You Better Move

by LegacyTyphoon

Uploaded Aug 17th, 2007 for Marathon Infinity


You Better Move v1.2 This is the first map I've ever created. I submitted it into Ryoko's Map Making Contest III, which I suprisingly got 7th place in...Hey, it was an achievement for me. This is a small map, it was initially built for four players and up, and I still play it as such, but it works well as a dueling map. Really though, if you like it with six players...really, try it out...Its fun...I swear.

Suggested Players: 6 (...2+) Polygons: 170 Weapons: Fusion Pistol, Assault Rifle, SMG, Flamethrower

v1.2 Fixes from initial contest release: -Bouncy walls fixed -Weapon placement changed -Collectable weapons slightly changed up (I took out the Alien Shotgun and put in the TOTZ) -TOTZ respawn rate and locations changed for balance reasons -Teleporter added for some fun

Version 1.2

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Erratic and Cool

M1 Map Dude on Aug 24th, 2010, Version 1.2

Loved this. Very well designed, visually, and the gameplay is treacherous.

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Central area

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Screenshot titled "Hallway"

Hall of water

Screenshot titled "Hall of water"

You want carnage?

Screenshot titled "You want carnage?"

You got carnage!

Screenshot titled "You got carnage!"