Cataract Bowl test submission by Glamdring


Cataract Bowl is amateur effort by a first time mapper, intended more as a learning experience than as a truly great map. At this stage I am still learning shading, which is why it's so dark; and my premises are straightforward and individually tested, which is why it's so tiny.

Cataract Bowl [XS] is a round, bowl-shaped level, 13 WUs across, with exterior walls 1.3 WU above the deepest point in the center. The mild mancannons on the outer walls were designed to send anybody impacting on them flying straight back toward the center, but in practice the actual effect is that anybody running along the outer wall picks up a great deal of speed if they maintain the correct angle, and otherwise simply propel one safely to the opposite side of the bowl.

Open to criticism, or mention of any errors or bugs I have not noticed in my testing so far.

Version 0.8

Small changes to weapons and ammunition since testing in the meta.

  • Uploaded Oct 20th 2015
  • tags: duelling emfh map
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W'rkncacnter on Dec 10th 2015, Version 0.8

It's always the right time to make a Morrowind reference.

And why aren't you playing it right now brilliant?

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


RyokoTK on Dec 9th 2015, Version 0.8

Not enough pointless corridors to make a Morrowind reference.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


aquateenhgrfrce on Dec 7th 2015, Version 0.8

I got named Hortator by house Redoran

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