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excellent Gorans Pfhor Set

treellama on Aug 3rd 2011, Version 1.0

Great attention to detail and authenticity

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thank you The President's Edited Eternal Shapes

Unclenate on Aug 3rd 2011, Version 3.0

my OCD impulses can finally rest now that the 3rd person view is accurate with the 1st...

i cant believe they changed the enforcers' 3rd person appearance, but just ignore the marine's...

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Not much point M1A1: Night on the Town... (Solo)

DaPissa on Aug 2nd 2011, Version 1.2

Initially, the atmosphere of the map is striking, but there is nothing really impressive about the combat or the scenery. I speak as someone who can't make very good maps either (yet). It's an interesting little relic for those who are so desperate to satisfy their M1 fetish (which apparently includes me), but I didn't get much from playing it. For better M1 scenarios available for M1A1, I recommend USS Raider and Athens Outpost. Hell, even the Two Dreary Maps challenge is kind of fun.

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Wonderful! FloatingX

Sharkie Lino on Aug 1st 2011, Version 1.4 [FINAL OFFICIAL RELEASE]

Working great on the betas with no error messages, Nice Work!

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Well :/.... FloatingX

Nibenon on Jul 31st 2011, Version 1.4 [FINAL OFFICIAL RELEASE]


Nuff said.

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beyond red spectrum Paradise Lost

Unclenate on Jul 30th 2011, Version XV

i like these maps mch better than red spectrum. although red spectrum is very well a worthy map pack, this pack is face melting.i cant really comment too much because of my melting face.

red spectrum had some weapon placement and quantity issues, whereas this pack does not, the weapons are where they should be, and in their correct amounts.

the architecture and dynamics in these maps are far beyond red spectrum itself, and far far FAR beyond the complexity from the average map.

my favorite of your maps are, Dance of Pales, and Official tallmap, though all the rest are just as good...

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Hot stuff Red Spectrum

Unclenate on Jul 30th 2011, Version 2.02

the map desings, architechture, and overall dynamic is nearly perfect. sometimes a tad too detailed but not a significant issue.

my main issue in quite a few of these maps is the lack of weapons here and there, i hate having to risk my life searching for them, so just raise the amount of weapons just a tad higher.

overall,this is indeed an action packed fun filled map pack that should go down in history...

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Nice M1A1 Fixes

Schwa on Jul 21st 2011, Version 1.0

Very Nice

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Very Cool! Marathon QT2 Tracks for M1A1

Ares Ex Machina on Jul 18th 2011, Version 1.0

This is probably the first time most of us have heard these tracks as they were intended.

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I'm All For This M1A1 Fixes

Ares Ex Machina on Jul 18th 2011, Version 1.0

Restoring Marathon, one pixel at a time.

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great job, M1A1 Fixes

Unclenate on Jul 18th 2011, Version 1.0

...but truely, the thing i miss the most from the original m1 is the old platform sound.

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stylish Deeze Maps

Unclenate on Jul 16th 2011, Version 1.1

pretty excellent maps indeed. i think your only problems are: first map: this map as you know is pretty cramped, and although your quite the architect, its very detailed to the point where its disorienting. plus, some flow issues in this map. Second map: your second map is overall great, the only small issues with it are that your texturing is a little weird in some places, though im not the best at texturing myself, so this is a small complaint.

but hey, no maps is flawless. so other than that your maps are good, both in look and gameplay.

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Stuck on the Steps Dead City

Dis on Jul 16th 2011, Version 5.0

If you can point out a potentially game ruining bug you can fix it.

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What's the point anymore? Kool Physics

Dis on Jul 16th 2011, Version 1.0

Timothy, you know me too well.

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sadly... Shapes for the "Kool Physics" !!

Unclenate on Jul 15th 2011, Version 1.0

...people these days dont like using custom physics, they perfer simply going with the standard physics becuase they're used to it.

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Lemon JUICE is good JUICE

Dan the Man on Jul 12th 2011, Version 1.1.1

Its very good, especially seeing that I have *no* access to a macintosh. Great app for download and usage, especially since its x-platform. (you already said that)