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I don't really like it Under Veil of Night

Pfhriggin' on Dec 25th 2009, Version v1.0

I have an irrational hatred of knockoffs. The original map is great, but that's not your own work, now, is it?

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Diferent point to see Under Veil of Night

Delta4 on Dec 24th 2009, Version v1.0

I like the level because is fun not to see anything but is not for play on network. The level is for do something when you dont have anything to do. Rating: 4 if you dont have anything to do- 1 for network.

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Irritating Under Veil of Night

Dugit on Dec 23rd 2009, Version v1.0

Although the map itself is good, the "reference points" don't actually cast light, and in that, they seem unusual. Furthermore, it's generally irritating that I keep falling off the level.

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Get the most out of your renderer with DOUCHEMAPS douchemaps

ray on Dec 22nd 2009, Version 1.1

If you do not have DOUCHEMAPS, you are criminally wasting your computer's processing power EVERY TIME you run Aleph One. Put that power to good use by rendering with DOUCHEMAPS.

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Good, good. The Works

HIVEMIND on Dec 21st 2009, Version v1.0

Very solid, love how you can just go in different rooms, pick up a weapon, and just mow down enemies. The only thing I didn't like is that the BOBs just decided to go on without me and kill the Pfhor and whatnot. I ended up killing them before they got out the door along with their comrades just so I could play the whole thing because they left almost nothing for me. Also, make the enemies respawn, I like continuous gameplay. That is the reason I like Envy's map Citadel: It's a large map with retarded BOBs and big amounts of enemies.

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Nostalgia [S] Electric Sheep Infinity

Pfhriggin' on Dec 17th 2009, Version 2.1

I liked it, but it is a little cramped.

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Why did you do that? Marathon : Freedom (OSX)

HIVEMIND on Dec 15th 2009, Version .36

Ok, I'm sorry but this game totally betrays the Marathon series as a whole. This is basically an RPG. The reason I'm playing Marathon is because I love first person shooters. I expected some sort of amazingly graphically updated version of Marathon, and I was half right. Graphics are a little better, but you only view from the top down. You should also include a read me with the actual game, so we know what the heck is going on. I am throughly disappointed and am sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I really don't think this game is worth five stars.

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Nice. Team Works

Dugit on Dec 14th 2009, Version 1.0

Good gameplay with the Rugby.lua script. Love it.

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Nice. Garrison Album

Dugit on Dec 14th 2009, Version 1.0


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Intriguing... Ill Descent

Dugit on Dec 14th 2009, Version 1.0

Nice touch with the F'lickta throwing snowballs.

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Pure brilliance Paradise Lost

Dugit on Dec 14th 2009, Version XIII.i

Could not fault it.

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Good effort [S] Electric Sheep Infinity

Dugit on Dec 14th 2009, Version 2.1

I like the map, and all small touches. Thanks for making all the lava floors teleport; if they didn't the map would suck. I like the fact you've included the weird inaccessible platform polygon in the map (the one with the "?" notation).

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Needs a Test [S] Electric Sheep Infinity

vio on Dec 7th 2009, Version 2.1

Perhaps I should try hosting it. :)

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Needs Work Skylark

Dis on Dec 5th 2009, Version 1

The concept is interesting, I'll give you that. I especially like the two playing fields available, one of which, I think, inspired the name. However, a good deal of errors really bog this one down. First off, the upper battlefield, on the stepping stones, is pretty much untraversable. The climb height limit is .35, yes, and without opening this one up in Weland that's probably about the difference in height between most of the columns, but you must also compensate for how far the player will fall en route, meaning many of the jumps can't be made. I'm sure there is some labyrinthine, linear path across the rocks, but as stated before it (A. is quite difficult to find, and it's not likely people will stick around to find it, and it should (B. really be made non linear so that more than one path can be taken across the rocks. Now, when one misses, he, and probably not she, will fall to the lower battlefield, which brings me to the many flaws with it. First, and most glaring, is the river. You can't cross it, and attempting to do so will end with you in an inescapable water pit. You were probably planning to place a death liquid there. In fact, I seem to remember you asking someone to make you one. In this case I recommend you attempt the near insurmountable task of either downloading Atque, unmerging the map of yours that has one, grabbing the MML script therein and merging it with Skylark or gasp taking a passing glance at the MML documentation. I understand this map was made for the FtVC gametype but levels like these are mainly going to see EMFH and they need to be playable for that, too. The flaws listed above would make that mostly unplayable which is a shame because this has the potential to become a very good map. The geometry and shading are good, and I like the nexus idea, but sadly I can only give this one two stars.

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Beautiful and interesting Skylark

RAITHE on Dec 5th 2009, Version 1

If you cross it correctly you don't always end up in the pit, but it still takes awhile to figure out so it would be good to make it a little easier. A few things that could be fixed though: when you get launched into the pit by the river, you could change the platform into a teleporter so you teleport back on land. I'm glad you acknowledged my advice completely. I would have never thought of a river to give the frog blaster difficulty getting in the core. Thank you very much.

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Too many errors Skylark

goran svensson on Dec 3rd 2009, Version 1

Gemometry and shading are interesting.

The map has many bad points though. An inescapable water pit. A river that runs too fast(flow 0.4). If you attempt to cross it, you are easily propelled into the water pit. Error combo!

Geometry flickers and fades throughout the map (as if it was untextured). I suspect it is the item-limit that is overshot; the map has 610 items.

Conclusion: The visual aspects of the map does not make up for the 3 errors. Rating 1.

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Umm... [S] Electric Sheep Infinity

Envy on Nov 24th 2009, Version 1.0

So you copied the map, and put up all the bridges? thats gunna suck for netplay, cause there are inescapable lava pits...

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How come I love them all? Problem Pax

Envy on Nov 21st 2009, Version 1.0

I got through the door in shafted. really disappointing 7th try...

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No instructions for Mac noobs Marathon 2 XBLA texture enhancement scripts

Minimum91 on Nov 20th 2009, Version 1.0

Well, my rating isn't really objective, because these instructions don't fit with the Mac version of Aleph One :( If Anyone can help me, hit me up at Skype: IIPOTECT Email: [email protected]

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Good. Colorblind Teamplay

wastedjamacan on Nov 12th 2009, Version 0.2

Lord knows I need this. Too bad no one hosts it.

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The Prodigal Son has Returneth Rugby Lua

herecomethej2000 on Nov 8th 2009, Version 1.1

And boy, with a bang did he come. Seriously, the one built in game type in Alephone that has been completely neglected and treated as an outcast, with tweaking, actually turns out to be a rather fun and interesting team game. Who knew? Now all this excellent game type needs is it's very own beautiful, hand crafted, Ryoko and Company made net-pack.

Only the W'rkncacnter could have pulled this off. Thanks a bunch!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Certianly Has Merit CTF Lua

herecomethej2000 on Nov 8th 2009, Version 4.0.2

CTF has always been held in a special place for me and I always found it adrenalin pumping and a lot of fun. The complaints that Tim has suggested are faults that effect all team matches and are usually a product of bad hosting and unintelligent team balancing. Somehow, Ctf.lua itself has always been plagued with the brunt the fault. But everything about this game type requires thinking. Get 4 competent people together, and your in for one heck of a firefight and quick thinking. Do I defend or attack? How do I get get from point A to point B the fastest? Will there be a lot of resistance? What is the best direction to attack from? What are the directions my opponent is most likely to come from, and where can I place myself to get the first shot in? Not to say the new Rugby doesn't have it's own strategy as well, some of these even. But whereas rugby is more direct and in your face, which is to it's credit, I will always be a sucker for this slightly slower paced mind game.

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CTF is not Rugby CTF Lua

effigy on Nov 5th 2009, Version 4.0.2

...but this script is nice.

I like how it shows you the name and health % of the team mate you put in your cross hairs, as well as distances from each flag.

I also have noticed unexplainable lag from time to time but this is rare for me.

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Hmm, interesting Turret Defense

Iritscen on Nov 4th 2009, Version

This script has promise. I did crash in the recharger room when I had fists up and attempted to switch weapons. And I do a lot more dying than killing, since I seem to take a lot more of a pounding than the turret. And the requisite charging of health (shields) at the start of each life is wearying.

As a fan of weird netmaps and netscripts, I'd be interested in seeing how this could be made into a net game, once the bugs are worked out.

P.S.: StuffIt Expander opens this on a Mac.