Long War of Summer by W'rkncacnter


This is a pack of some maps I've made over the last few years. Two of them I made for Ryoko's map contests and one is a conversion of a CTF map I made into EMFH/KOTH.

Version 1.0

Turns out this crap wasn't on Simplici7y.

  • Uploaded Sep 7th 2010
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M1 Map Dude on Sep 8th 2010, Version 1.0

Some very decent design accents here and there. Some maps better than others, of course. All in all, a good time.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

The Description is CORRECT

timothy on Sep 7th 2010, Version 1.0

These maps are DUGIT/ENVY quality. Only one or two are playable. We're not all cut out for mapping. At least you've got other strengths.

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