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Thomas Mann's Greatest Hits 5.0

irons on Aug 18th 2014


A series of seven-polygon netmaps suitable for any size group and every classic competitive game type.

Notes for version 5.0:

Seven more maps. Probably the last version.

841 downloads, 3 reviews, 35 screenshots, 4.0 rating

Vasara 1.0.1

Hopper on Aug 15th 2014


Vasara is a Lua script and dedicated HUD for use in texturing maps in Aleph One. The HUD provides more explanation for new users compared to Visual Mode, and features a mouse-driven interface for choosing textures and options.

161 downloads, 3 reviews, 5 screenshots, 4.7 rating

XBLA Survival 2.0

Hopper on Jul 7th 2014


Play the Survival solo gameplay mode from Durandal XBLA. Rack up carnage points as you face off against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies.

Play on the four Survival maps built by Freeverse for the port. Or use the plugin, pick any netmap, and try not to die.

For a similar co-op experience, see Survival.lua.

Notes for version 2.0:

Adds four original maps from Freeverse.

357 downloads, 0 reviews, 4 screenshots, 0.0 rating


irons on Jun 23rd 2014


A short collection of music, most of it from Marathon (or PiD) sounds.

Notes for version 1.0:

Uploaded here since my site no longer has it.

168 downloads, 1 review, 4 screenshots, 5.0 rating

Fabrefaction 1.1

Kinetic Turtle on Jun 18th 2014


3 maps, two versions of one of them, plus a version of an Infinity map.

Battlemoose is a fast map, great for dueling, but handles larger groups as well.

The __ Biscuit Upset is a twisty fun zone, with contributions by my friend screamingfool. Two versions, large and small.

Communist Flirting Falls Flat is a big wet map with two big rooms and long staircases.

Wrath Some More? is a slight remake of Wrath No More? to keep up with modern play.

This pack was originally available on Fileball years and years ago but didn't make it into the archive. I thought it was lost, but amazingly Wrk had a copy, so here we are.

This is mostly here for historical purposes, but the maps are certainly fun to play, so have at.

166 downloads, 0 reviews, 3 screenshots, 0.0 rating

Henselers Hell 01

RealRainman on Jun 7th 2014

HenselerĀ“s Hell a map by RealRainman

HenselerĀ“s Hell is the first and only "Marathon map" I made back in 1997. I tried to develop a detailed storyline that, although based on the familiar "I guide you through the action" concept, comes up with surprising twists and a couple of neat tricks that pushes even the experienced player to his limits. I wanted to include a lot of cool graphics (watch out for the terminals !) , and the biggest battlebot that the "Marathon" world has ever seen (I guess) !

Believe me, I used ALL the polygons,objects and entities that are possible to use in "Forge".

209 downloads, 1 review, 0 screenshots, 3.0 rating

Weapons In Hand - Muzzle Flash and Motion Blur 1.5

Ares Ex Machina on Mar 30th 2014


A plugin for the original weapons-in-hand graphics for Aleph One, featuring:

  • Different looking muzzle flash with blended edges.
  • Motion blur on certain frames, including bullet shells and the fists.
  • An optional translucent scope effect for the magnum.

Works with both Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity!

Notes for version 1.5:
  • Removed black halo around edges of the optional graphics for the Marathon 2 SMG.
  • Optional graphics for the Marathon 2 SMG have been made powers of 2.

1149 downloads, 5 reviews, 5 screenshots, 4.8 rating

Capture the Falg 1.0.2

irons on Mar 17th 2014


This script adopts W'rkncacnter's CTF script to the newer API. See the readme, the original CTF script, and the Magenta Filter maps for more information.

Notes for version 1.0.2:

Included fixes for newer Aleph One versions, thanks to Hopper.

823 downloads, 4 reviews, 1 screenshot, 5.0 rating

Marathon Extras Pack 1.0 + swimming shortness of breath + flashlight

ntg255 on Mar 2nd 2014

Marathon Extras Pack By Nad H. 12 Feb 2014 v1.0 21 Feb 2014

The basic funstuff. Like jumping to dodge a SPNK'ing in multiplayer.


Have gun!

Notes for version 1.0 + swimming shortness of breath + flashlight:

Swimming now causes you to lose some oxygen, but being underwater loses oxygen more.

Well, starting on a flashlight. Right now, don't bother using it (AR, third action mode). It flashes and it might hurt the eyes. Only useful in really dark places. Don't use it. Really.

386 downloads, 2 reviews, 0 screenshots, 2.5 rating

Random Fusion Pistol Instagib Script

ntg255 on Mar 1st 2014

Boom! I'm messing with projectiles. Next version might be a wave beam; my other wave-beam script is killing me every time I fire it.

332 downloads, 0 reviews, 0 screenshots, 0.0 rating