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Cataract Bowl test submission 0.8

Glamdring on Oct 20th 2015


Cataract Bowl is amateur effort by a first time mapper, intended more as a learning experience than as a truly great map. At this stage I am still learning shading, which is why it's so dark; and my premises are straightforward and individually tested, which is why it's so tiny.

Cataract Bowl [XS] is a round, bowl-shaped level, 13 WUs across, with exterior walls 1.3 WU above the deepest point in the center. The mild mancannons on the outer walls were designed to send anybody impacting on them flying straight back toward the center, but in practice the actual effect is that anybody running along the outer wall picks up a great deal of speed if they maintain the correct angle, and otherwise simply propel one safely to the opposite side of the bowl.

Open to criticism, or mention of any errors or bugs I have not noticed in my testing so far.

Notes for version 0.8:

Small changes to weapons and ammunition since testing in the meta.

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Infra Apogee 1.75

Windbreaker on Oct 2nd 2015


17 multiplayer maps for Marathon Infinity that individually make use of texture sets from all 3 Marathon games. This fourth edition includes 5 new maps of varying sizes and aesthetics.

Notes for version 1.75:
  • Features 5 new maps: "C.R.E.B.", "Candi Land", "Eye of Charon", "Monster Rain", and "Doctor Jazz".
  • Moves the hill on "New Pacific" to the central arena.
  • Fixes various bugs on older maps; see perusal for complete changelog.

879 downloads, 3 reviews, 17 screenshots, 5.0 rating

Fart Or Die! 1.3.5

dustu on Sep 22nd 2015


Fart or Die! is a 9-level game that uses hidden areas, terminals, switches, teleports, and more!

As a beginner, I struggled to figure out how to create switches, terminals, platforms, stairs, circles (use circle plugin around a line), uplink chips, exits and terminal variants with multiple actions. I also could not figure out how to add motion or depth to water, lava, or sewage. All that works now and is included in this game.

I am not an expert map maker by any means (more a newb) but this map contains a lot of commonly used elements for map makers and may help some newbs.

NOTE: I am not a super mapping pro and my levels are much less complex than others on here…but it is that complexity that made it hard for me to learn by studying other maps. I hope this set of maps helps someone new on here. This is NOT an advanced mapping tutorial. It is meant to help you get over the hump.

Having said all that, it is also fun to play and I enjoyed making it. While the levels are not too complex, they are challenging and require you to follow game strategy to move from one level to another. :) If you play the game at the hardest level, you will find it difficult to complete. :)

Let me know if you like it. I'm in the pfhorums as dustu and on live games as dustu.

NOTE: I have addressed most, if not all, of the comments by reviewers on here and in the forums.

If you download this, please review it.


Notes for version 1.3.5:

Minor bug fixes.

757 downloads, 2 reviews, 6 screenshots, 2.0 rating

Vasara 1.0.2

Hopper on Sep 19th 2015


Vasara is a Lua script and dedicated HUD for use in texturing maps in Aleph One. The HUD provides more explanation for new users compared to Visual Mode, and features a mouse-driven interface for choosing textures and options.

Notes for version 1.0.2:
  • Vasara requires Aleph One 1.2, which fixes a bug when working with wires.
  • Vasara is one plugin instead of two.
  • Several bugs involving switches were fixed.

876 downloads, 6 reviews, 5 screenshots, 4.8 rating

Arms Race 1.0

irons on Aug 18th 2015

Ryoko asked me to re-create the "Arms Race" game type from Counterstrike in Aleph One. Here's my attempt.

From the man himself:

Basically it's an EMFH script where everyone starts with rockets, and after each kill you get demoted to a weaker weapon, and the winner is the first person to get a kill with fists.

Notes for version 1.0:

Initial release.

195 downloads, 3 reviews, 0 screenshots, 4.7 rating

Thomas Mann's Greatest Hits 6.0

irons on Aug 9th 2015


A series of seven-polygon netmaps suitable for any size group and every classic competitive game type.

Notes for version 6.0:

Seven new maps. Lots of open spaces, and a few nice small ones. You might find a novelty level in there as well.

1584 downloads, 3 reviews, 42 screenshots, 4.0 rating

Colony Mod 1.2

skraeling on Jul 22nd 2015


This is 1 single player map. It was supposed to be part of a 3 map intro to an 11 map campaign that started a year ago. I'm hoping to get the next two maps added over the next month. Doubt I'll ever find the time to create the full campaign.

New physics file, new shapes file, and the merged map file are included in the download.

Physics of monsters has been modified so they act a little different.

The behavior of every gun has been modified. No assault rifle.

No new art.

If you're getting frustrated or just want to goof around, there's a secret door right at the start which leads to a Cheat Room containing all the guns and a recharger.

NOTE: The SMG has been modified so that when it's fired it has this weird strobing effect. Please let me know if this is bothersome or nauseating; I figure it might be for some people.

Notes for version 1.2:

Added second level. Modified a non-working save terminal in level 1.

Weapon and monster behavior tweaked a little.

Don't forget there is a "cheat room" behind a secret door in the starting area of each level. You can access all the guns and invincibility through there.

400 downloads, 1 review, 4 screenshots, 4.0 rating

Starlight VII

RyokoTK on Jul 15th 2015


Thirty multiplayer maps.

Four new maps to this version: Art of Magicka, Vacation Package, Dissolution, and Morrolan's Legacy.

1806 downloads, 5 reviews, 10 screenshots, 5.0 rating

Complete Level command 1.0

Hopper on Jul 8th 2015

For mapmakers testing their terminal scripts, this Lua console command will set the current level's completion state to "finished". Install this solo Lua plugin and type 'complete_level()' in the console to satisfy any mission requirements.

Note: the command may make the level unplayable. See the included Read Me file for more information.

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Marathon Music Remasterd 1.1

herecomethej2000 on Jul 1st 2015


The music that is shipped with the Marathon release is based off of the classic Quicktime synth. This is the fed through fluidsynth which utilized a modern sample set — in this case, Don Allen's Timbres of Heaven. All tracks have been normalized and made working for in-game.

To install, simply replace the Music folder within the Marathon data folder

Notes for version 1.1:

-Timbres of Heaven updated to 3.2.

398 downloads, 1 review, 1 screenshot, 4.0 rating