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Really hastur?

Nibenon on Jan 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

Why'd you give a two? Pfft. My turn.

Epic map in all the epic epicness. The ONE FLAW is the repetition of guns; regardless of where you spawn there's a rocket at a certain point, shotties at another. Mix it up a bit so people have to memorize where to find the jackpot...

4.5, which just happens to round out to 5.

This pack contains 2 maps:

The Four Elements

The Four Elements Simplified

The map uses 4 Textures Jjaro, Sewage, Water, and Lava each separated in 4 sections all converging in towards the center. Pfhor textures were also used in different areas of the maps. The simplified version is similar to the the first map with stripped down center.

Some custom textures were used.

Map design by aquateenhgrfrce

Sounds by Sharkie Lino

Thanks to Sharkie Lino, cxmb, brilliant, hastur, dis, gyffes, ASH, KBM, nib, and Thug for beta testing this map and offering suggestions.

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