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Big Fart Fart Or Die!

RyokoTK on Jan 8th 2015, Version 1.2

I like that the very first screenshot has misaligned textures. That should really tell you everything.

Everything that Crater Creator posted previously sums this up perfectly. One thing I need to add is that textures that have solid black backgrounds are meant for transparent sides, not walls.

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V Infra Apogee

$lave on Dec 29th 2014, Version 1.0

I don't think I can write a review that will do justice to my appreciation of the effort and care WB has put into this pack. While WB's previous packs have always shown a penchant for extreme detailing, these maps combine that intricacy with a new level creativity and grandness. The open spaces in this pack lend extremely well to net play.

I see a lot of as-of-yet untapped potential with the M2 and (especially) M1 texture sets, but this is far beyond an adequate proof of concept. Perhaps my only complaint is that in Captain Confidence, there were a few spots (narrow ledges or awkward details) where I felt as though the architecture could have been better tailored to the texture set chosen. Perhaps that was only a matter of personal taste, though.

gj dude

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Room for improvement Fart Or Die!

Crater Creator on Dec 28th 2014, Version 1.0

I played this the whole way through, and I would have to say beginning mapmakers should not study this as a good example.

  • -- You get stuck behind BoBs in narrow hallways all the time.
  • -- Monsters spawn on random polygons, including ones where they don't fit, instead of in thoughtfully crafted encounters.
  • -- Monster types are selected carelessly. Don't just throw in tiny BoBs because you think they're cool.
  • -- Height plays no role in gameplay.
  • -- Platform parameters are set poorly such that you have to wait for them.
  • ++ Mission parameters are functionally working, and are made clear in terminals.
  • ++ All green BoBs are assimilated, so at least I didn't have to get the BoBs mad at me.
  • -- Item placement is hit or miss. I get 2 shotguns but no shotgun ammo in the whole map. 4 invincibility powerups in a room is unnecessary.
  • -- Overuse of mission parameters. Not every level should require exploration.
  • -- Textures are misaligned, mismatched, or even missing.
  • -- The overall simplicity makes every level feel the same. How about a staircase? How about a high ceiling? How about a pillar to duck behind? How about a ledge? How about a window?
  • ++ Each level does have a story. There's a reason for your missions, and it's enough that I wanted to read what happened next.
  • -- Winning the game is impossible since the levels loop back on themselves. The player expects and deserves a resolution.

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Glad to see these were saved Fabrefaction

Windbreaker on Dec 25th 2014, Version 1.1

I always liked your map "Red Sauce on Pasta" and am glad that your other maps are seeing the light of day again. This is a strong set of maps, especially considering they were made eight or so years ago.

I particularly like "Battlemoose" and "The Foolish Biscuit"; both have a fast pace and plenty of ammo to keep the action going. "Battlemoose" takes a fairly straightforward, square design and makes it pretty unique through the use of tasteful architecture. If you ever decide to modify these, the only thing I'd say is to add more ammo to the last two maps. Other than that, great job eight years ago!

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The best multiplayer physics ever! Andy's Weapons 2000

stevenstealth on Dec 17th 2014, Version 1.0

coming from a completely unbiased point of view, these are probably the best physics ever made. great for hours of multiplayer entertainment at your next 90's style LAN party.

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Useful Copy/Paste Plugin for Weland

Crater Creator on Dec 16th 2014, Version 1.0

I didn't need this until recently, but it worked great. You could use this to work on a level in multiple sections. I use it to duplicate a level's geometry within the same level, for some experimental lua scripting.

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A nightmare. Lost Lands Episodes 1 - 3

MoppyPuppy on Dec 13th 2014, Version 1.11

I've often brainstormed a Marathon scenario where the Pfhor win and you as the player have to survive in a Pfhor dominated galaxy.

Scratch that idea, I could never top this. This scenario is a NIGHTMARE.

The textures, the imagery, the sounds, the story its all just a nightmare.

Its actually more bizarre than Pfhojeur, another nightmarish scenario. I wanted it to end so badly.

On a positive note, it is beatable. The scenario reminded me of those miscellaneous scenarios you would find on fileball that you couldn't beat because of convoluted map objectives. Not the case of this scenario, its beatable.

But that's it, playing this scenario is unpleasant.

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Solid Maps Minipax

Windbreaker on Dec 6th 2014, Version 5

As the title states, this is a solid pack of multiplayer maps that also sees a lot of action online. It's nice to see someone still producing new content for the community; especially of this quality. The layouts here are pretty complex (especially in newer maps), but you've done a great job I think in making them easy to navigate at the same time; I haven't noticed any big potential gameplay issues. Great job! Make more maps!

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Fantastic! Vasara

Mazaro on Dec 6th 2014, Version 1.0.1

This intuitive plugin is almost BETTER than Forge Visual Mode. I really appreciate that the player stops falling if they are in the middle of aligning a texture!

I'm using this to build a new TC and it is a pleasure, possibly the least buggy of the entire suite of tools.

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I dig Henselers Hell

Mazaro on Nov 15th 2014, Version 02

I really like the old school, 'tricks and traps' mischievious feel of this map, and how you put so much effort into a single level, there's so much detail! 5 stars for architecture.

Some of the texture alignment jobs are a little weird but overall the map has a great atmosphere and continually rewards careful searching for new areas and secrets. The carnage level is perfect.

As the other reviewer said, the terminal picts are missing. This is a familiar problem to me; evidently you moved the map file to a computer with another kind of file system in which the resource fork of the file was not recognized, and it was automatically deleted from the file.

I like the idea behind the final puzzle, but I couldn't solve it. I wandered the map for 45+ minutes looking for a switch to lower that window gate. This part wasn't as fun. So, I wasn't able to complete the map, but I got through what seems like 95% of it, and I'm glad I played it.

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Great level design, tiresome combat (seconded) Marathon Phoenix

Mazaro on Oct 30th 2014, Version 1.2.1

I grow weary of levels which the creators have made 'hard' just by souping up the enemy's abilities until they do absurd amounts of damage, and constantly ambushing the player with enemies teleporting in from random locations.

The architecture is absolutely gorgeous but I think this scenario is likely impossible on total carnage. This one I'd actually enjoy more on a difficult lower than normal, and I usually play on Major Damage.

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Wow! Blauwe Vingers - English

Mazaro on Oct 30th 2014, Version 1.2 English

I can't believe what is possible with the Marathon engine.

This plays like a good quality RPG and gives me a feeling I haven't had in years. Amazing artwork, storyline and new battle physics. Very interesting with so many melee weapons!

It could be longer but I understand the insane amount of detail required in the part that is here.

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Awesome! Lost Lands Episodes 1 - 3

SilentWobby on Oct 29th 2014, Version 1.06

I'm enjoying this so far. And I have to thank you for using M2 textures. I really like the level design and the nice mixture of textures. Some of the maps that I've played so far have some problems. Such as long narrow hallways that clogged up with BOB's. But all in all I'm thoroughly impressed and I'm having a lot of fun with it so far. Plus the story is interesting. I look forward to more of your work.


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One of the best conversions ever made Xmas 3: Starship

Mazaro on Oct 27th 2014, Version unburied.0

The creators of this understated it by calling it "Xmas 3", it's an amazingly complete, playable and fun conversion with incredible art, great level design and attention to detail. Everyone should download this.

Any chance of finding the first 2 in the series?

Or "Apotheosis" for that matter, it seems to have disappeared from the internet.

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:D Vasara

ntg255 on Oct 25th 2014, Version 1.0.1

Paintball has never been easier

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Perfect. Marathon Phoenix

Tycho X on Oct 19th 2014, Version 1.2.1

I'm pretty late on this review, and since pretty much everything's been said, I'm just here to rate it 5 stars. This definetly inspired me to start working on my own Scenario/Total Conversion.

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Excellent! Vasara

Tycho X on Oct 19th 2014, Version 1.0.1

10 times better than Visual Mode in my opinion. A must have for mapmakers. Thank you for this.

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Fun. XBLA Survival

Tycho X on Oct 19th 2014, Version 2.0

It's fun, but has a few minor issues; Monsters, especially juggernauts, keep spawning at really wierd places where they get stuck (on the map 'Road Warrior', one jug. keeps spawning in a wall). This probably is due to 'spawn at random location', however, maybe it'd be possible to create some sort of a 'minimum poly size for spawn'. Finally, the units that spawn get very repetitive since you can't get further than wave 10. 4/5

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Swell Hi-Res Floating HUD for Rubicon-X

Nobility on Sep 10th 2014, Version 1.1

Thanks for cleaning this up for me. Worthy replacement.

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Extreme Halo - Combat Evolved

thedoctor45 on Sep 3rd 2014, Version 0.6b

one minute of playing with this script feels like 20 hours of playing Halo nonstop - amazing. This surely renders the release of Halathon obsolete.

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Compatibility Vasara

Overwatch_C-17 on Aug 19th 2014, Version 1.0.1

I really like this plugin, but there's one prob. It's not compatible with Marathon 2. The plugin run smoothly only on Marathon Infinity.

That's why I just give 4 stars.

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OMG Halo - Combat Evolved

ForeverBlackened on Aug 9th 2014, Version 0.6b



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Incomplete review Gravity's Rainbow

irons on Aug 1st 2014, Version 1.21

I've only played on Necrophilia, on a whim, selecting the map randomly, and enjoyed every second.

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This is your fault. Vasara

RyokoTK on Jul 13th 2014, Version 1.0

I thought I 4got.

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Having a KILL ME EP

W'rkncacnter on Jul 9th 2014, Version 1.0


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Brilliant Vasara

General Tacticus on Jul 7th 2014, Version 1.0

Excellent work, far more intuitive than VML, the mouse control is nice, and is a lot easier than holding down various keys in various obscure combinations.

The visuals are smooth and functional, and learning where everything is was a breeze

There is one bug that I have found though. When switching texture mode from "normal" to "fast vertical slide" the hud disappeared, though nothing else was affected (considering this is the first release I guess bugs are to be expected)

All in all, five stars

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Cool Graphics? Henselers Hell

Ricardo on Jun 9th 2014, Version 02

Thanks, RealRainman.

Plenty of tricks and surprises but - at least on my Intel Imac - the terminal pictures seem to be absent, so gameplay and plot are rather hit-and-miss.

Any chance of seeing a version 02 with the PICTs included?

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Absolutely fantastic! Marathon Aeon

Jello on May 21st 2014, Version 1.10

I wasn't expecting this to be at all great, but I was blown away since it was just a Beta and solo-created. I love the dream levels and the way the plot twists and turns. I few levels were confusing, but I was really impressed. Great job!

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Great mod! Issue with latest rev though Weapons In Hand - Muzzle Flash and Motion Blur

narcogen on Apr 17th 2014, Version 1.5

Love the mod, been using it for our let's play series.

One thing, though, the latest version, rev 1.5, seems to break the updated Freeverse weapon models for the pistol and the SMG. With this mod in place, only those models go back to the originals. When I revert to 1.3, I get the updated models.

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Yes, Kill Them Allllllllllll.... Kill Them All III: The Complete Masterworks

muondude on Apr 6th 2014, Version 1.10

Totally addicting! Very challenging - someday I hope to get past "Easy"!