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it's good to have you back Starlight

Unclenate on Aug 27th 2011, Version 1.0

the power drive maps were good maps but the embedded physics made me lag, so thanks for fixing them. and good work on your other maps. my favorite of the bunch was 'Miracle mile'.

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?? Halo - Combat Evolved

security officer on Aug 27th 2011, Version 0.6b

This looks very cool but how do i make it work?>?

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Better Attempt

Dugit on Aug 23rd 2011, Version 1

The architecture, textures, and weapons placement is now far more pleasing. Differential shading is still lacking but it's definitely there. Detailing is impressive (if somewhat isolated, and in many cases, only on the ceiling). This is all good to see, and I hope you continue on this tangent.

However, the detail is precisely where this map loses a 3-star rating. You say the flow is 'good', but actually, it will flow like treacle, despite the fact that it's not for conventional reasons. Go into the corners of the map, and press the '?' key. An FPS counter will appear. Whenever it begins to fall below 30fps, consider that when a group of people are playing on it, the lag will be multiplied exponentially and the map will- unfortunately- be totally unplayable. The Aleph One engine can only handle so many lines crossing the player's view, and when internet lag is taken into the equation, the map loses credibility.

It's good to see zealous detail, but overzealous detail, in effect, is just as bad as an empty map.

I'd be interested to see what you could come up with for solo mapping, since over-detailing is much less of a problem there (but still keep an eye on the FPS counter).

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Impressive Marathon Aeon

K'taur on Aug 22nd 2011, Version pß 1.7

Very nicely done. Gameplay is excellent. Though this was said before, i really enjoy the chaotic crossfire between allies and enemies, and being ambushed in tight spaces. Ammo is plentiful, but not too plentiful.

Architecturally, also very well done. The wide vistas, in particular, are a nice touch. A lot of mappers aren't very good about giving the player a good sense of the immensity of a particular space station or facility. Eternal Lucid Dream, with the lookout stations jutting out from the cliff face, did this particularly well. The stone areas, and the water pools/streams especially, look awesome. You've done some great things insofar as taking advantage of Aleph One's lack of geometry and viewing distance limitations.

Two minor things annoyed me a bit:

(1) Too many inoperable doors. Several times i found myself wandering around maps in circles long after i had already killed everything, searching for which door a particular switch opened, and being frustrated by the number of doors that were permanently inoperable.

(2) Too many texture sets. i believe this was mentioned earlier, in an earlier release, but while i see what you're trying to do with the variation in stone textures, at times it looks gaudy, particularly where you've added textures from the Pfhor set to the mix. It's difficult to appropriate this set in other environments, and i've very rarely seen it done successfully.

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Holy shit I thought this was just Wrk screwing around for a minute Level 1 I crap on you

Dis on Aug 20th 2011, Version 1.1

What's up guys?

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advice, Level 1 I crap on you

Unclenate on Aug 20th 2011, Version 1.1

your maps have too much uneeded space, which getting rid of some of it will make it easier to have enough ammo and such. as for the architecture: its still pretty simple but your efforts in good flow in this map are, to some degree, significant.

also ,continue to take dugit's advice and other's advice realistically. even people who have strait on ridiculed my mapping have helped quite a bit...

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neat Pfhor Textures Remix

Unclenate on Aug 20th 2011, Version 2.0

it sure looks better than the dull, dark, gloomy, and depressing infinty pfhor textures...

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I've had enough of this shit. Level 1 I crap on you

Dugit on Aug 19th 2011, Version 1.0

Treellama has graciously pointed out to me (I am indeed last person in existence who reviews your damn maps with a degree of professionalism- bar Etan- and frankly I'm not surprised) that you are indeed AN1Guitarman. Dugit's brain is easily confused. Please avoid changing your name in the future, and if you do decide to, at least spell 'crap' with two letter 'p's, not three. Douchebag.

Anyway. To the map. To be honest, if you're not going to actually take in viable advice on how to make maps even mediocre and playable, never mind Marius-worthy, why should I be bothered to supply it anymore? There has been no visible application of any previous advice. The architecture and texturing is just so uninspired. The flow is average, bordering poor. The ambiance is choppy. Make smooth transitions between each ambient sound zone. The weapon placement (again) is all in bunches. For fuck sake, stop doing that. And that stupid pit with the recharge canisters.

The name. Just so uninspired.

If you want some idea of how to make a good map, by all means, play packs like Paradise Lost and Sovereignty and try to emulate their successes with your own style, then perhaps you can work to something unique.

Please, if you are going to continue making netmaps, at least have the courtesy to try to implement the advice you've been given. Advice tends to help better the person it's directed towards. If you happen to release one more AN1-brand shit map, I will not review it. I just don't care anymore.

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New-Old-School SL Maps

Dugit on Aug 18th 2011, Version 1.0

Not only are the maps playable and excellently laid out, the flow is without flaw and the lighting, if I'm not mistaken, has been redone to proper aesthetic standard, which is a neat touch.

Toolator, by far, is the funnest map of the two.

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More please! (that sounds so gay!) SL Maps

cxmb on Aug 18th 2011, Version 1.0

Yus! Finally you decided to share! :D

I do not only love the playability and flow of this maps, but the brand new design on the architecture (and without destroying the essence of the original design!)

Old maps gone right is always WIN, i hope we se way more of your work soon man!

PS. For future references, Toolator is as FUN AS HELL when a lot of people is in it to be obliterated... and stuff!

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Found it! Coca-Cola Factory

AN1Guitarman on Aug 16th 2011, Version .0000000000000000001

The secret is the Dick growing out of your forehead.

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YEAH!! Seanyx's Big a** physics pack

AN1Guitarman on Aug 16th 2011, Version 1.00

Freeking amazing! I love all of them!

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wtf Coca-Cola Factory

gmanyo on Aug 15th 2011, Version .0000000000000000001

i wanted the coke but it killed me wtf is this not even a map okay flow

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Cool! Marathon 2 XBLA texture enhancement scripts

dosboss on Aug 14th 2011, Version 1.0

This works really well, just wondering though, if it's possible to re-package it somehow to load separate parts as scripts? like a weapon script, enemy, wall textures? cheers

So far I've managed to make it a plugin, but due to using a custom shapes file it's an "all or nothing" deal, any suggestions? (and of course even this way I have to change the shapes file for it to work, which I'm trying to get around)

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Very nice Marathon Aeon

infwaffle on Aug 13th 2011, Version pß 1.62

This almost seems like a complete senario. The level design is nice and makes it worth while to look around and not move on for a bit. I though they were very creative and non-straight forward, i like that. One thing though is that the alien weapon in hand is not blue. Overall this is very good and i would recomend it. I think the full version will turn out great.

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RubiconX FloatingX

joatoch on Aug 12th 2011, Version 1.4 [FINAL OFFICIAL RELEASE]

Please make a release for RubiconX!

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Decent Square Off!

brilliant on Aug 12th 2011, Version 0.5

This map is pretty good for not having mapped very much. Don't take what Dugit said about the map being "very small" as bad, it is nice to see small maps, and they are fun to play on, especially for duals or a few players. Just look at small maps such as Hocus Pocus in the Red Spectrum map pack and Kleen Sweep in the Revel map pack. I do agree that the headbanging caused by the central area is a bit irritating, and it would be recommended to make the main area either a bit bigger or to raise the ceiling of the central area. As for the liquids, i dislike seeing the water level at the same level as the ground around it, so consider putting the tide a bit lower. In my opinion, the delay of the platforms were too slow, and a player who wants to get on it will be stuck waiting and could be vulnerable. I completely disagree with Dugit that the items are "good." In net maps, items (guns, ammo, etc.) need to respawn. Please read this topic here for information about item respawning: . Pretty decent job, I definitely want to see more maps from you!

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Cute Square Off!

Dugit on Aug 10th 2011, Version 0.5

Although the map was very small, and weapons were a little hard to come by, the map, in my view, was actually very nicely done. There was some good differential shading here and there, and the ammunition supply was amiable.

There were one or two untextured (0-light-type water rock texture where it's supposed to be yellow Jjaro texture) surfaces, and the central structure was an irritating headbanger.

That said, the map didn't have any serious problems or any obvious lack of effort. I never give a map that shows effort less than a 3, so here we are. Note: '[XS]' is a slight understatement.

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excellent FloatingX

ufahdj on Aug 8th 2011, Version 1.4 [FINAL OFFICIAL RELEASE]

I was wondering if there is a way to see everyones scores, not just two scores. In all it was great I give it 2 thumbs up!

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Normally Woul\d Be Four Stars Coca-Cola Factory

irons on Aug 7th 2011, Version .0000000000000000001

Surprisingly playable, but only use fusion guns.