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Very Pretty Flames (Infinity) 1.0

Kuurin on Oct 13th 2016


Replaces the old flamethrower projectile animation with prettier flame. Works best with bloom enabled.

Added 7 additional frames, so this uses a shapes patch to append some bitmaps and frames to the explosions collection.

For added fun, make some custom physics with a slower, wandering flamethrower burst. Also cut down the firing sequence on anything using a flamethrower to one tick.

Action Video:

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SL Maps 1.3

Sharkie Lino on Oct 8th 2016


SL Maps is a net pack for infinity consisting of levels from Infinity, M2, and others that have been modified, usually for additions or better flow, or remade.

Proper Credits

The levels listed below in this pack come from Quick Six and were originally created by Treellama.

Age of Aquarius. Incontinental Divide.

Notes for version 1.3:

Major Changes.

You're Gonna Die Big Time: Added a new room near the stairway which connects both sides of the upper level, and also serves as a spawn point.

Minor Changes.

Flight Of The Toolator (both versions): Straightened out the ceiling lights for the outer halls.

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Retexture Lua 1.0

W'rkncacnter on Oct 1st 2016

Sick of mappers that carefully select textures to go with their useless maps? Tired of playing boring old maps that look the same every time you play?

Now there's a Lua script to randomly generate new textures each time you play!

It may even be slightly less terrible than you're thinking.

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Jump Outta the JUICE 1.1

W'rkncacnter on Sep 30th 2016

A netmap made by JUICEMAN in 2007. It has 1x cans instead of 3x cans now.

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Vending Demo 0.2.0

Kuurin on Sep 23rd 2016


Revival of a long lost quest for vending machines.

Single Player Lua + HUD + MML + 3d Scenery + Sounds!

That's right, the vending machines talk to you now. You weren't crazy after all. Now get away from me.

This is a demo, so not much is extremely polished, but it should be fun to play with in the meanwhile.

Notes for version 0.2.0:


+Improved model and skin.

+Fixed issue with rebellion maps breaking Lua script.

+Did I mention it's much prettier now?


-Still can't ensure glow map masks properly. Pfft.

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Infinity Scenery HD Plugin 1.0

herecomethej2000 on Sep 22nd 2016


This plugin is based off of Freeverse's Marathon 2 scenery and is for Marathon Infinity. It was separated from the monsters plugin as many people wanted to use it without the monsters. Now contains an all new, complete jjaro scenery set from General Tacticus!

Notes for version 1.0:
  • Initial Release

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Infinity Monsters HD Plugin 1.3

herecomethej2000 on Sep 22nd 2016


This is a modification of the freeverse hd monsters for use with marathon infinity, (Though it will work fine in durandal as well.) The plugin has its origins from thedoctor45's m2 plugin and includes some of his enhancements plus some glows of my own. It now includes hd player sprites and fully compatible with multiplayer.

Special Thanks to: freeverse, (the original artists) thedoctor45, treellama, (for all their help and their work on the original plugins.) Spurious Interrupt, (creator of the smg sprites) and Tfear7 (creator of the grey monster sprites), General Tacticus and anyone else I may have forgotten

NOTE: The downloaded file must be decompressed. The resulting folder will have multiple compressed plugins which can be put in the A1 plugin folder directly. Unfortunately, Alephone doesn't handle large compressed plugins very well (especially on OSX, which will hang for several minutes while opening). Also, this way it only has to decompress whichever monsters it actually needs for the level and not the whole set!

NOTE 2: As one kind reviewer noted. There are still a few sprites missing due to the fact they do not yet exist. If someone would like to add to the set, let me know. Missing sprites include VacBobs and Critters (Balls and Hoppers).

Notes for version 1.3:

-Fixed numerous mml bugs

-Fixed BoBs

-Fixed white halos

-Redid many many glowmaps from scratch

-Split into many plugins for improved performance when compressed (Especially on OSX)

1431 downloads, 6 reviews, 3 screenshots, 3.5 rating

Infinity Weapons HD Plugin 1.3

herecomethej2000 on Sep 22nd 2016


This is the standard freeverse weapons plugin enhanced with thedoctor45's bloom effects plus my own. (Will work fine in Durandal too.)

Notes for version 1.3:

-Improved glow maps

-Added a couple glow maps for alien weapon item and invisible powerup

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Kate - Female Bob Shapes 1.0

lpetrich on Sep 17th 2016


A replacement of the Bob shapes with a female version that I did long ago.

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Rocky Desert - Lh'owon Landscapes 1.0

lpetrich on Sep 17th 2016


Something I made long ago: desert-landscape replacements for the Lh'owon Day and Night textures.

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