Stairs by wastedjamacan


This is a quick netmap i made. Its for small groups.

Version .95

I'm finished with the item respawn. It's the best I can get it. I textured it too. Now I just need Differential Shading.

  • Uploaded Aug 17th 2009
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Meta on Aug 18th 2009, Version .95


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please don't review things you haven't downloaded

ray on Aug 16th 2009, Version 0.8

this 1 star applies to the previous review, and frankly it is about 7 stars too high for such a mockery of the concept of "review"

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Looks good/Ray STFU

seanyx-chris on Aug 16th 2009, Version 0.8

As for the map, it's pretty decent. Small but simple. Sometimes you run into dead ends if you don't know where your going, which sometimes can abruptly kill the flow. I'm no expert or anything with mapping, but from what I see, it isn't great (yet) but there's nothing either to really complain about. The final decision will come in time as you do more with it.

Okay Ray, I've personally had it with your bullshit. All you do is troll Simplici7y and post stupid shit that wastes everyone's time. Go play halo like the rest of the spazeroids (but then again, you'd call it Marathon 4).

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


ray on Aug 15th 2009, Version 0.8

This is a very good map. I will be hosting it often.

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Main Room


Back Room


Stairs 1


Stairs 2