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Great chaotic style Marathon Aeon

GeorgeJohn on Feb 1st 2013, Version 1.10

I am a huge fan of the chaotic nature of the battles and architecture of the first part of the game. It seems unscripted, and I like the cramped style of combat. It prevents the ridiculous "Run in circles around the enemies and let them kill each other" technique, which is common in large battles.

I ended up taking the timeline where you get infected, and I was having a good time with those levels, though they are somewhat less fun than the ones where you cooperate with humans. I got stuck on the lava level Jjaro Jjaro Revolution. I ran through it about 30 times, getting farther each time, but I lost hope after a while. It's just way to hard, and minutes of focused killing can be obliterated because you just got knocked off into the lava. I'm okay with long stretches without a save terminal, but that was too long.

So to summarize, the first few levels were amazingly refreshing, and reminded me how I used to feel playing the original games oh so many years ago. It loses that charm towards the middle of the game, though continues to be very good.

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Why SL Maps

W'rkncacnter on Feb 1st 2013, Version 1.1.1

I don't see anything in the description that says why you did this. Why don't you make something original?

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Loads of fun Marathon Phoenix

fiddler_on_a_roof on Jan 31st 2013, Version 1.2.1

Too late to be reviewing this thing, but I did want to say that this is the most kickass scenario out there. The maps are beautiful and immensely complicated, but at the same time, I found it easy to move from place to place and complete the objectives.

The combat really shines here. There are hordes of powerful enemies, but the arsenal is far more powerful (and more satisfying) than the standard Infinity weapons. There is always enough ammo, and usually enough maneuvering room, health, and saves to slaughter the hordes without being too frustrated. I've been more frustrated with other scenarios with far fewer and less powerful enemies.

Also, a great scenario to increase your skills in solo play. I first played it through several months ago on Normal. I'm now in the middle of a playthrough in TC, and it's even more fun than before.

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Great level design, tiresome combat Marathon Phoenix

GeorgeJohn on Jan 26th 2013, Version 1.2.1

This scenario has amazingly designed levels. They are the main reason I stuck it through to the end. There is some beautiful architecture in this map set, the lava level (forgot the title) comes to mind. The combat is very hard, and you basically have to save after every encounter. One problem is the massive over use of red defenders. They are not quite as much fun to fight as their ubiquity would suggest. The weapons are generally impotent, which you get used to after a bit. The energy katar invincibility totally changes the gameplay once it comes out. It's a nice addition and makes the following levels more manageable, though makes the final boss battle somewhat trivial. Finally, the terminal texts are boring. I stopped reading them after about the 2nd level.

The skulls were a fun touch. I managed to get 31 at the end.

All in all a great scenario, very solid. Could use a rewriting of the terminals, and perhaps a reduction of the amount of red defenders.

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Great fun. Marathon Phoenix

Fire Angel on Jan 18th 2013, Version 1.2.1

Excellent, very challenging but kept my attention the whole way through. I dislike the author's habit of putting in many doors that never open, but that can be forgiven in the light of the all round excellence of this scenario. I've played it through several times and kept going back to it because some of the levels are such fun to play. The Face of Modern Gaming is almost an epic on its own and Roquefortress is another favorite.

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EFFORT skraeling's 7 polygon maps

RyokoTK on Jan 2nd 2013, Version 1.0

I'll further render S7's review system utterly meaningless by rating this a "5" just for putting lazy shitposters in their place.

Also, there were actually a couple very cool (if impractical in multiplayer) ideas executed here.

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Worth 5 Now! Unlost Found

Sharkie Lino on Jan 1st 2013, Version v1.4

Great work, brillster! Did a solo run through the two new maps and looks like it will be fun, great work on the sounds too!

The hill adjustment on The Pharos was the best thing you did. That level is very fun now with KOTH.

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Whatever Caustic Dystopia

RyokoTK on Dec 31st 2012, Version 1.4

Congratulations in advance on 1,000 downloads. (It's at 933 at the time of this review, but I'm sure it's due to happen soon.)

Make some single player maps. Then it won't feel like your detailing skills are being wasted when most people won't notice them in a EMFH game.

Oh yeah, the maps. Your two new entries are fantastic. And they aren't arena maps, so I'd give you a 6 if possible for actually taking the more difficult route.

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Oh my god someone made a map Unlost Found

RyokoTK on Dec 31st 2012, Version v1.4

I've actually played several games on several of these maps, and never made any serious comments.

They're really good! I can see a lot of growth as I go down the list; A Warm Feeling and Hide and Seek are two really visually/geometrically mature maps that use a lot of good texture choices to make it work.

The maps all seem mechanically sound, too; nothing stands out as really bad, except for maybe the map Weight of the World, which I am pretty sure was the first map, and it shows. It's to the point that you might want to make a new pack, because you're going to start veering away from the styles of your original efforts.

Differential shading still needs work, and on the whole the pack is too reliant on arena-style maps, but it's still a very good effort on the whole.

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I love the dream parts Marathon Aeon

SomeAverageGuy on Dec 22nd 2012, Version 1.10

My favorite levels, honestly were Vae Victis and Words Which I Command. Because the thing about the guy dreaming, it's excellency. Epic scenario.

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Helps one to suck less Retreat Syndrome

fiddler_on_a_roof on Dec 17th 2012, Version 1.0

This is as much a review of Survival.lua (I presume this is what you're supposed to use with this map) as it is this map.

It's reasonable fun even if you play this solo on TC. Because of the huge amounts of regenerating ammo, it encourages one to experiment with different weapons and techniques. I've used it to try to get better at using the SMG and shotguns, with some amounts of success. But I still suck to some degree.

Only thing I would recommend is more SMG ammo.

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Insanely good Retreat Syndrome

PerseusSpartacus on Dec 17th 2012, Version 1.0

First encountered this map in my short time on networked play, and had excellent fun working with the other players to keep back the hordes of Enforcers, Fighters, and especially those annoying Compilers (good thing for invisibility, eh?) Got shot in the back a few times, but hey, what's a rocket in the rear among friends? ;)

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Help! Marathon Phoenix

k10theraptor on Dec 13th 2012, Version 1.2.1

I really want to play this game. It looks hella cool... But every time I teleport from the first level, the game crashes and quits! Why!? I'm sure the game deserves 5 starts but I can't play it!

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Great cheats advanced v2

RyokoTK on Dec 2nd 2012, Version 2.7E

I like the addition of the health and oxygen overlay at the top of the screen. Reading the bottom of the screen is too much work.

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Impressive Kindred Spirits

goran svensson on Nov 4th 2012, Version

Good overall quality. Last level is my favorite. I think Alex nailed the aesthetics on that one. It is a pity you do not get to see it in the screenshots :)

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fun Kindred Spirits

Lh'owon on Oct 16th 2012, Version


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overcooked steak Kindred Spirits

patrick on Oct 13th 2012, Version

ryokotk as ventriloquist throwing his voice into the mouth of a durandal dummy

ryokotk as xipe totec wearing the flayed skin of our computer friend, contorting its digital lips to form strange syllables

ryokotk as master of encounter design, toning it down from the attritional excess of phoenix

ryokotk as maker of a set of maps both fun to explore and questionably named

kindred spirits: plugging up the hole in our collective heart when all my children was cancelled

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Very Enjoyable Kindred Spirits

Provost on Oct 13th 2012, Version

Six skulls - Ryoko's getting more devious with his hiding places.

Kindred Spirits provides substantial combats, including what may be a bolstered version of the cyborg. The drones are back too. The levels show off with intricate architecture that bolsters the gameplay. 'Dr. Tycho's Castle' comes off particularly strongly.

Kindred Spirits uses the dull Infinity textures but that's mostly a matter of opinion. Durandal hits us with a side of his personality we haven't seen before, specifically the "I'm thrilled to see you but I would never admit it." At any rate, he doesn't sound quite the way he does in other scenarios.

Another great pack!

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Is this a joke? Halo - Combat Evolved

Legend on Oct 11th 2012, Version 0.6b

I've tried it on all Marathons and it does not work. The screen flashes and glitches on Infinity and M1 but on Durandal it crashes it. ???????

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My head was non-existent after discovering this. Marathon Classic HUD

TheMoonChef on Oct 10th 2012, Version 1.0

There is not an option on this site to rate this plugin with the number I desire, so I'll just have to say it here. I rate this plugin: 692 out of 5.

I've been waiting for this for a very long time and it's finally here! You deserve a lifetime supply of delicious pfhoods my friend.

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Funny Killed By Them All

irons on Oct 5th 2012, Version

I won't hide the truth and pretend this was meant to be serious. We all know what W'rkncacnter does. How can we not? These short levels show more humor and cleverness than certain others give him credit for.

Destiny's negative comments about himself notwithstanding, there are some genuinely interesting moments here, especially in the first real level, "ᑥ." The puzzling jump sequence provided me with more entertainment than I've had in a long time.

Puzzles such as this level's final room, or challenges such as the last room in "Thank You For Registering," are unsolvable. That is their attraction. This is worth the short time it will take for you to "get it."


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Dumb AND awful! Killed By Them All

Destiny on Oct 1st 2012, Version

Title says it all.

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thank you jason Killed By Them All

patrick on Sep 30th 2012, Version

further entries probably redundant

subsequent reviews predictably philistinian

previous statements pedagogically undercut

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Excellent Detail M2 XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin for AlephOne 1.0

Provost on Sep 24th 2012, Version 1.1.1

The most important thing to know about this pack is that it does not support color tables. After removing the scripts and graphics for walls and weapons, I was able to rework this pack for Marathon Phoenix. The Vacuum Bobs looked a bit out of place with the old graphics and this plugin does not have the colors for the Renegades but a little recoloring with Word can easily cook up new variations. Someone with a rudimentary understanding of mml (meaning someone else) could easily come up with scripting to allow for such a feat.

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Splendid Marathon Phoenix

Provost on Sep 24th 2012, Version 1.2.1

Marathon Phoenix deserves highest praise. The map making, more than anything else, really stands out. The opponents utilize the innovative architecture to attack in ways that Marathon does not usually support. They frequently sally forth from a small side door or slip through a high window. Enemy ranged troops like to lurk on the ledges. The weapons are not terribly exciting but they'll bring the foe down.

The story has improved substantially from earlier versions. That being said, it still suffers from some significant gaps. A human/renegade alliance after the Count of Tuscany level would make perfect sense and it would make great gameplay to spearhead an assault of biosynthetic troops. Naturally, this agreement might fall apart after a few levels. Alternatively, we might ally with the Renegades on Red Eye Express. Also, the terminals speak often of the inexhaustible numbers of the Pfhor legions - as if even thinking of defeating them were nothing more than wishful folly. M2, of course, suggests that the rebellion of the S'pht would tear the heart out of the alien empire.

The Renegades would not have had any reason to give up the interior of the Atreides. (Tantive IV) The human presence on Intervals is unbelievably tragic. They would know better.

Phoenix does not use the ticks, yetis or drones. The first two would align perfectly with the background and fit into empty levels like False Dichotomy and Swan Song. The absence of the drones is a little sad.

Still these are aesthetic considerations, not pertaining to gameplay. (Just let us fight with the Renegades for a few levels before we know who they really are.) Overall, Marathon Phoenix is the best scenario that has come out for years.

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Short, Sweet, Elegant... Marathon Aeon

PerseusSpartacus on Sep 11th 2012, Version 1.10

...and hard. The white-bloods are pretty tough to fight, even on Kindergarten. Still, that difficulty makes some of the levels really good. 'The Rise and Fall of Dugit' is awesome, as is 'The Asphodel Meadows'. However, I would note that Aeon has some major and some minor flaws. For instance, the first Green Trooper on Lapsis Linguae is insanely aggressive, to the point where I was listening to bullets clinging around my head while saying to myself 'What is going on here?' Still, at least he isn't too hard to kill. You just need to get your grenade to land at his feet. Furthermore, vacuum levels (aka 'Words Which I Command' are never fun. G4 Sunbathing was the rare exception, and Acme Station was just plain rough. In sum, don't do vacuum levels unless you know how to really make them fun. To top things off, you really need a pattern buffer at the start of 'Blaze'. Even so, Aeon is very fun to play. This scenario should easily get 5 stars once some of the issues are tweaked.

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Decent The War Fraternal

NobilityV3 on Sep 6th 2012, Version 1.0

Nothing great, nothing bad. Decent maps.

Also, can you upload the rest of the ORIGINAL Rubicon netmaps that aren't in Rubicon X? I can't find them anywhere.

Thanks in advance.

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Somewhere in between Chains of Dreams

Crater Creator on Sep 2nd 2012, Version 1.0

I'd rate this as an intermediate level map - it's not full of beginner mistakes but it's not up there with the top maps, either. I think there was an overemphasis on monsters, though I will say the difficulty ramped up smoothly playing on normal. The battles would've been more interesting with a fusion pistol, to take advantage of many monster's weaknesses and to get more chain reactions going. You should also make sure there aren't whole groups of monsters that congregate together without attacking. The final battle was well constructed in a couple ways. First, the geometry was complex enough to allow the A.I. to chase the player in different ways, and secondly there was a good sense of anticipation after hitting the switch, waiting for the climax to arrive. Ironically, it was advantageous to leave the green fighters alive to absorb projectiles from later waves. I would've liked to see some small-scale nonlinearity, more glimpses of spaces the player will visit later, and some cases where the player gets the high ground. Lighting was odd in some places, particularly in the interior Jjaro-themed room. There's no effort put into story or exploration, but I say that's a good thing. It means you had the discipline to stay within a limited scope.