Gorans Animated Liquids by goran svensson


Animates the water with a 24 frame animation.

Only for water set so far. It needs to be activated last, since the last activated plugin gets priority.

Version 0.2

0.2 Moved the animated water from my water set to this plugin.

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

A step in the right direction!

3371-Alpha on Nov 4th 2015, Version 0.2

Excellent plugin! Havent noticed any glitches yet on either M2 or 3. I think the only thing that missing is animations for liquids other than water, but as you mentioned above that's pending.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


infwaffle on Jun 15th 2012, Version 0.2

Very nice job here. The water looks great. However, there is a bug where sometimes it will instead of being water, it will rapidly change different random textures.

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