by irons

Uploaded Jun 5th, 2008 for Marathon Infinity


Formerly called "Rejects," PRAHBLUM PEAK is the set of maps I culled from Underworld as I built that pack up to its glorious state. These aren't necessarily that bad, and I'm putting them online because there is (or was, at one point) a demand from some fans of my levels. These were usually the cheap players who loved how horrible the balance was, but I still appreciate their support. The README goes into pretty good detail for every level.

PP 304f6855 has six levels.

Version 304f6855

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My Favorites

Switch on Jun 5th, 2008, Version 304f6855

These are some of my favorites. /cheap

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no prahblums

W'rkncacnter on Jun 5th, 2008, Version 304f6855

These maps are so bad, I can't stop playing.

6 Screenshots

Goodbye Mother Earth v1

Screenshot titled "Goodbye Mother Earth v1"

Goodbye Mother Earth v2

Screenshot titled "Goodbye Mother Earth v2"

Mmm Skyscraper

Screenshot titled "Mmm Skyscraper"

Sails in a Gale

Screenshot titled "Sails in a Gale"

This is Hurtin' No One

Screenshot titled "This is Hurtin' No One"

Nice Bikini

Screenshot titled "Nice Bikini"