Lost Lands Episodes 1 - 3

by Mazaro

Uploaded Dec 7th, 2014 for Marathon Infinity


Lost Lands is a 25 level conversion I created entirely myself.
I started working on it when I was roughly 12 years old and I now consider it finished and in reasonably playable shape now that I am 25, 13 years later. As you progress through the game, you can see my mapmaking grow gradually more complex, and the way I grew pre-occupied with experimental and surreal mapbuilding techniques.

The official soundtrack is available here -



Version 1.11

This version is an overhaul of the shapes file, replacing many embarrassing pixelated textures with more thematic, color coded and polished looking artwork.

I've also included the "Previous AI" plugin with the install to avoid issues with monsters failing to activate.

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  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

held back

tyhy1 on Jan 23rd, 2016, Version 1.11

first of all, i agree with mopypoppy. but i expand on it. the story is interesting and is the only thing that will keep poeple playing this conversion.

the creator choose to make his maps in a way that new area's opens up to the player is by way of presure plate. now you wont be told that so you will be running around all the time thinking you were stuck.

also in some levels you have access to all the area's in the map but if you go from area 1 to, lets say area 3 without visiting area 2, you will be stuck without going back to area 1. so safe every start of a level and use a seperate safe to proceed in the levels after that. or you will have to start all over again.

also because of some unknown reason some doorways apear to be open but are unpassible. i suspect a editing fault. and on that note; allthough i cant remember what level it was, but it was on only one of the levels. the enemy firghters instead of teleporting in mid air they just float there.

and then the biggest mistake this scenario has EXTREMELY bad pasing with dificulty spikes throughout. it starts out fine. good level disgn and the first 5 or so levels are pretty straight forward. but around the middle of the scenario you will encounter a level in wich you are confronted with infinetly spawning suicide enemy's. in the level itself there is even a terminal in wich you are told by a editors note that you shouldnt shoot in a section of the map, so not to proc anything or you will die. (hence the miltyple safes)

so in sumary: you will run around for at least 10 to 20 minutes on many maps trying to figure out what to do. there are points in maps wich sole purpose are to trap you and make you stuck (restart will be needed). and the game is suffering from bad editing.

also the eniding is extremely anti-climatic.

but good story overall.

this scenario will take you between 6 and 10 hours depending on you dificulty level.

EDIT: use your map, it contains many written clues on what to do.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

A nightmare.

MoppyPuppy on Dec 13th, 2014, Version 1.11

I've often brainstormed a Marathon scenario where the Pfhor win and you as the player have to survive in a Pfhor dominated galaxy.

Scratch that idea, I could never top this. This scenario is a NIGHTMARE.

The textures, the imagery, the sounds, the story its all just a nightmare.

Its actually more bizarre than Pfhojeur, another nightmarish scenario. I wanted it to end so badly.

On a positive note, it is beatable. The scenario reminded me of those miscellaneous scenarios you would find on fileball that you couldn't beat because of convoluted map objectives. Not the case of this scenario, its beatable.

But that's it, playing this scenario is unpleasant.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


SilentWobby on Oct 29th, 2014, Version 1.06

I'm enjoying this so far. And I have to thank you for using M2 textures. I really like the level design and the nice mixture of textures. Some of the maps that I've played so far have some problems. Such as long narrow hallways that clogged up with BOB's. But all in all I'm thoroughly impressed and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Plus the story is interesting. I look forward to more of your work.


8 Screenshots

L03 Smashed Golf Ball

Screenshot titled "L03 Smashed Golf Ball"

L15 Fortress Impervium

Screenshot titled "L15 Fortress Impervium"

L05 Cold, Lost and Dead

Screenshot titled "L05 Cold, Lost and Dead"

L18 Streets Paved With God

Screenshot titled "L18 Streets Paved With God"

L18 Streets Paved With God

Screenshot titled "L18 Streets Paved With God"

L01 Trapped Beneath the Waves

Screenshot titled "L01 Trapped Beneath the Waves"

L07 Sewer Power

Screenshot titled "L07 Sewer Power"

L23 The Dreaming Forefront

Screenshot titled "L23 The Dreaming Forefront"