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UN Super Cool Kill Zone

irons on Aug 31st 2009, Version goddddddddd


5.5 stars

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Truly An Innovation In Online Play. Height as Some Feature

Meta on Aug 30th 2009, Version dirac delta function

This script just adds so much to the game. Combine this and Ammunitions Disposal.lua and you have quite a net game sir!

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i gotta go but Height as Some Feature

irons on Aug 29th 2009, Version dirac delta function

look this is great. played thru 32nd game today w/o stopping, loved it

could of ben a little beter, like add severl HUDS to it but other wise i have to leve b/c its time for more

cant wait for next adition

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My Rod? Height as Some Feature

$lave on Aug 29th 2009, Version dirac delta function

This makes maps worth playing.

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Nice m23redux Plugin

BOB on Aug 28th 2009, Version 1.0

Very nice job, but i was wondering- where is the keycard? You have an old and updated version of this "key card" and i don't think i've ever seen one in the game. Thanx.

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Very nice! m23redux Plugin

herecomethej2000 on Aug 28th 2009, Version 1.0

Thank-you so much for your update. Looks great. I have but one small request. In the future could you have it so you must place the m23redux folder in the textures folder and edit the .mml accordingly. It keeps everything nice and neat.

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Pretty decent Diesel Raven

Jim on Aug 28th 2009, Version 1.0

This is a damn decent map. Very fun on EMFH and KOTH. I recommend playing this map with the LMOTH game type, as well.

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This isn't some kind of metaphor. Patrick Core Image

patrick on Aug 26th 2009, Version v6

Goddamn, this is real.

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Thanks Again TTEP 7 Marathon 1

austin on Aug 25th 2009, Version 7.0

Damn these look great! Marathon looked really old too, these brought back the excitement of playing it again.

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Excellent TTEP 7 Marathon 2

austin on Aug 25th 2009, Version 7.0

Much appreciation for the work that went into these packs. They all look great. I've heard some complaints, but I feel its a bit ass-holesh to complain. I personally think they take an old looking game and revive it a hole lot, all three packs rock! Lets face it, compared to todays standards this game looks like shit, and any improvements are more than welcome.

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Thank you! TTEP 7 Marathon Infinity

austin on Aug 25th 2009, Version 7.0

This guy did a great job and many thanks to him. These enhancement packs really help make it look great. I truly appreciate the work that went into this.

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Great and tons of fun Kill Them All II

austin on Aug 24th 2009, Version 1.00

I loved it. If you want to play a simple kill everything in sight game with out having to search maps for switches and terminals, this is the scenario to play. Pretty simple maps but thats the point. You start off fresh with little health and no guns every map, but quickly your able to build your health and grab practically every weapon, this is a great concept! You're not forced to conserve ammo through out the scenario, but instead your strapped for war in minutes and blowing up aliens. You kill everything on the map, find a teleporter and you're done. This scenario embraces how awesome Marathon's shootem up game play is, and allows you to just enjoy that aspect of the game.

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Owned Stairs

Meta on Aug 18th 2009, Version .95


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he says it's fun Red Light

ray on Aug 17th 2009, Version 1.0

but it's not tagged "fun"

so you lose one star

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Fun. Red Light

wastedjamacan on Aug 17th 2009, Version 1.0

I love it! this would be fun online. yellow is a little long...

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this is a good load screen Custom Load Screen for Aleph

ray on Aug 16th 2009, Version 1.1

don't let the fact that that jackass seanyx-chris gave it 5 stars worry you - even a stopped clock is right twice a day, after all.

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please don't review things you haven't downloaded Stairs

ray on Aug 16th 2009, Version 0.8

this 1 star applies to the previous review, and frankly it is about 7 stars too high for such a mockery of the concept of "review"

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Looks good/Ray STFU Stairs

seanyx-chris on Aug 16th 2009, Version 0.8

As for the map, it's pretty decent. Small but simple. Sometimes you run into dead ends if you don't know where your going, which sometimes can abruptly kill the flow. I'm no expert or anything with mapping, but from what I see, it isn't great (yet) but there's nothing either to really complain about. The final decision will come in time as you do more with it.

Okay Ray, I've personally had it with your bullshit. All you do is troll Simplici7y and post stupid shit that wastes everyone's time. Go play halo like the rest of the spazeroids (but then again, you'd call it Marathon 4).

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good Stairs

ray on Aug 15th 2009, Version 0.8

This is a very good map. I will be hosting it often.

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Splendid! Custom Load Screen for Aleph

seanyx-chris on Aug 14th 2009, Version 1.1

It really accents the character and adds to the overall experience of the game (Best for M1 though).

If you could design loading screens just like this for M2/Inf then that'd be awesome (though you likely wouldn't have to work hard on that. They look graphically identical).

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I don't see why you think there's something wrong What is wrong with my Map?

Meta on Aug 13th 2009, Version .0002

It works fine for me, great map by the way, have you got anything else in the works?

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oops forgot to rate it What is wrong with my Map?

ray on Aug 9th 2009, Version .0002

5 stars

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wait no what am i saying What is wrong with my Map?

ray on Aug 9th 2009, Version .0002

it still works great

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oh i see your problem What is wrong with my Map?

ray on Aug 9th 2009, Version .0002

there are no sounds