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Screenshot titled "Heartache"

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody. Love is a battle.

Notes for version <3:

Can you feel the love? This is a map, not an HUD. Review the MAP.

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The Grab Bag 3.0

Nibenon on 01/02/2012

Screenshot titled "Tower of Babel V. 2"

A compilation of Ruben Rybnik's and my own maps, each with a specific gametype in mind. Remember, since both of us contributed, we can't review. I leave THAT to you. Really, REVIEW.

Notes for version 3.0:

I've added 6 more maps that were meant to be EMFH, etc. but were then expanded for survival. Ruben finally updated "Palace of Eru" and another map.

Reviews are always nice, even the occasional spite would be a change.

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Dead City 5.0

Nibenon on 06/03/2011

Screenshot titled "Previous Version, satisfied?"

The first ever survival map, with a base, plentiful weapons and healing, and lots of space for battle. And yes, I MADE THE PREVIOUS DEAD CITY MAP AS WELL, SO OF COURSE IT LOOKS LIKE IT. DUH.

Notes for version 5.0:

Completely redone: you can now run up the rocks, distracting polygons are removed, others were added, and especially the size will allow for more carnage. Take note: despite size change, aliens will still get stuck on the steps, and must be killed with bullets, not by 'splodes. My solo record is now 22. Good luck.

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Retreat Syndrome 1.0

Nibenon on 10/29/2010

Screenshot titled "Yes, there is Ammo"

Survival Map: the duece. Maybe sometime I'll release a manual so there's no whining about anything. If it's there, it's there for a reason. Good luck!

Notes for version 1.0:


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Sorry for the late review M1A1 HardCore Sounds

Nibenon on Oct 4th, 2011, Version

My computer exploded the first time I used these sounds, and I had to get a new one. Well done.

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Well :/.... FloatingX

Nibenon on Jul 31st, 2011, Version 1.4 [FINAL OFFICIAL RELEASE]


Nuff said.

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Very, very VERY... Seven Stages of Megalopia

Nibenon on Jun 10th, 2011, Version 1.0

... bloody, awesome, and bloody awesome. Campers, don't even think of playing these.

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Amusing Super Magnum Physics

Nibenon on Apr 12th, 2011, Version 1

Pretty funny to walk up to a chap and shoot him into little pieces. Just thought you should know, the recoil will blast you through solid walls, which isn't fun when you need life anyway...

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Yet again... Bigfrog

Nibenon on Apr 1st, 2011, Version 1.0

... you never fail to impress even with slightly modified well-known maps. Just don't shrink it :P

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Really hastur? The Four Elements

Nibenon on Jan 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

Why'd you give a two? Pfft. My turn.

Epic map in all the epic epicness. The ONE FLAW is the repetition of guns; regardless of where you spawn there's a rocket at a certain point, shotties at another. Mix it up a bit so people have to memorize where to find the jackpot...

4.5, which just happens to round out to 5.

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HAHA Snowfrog

Nibenon on Dec 21st, 2010, Version 1.0

That is AWESOME! 50,00,000 stars! Quite the desirable Christmas gift...

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Holy cow [XX] Tourist Crossing

Nibenon on Nov 17th, 2010, Version 1.5

I did NOT realize you did all that... sure, maybe some retexturing, new polygons... BUT THIS IS INCREDIBLE. That does it, I'm sticking to castle maps... lol

ps. The pi on the wall is a little simple, don't you think?

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Pretty cool Mosaic Cafe

Nibenon on Sep 13th, 2010, Version 1.0

Not bad at all... the flow seems to be pretty good, and it deters camping. Could be a bit more ammo though. Overall pretty cool!