tweaks that make the game even MORE fun if you can imagine that! Few highlights: Pistol gets 3 "sniper" fists, that will take you down to 10% health. Machine gun more powerful at close range but less further out. Missile launcher has a second trigger that can launch mini SAM missiles(bunch of them), SMG second trigger makes a slow fire wall. It's the little things that make Multiplayer fun for ever ;)

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Lost Lands Episodes 1 - 3 1.11

Mazaro on Dec 6th 2014


Lost Lands is a 25 level conversion I created entirely myself.
I started working on it when I was roughly 12 years old and I now consider it finished and in reasonably playable shape now that I am 25, 13 years later. As you progress through the game, you can see my mapmaking grow gradually more complex, and the way I grew pre-occupied with experimental and surreal mapbuilding techniques.

The official soundtrack is available here -

Notes for version 1.11:

This version is an overhaul of the shapes file, replacing many embarrassing pixelated textures with more thematic, color coded and polished looking artwork.

I've also included the "Previous AI" plugin with the install to avoid issues with monsters failing to activate.

554 downloads, 2 reviews, 8 screenshots, 3.0 rating

Minipax 5

$lave on Nov 23rd 2014


Fourth netpack.

Thanks to everyone who has reviewed, tested and played these maps!

Notes for version 5:

-3 new maps -3 or more other changes -gunz -a new txt file -a new scea file -free to dl -free to host -what more do u want??

1442 downloads, 8 reviews, 8 screenshots, 4.4 rating