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QQ all friend phisic model

RyokoTK on Apr 21st 2012, Version 1.0

This isn't a message board. Also the physics file sucks and is stupid and you are stupid too, Teemuk.

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someone tell switch to add a "like" feature to this site Minipax

Unclenate on Apr 21st 2012, Version Four

excelling maps indeed. though i did notice something about many of these maps... they're layout style seems fairly different from your CC maps. more flat and spread out...

anyway... glad to see there all still new maps to be brought in to this community...

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Unclenate Rules skull in signle player!

Teemuk on Apr 15th 2012, Version 1.0

I laughed my ass off at Unclenate's review. Wow. In tears, here.

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Exceptional Gorans Lava Set

Teemuk on Apr 15th 2012, Version 2.05

Great work from a Marathon legend. Integrates very well.

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Hopper Flubbed all friend phisic model

Teemuk on Apr 15th 2012, Version 1.0

Hopper, you seem like a decent guy, and I really like some of the stuff you've done. I use Platinum all the time, for example. What, then, is up with your review of this PM? Okay, the guy's "reason" for posting this PM is, shall we say, specious. I'll agree. But I actually love this PM, because it allows a clean, simple method for walk-throughs on the (admittedly few) maps that have no PM embedded, or on maps I'm messing around with/tweaking myself. I find it extremely useful as a "tool" or "utility". I will say, though, that it is indeed completely useless in normal gameplay, unless you like chasing down peaceful villagers. ;)

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better The Grab Bag

Unclenate on Apr 9th 2012, Version 3.0

emfh maps still need help with weapon layout and lifts need speed to balance out the map...

palace of eru is better now...

i love the added survival castle-like maps, they are definitely your stronghold

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wow... skull in signle player!

Unclenate on Apr 5th 2012, Version 1.0

all aliens are friends AND everyone gets their own SKULL!

the marathon world is a better place because of you...

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Wow Electric Sheep Tetris

brilliant on Apr 3rd 2012, Version 1.0

This is genius and really cool! I am amazed at what scripting can do. Great work!

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please Electric Sheep Tetris

thermoplyae on Apr 2nd 2012, Version 1.0

suggested next project: a potato anus terminal emulator

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FYAD Electric Sheep Tetris

RyokoTK on Apr 2nd 2012, Version 1.0

no official tag? how will I find this again when I search for it? treellama is fat.

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a masterpiece Electric Sheep Tetris

Hopper on Apr 2nd 2012, Version 1.0

This is what Lua was invented for!

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Neat stuff Treelama Electric Sheep Tetris

listener on Apr 1st 2012, Version 1.0

First Joust, now this?

Next we'll be able to play solitaire on alephone.

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You're off by a day. Blondine

RyokoTK on Apr 1st 2012, Version 1.0

Shitty maps are supposed to be posted on 4/1.

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Poor Hamish all friend phisic model

Hopper on Mar 28th 2012, Version 1.0

Nothing but porridge morning, noon, and night, and then he gets trolled by bastards who can't stand MBO actually posting anything new.

Also, custom physics models don't work in Infinity so minus a million stars.

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Dis is not good.. cheats advanced v2

Zaero on Mar 26th 2012, Version 2.6H

Let me quote some reviews from "Dis", written on the same occasion: You are an unabashed plagiarist. Treellama, at least, is a very active member of the community. If anything, you're just lazy. I wasn't even going to try this anyway, because I'm sure it sucks. I didn't even try the script, because, I'm sure it's horrible. I would have never realized what a useless, ungrateful bastard I was for not groveling at your feet after you released a script where you just copied and pasted bits from other people's scripts and added some sparse coding of your own. Furthermore, I didn't realize the sheer amount of time and effort that endeavour had cost you. You, sir, have truly opened my eyes.

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Pretty good Model Debugger Plugin

Overlord on Mar 25th 2012, Version 1.0.1

Although I do agree, 3D Models don't do so well I Marathon ._.

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Update is nice Heretical Cyborg

Overlord on Mar 24th 2012, Version 1.2

You improved on the textures and all the problems Heretical-Cyborg had initially. I still think it's a little cramped for playing Marathon though...

My recommendation for copying a Doom-Engine map would be to copy E1M1 from the original doom. Would be a great for Marathon. (Could you copy the first seven Doom maps and put them in mini-scenario, please?)

I also have a problem wih RyokoTK's remark about "how boring Heretic is". Lies!

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It's Okay Fort Roque

Sharkie Lino on Mar 21st 2012, Version 1.0

Maybe a 2.5

The round we played on it wasnt all that bad, but some of the problems I felt were that, as mentioned before, it did have that cramped feeling to it and ammo was rather scarce. I really don't think it is a good idea to have a 2X recharger right on the hill, but I already gave my explanation for that.

A maximum of 4 players may do okay, but more than that, I don't think will work very well.

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Great puzzle-less fun Kill Them All!

Overlord on Mar 21st 2012, Version 1.02

I'm sick and tired of all these puzzles! Kill Them All finally removes the brain factor in replacement if pure action. Good job!

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Good but unorganized Fort Roque

Overlord on Mar 20th 2012, Version 1.0

Fort Roque is a fine map with it's urban design (inspired by MW2's Skidrow?) I still think it's cramped and with Marathon's high octane multiplayer matches, Fort Roque is hard to reccomend. For 2-4 players, this map is a good reccomendation for some fast multiplayer net matches. Good job.

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Would be great if there were HD Marathon 1 weps XBLA Weapons Plugin

Overlord on Mar 18th 2012, Version 20120128

These weapons look just as good as they did on XBLA! Fantastic

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Needs to be ported to Windows, please! Pfhorge

Overlord on Mar 17th 2012, Version 0.95

I own both a Mac and a Windows computer. What I really dislike about Pfhorge is that it is basically not usable by Windows.

When I used Pfhorge (on iMac) I really thought the experience was lackluster in comparison to what Weland can do. Yes, Pfhorge has a visual editor, but it suffers from having frequent errors. At this rate with the current product, Pfhorge is nowhere near a proper replacement for Forge.

I've simply got 3 requests for Pfhorge:

  1. Make it compatible with Windows, please!

  2. Fix the bugs.

  3. Add selfmade tutorials for those who do not know how to use Forge.

Until my requests are made, it looks like I'll be using Weland for a long, long time...

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May help shape the future of Marathon 3D Items Plugin

Overlord on Mar 17th 2012, Version 1.3

The 3D models are nice but very simple. The plugin works and isn't too buggy but overall I just think that they seem out of place when everything else is just a bunch sprites. Hopefully this might help bring bring together a mod that shapes Marathon into a 3D format.

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SphtStorm Marathon Phoenix

MoppyPuppy on Mar 12th 2012, Version 1.2.0

The new Marathon Phoenix is the best Marathon Scenario I have ever played.

One can only gripe that some level secrets can only be found via the PDF walk-through, or TABTABTABTABTABing every wall.

That is to say some secrets are not indicated by anything out of place.

S'PHTSTORM is the only bad level for its terrible game play. All enemies teleport in, the level would otherwise be uninhabited, so anytime you enter a new room, you get ambushed and DIE instantly.


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Based off an underrated FPS game Heretical Cyborg

Overlord on Mar 11th 2012, Version 1.2

Heretic is fun, and I personally think it's a great game. Unfortunetly, I wish I could say the same thing for this map (I WISH.) It just doesn't go well with Marathon, and although I liked the bay area, the indoor chambers were cramped, too much for my liking. Either way I find it hard to reccomend this.

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Agreed Gorans Lava Set

W'rkncacnter on Mar 10th 2012, Version 2.05

Why a "5" star rating?

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Come on dude Heretical Cyborg

RyokoTK on Mar 10th 2012, Version 1.2

Still no differential shading. You added the posts in the docks, but you can't actually see them because all of the surfaces are lit in the same way and it just blends together.

Seriously, read up on this stuff.

But literally, go download COLORSPEACK on this site and you can see that those maps are more attractive and easily navigable than this one and they use a single color. Differential shading makes an enormous difference. More distinct lighting in general helps, rather than having dark room after dark room.

Also, you missed a texture on one of the post sides. Whatever. And your ceiling lights need to be checked as "From Ceiling" or they'll be stuck on the floor. Playing through your levels after you make changes like this will help you catch the easy mistakes.

Make another map. E1M1 will never not be boring.

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FINALLY! A solo map! Heretical Cyborg

Destiny on Mar 8th 2012, Version 1.2

It's about time someone uploaded a new solo map!

Although it was taken from something else, and it has some of the flaws that TK mentioned in his review, it was nice to play something different for once.

Three stars!

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ok for what it is Heretical Cyborg

goran svensson on Mar 8th 2012, Version 1.2

Thanks for uploading a solo map. They so rare nowadays. I have not played heretic so I dunno how well you copied E1M1. There are some cosmetic annoyances in the map (lack of shading), but gameplay wise I find few things to complain about. It is a short and easy level. Like first levels in general are.

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Heretic is boring. Heretical Cyborg

RyokoTK on Mar 8th 2012, Version 1.0

So it's not exactly your fault that it's a boring map, but it is your fault because you picked a boring map to remake.

But hey, it's also got genuine problems that can be fixed easily for your next map:

  1. Differential shading. Know it, love it. Flat lighting in your rooms make them boring.

  2. Align your textures properly. And I don't mean where you had them purposely misaligned for secret doors; there are areas where you use textures that have discrete border lines and they're cut off oddly by not being positioned properly on the texture.

  3. The texture on the east wall in polygon 93 (and the rest of that stairwell) is not a wall texture, it is a fence texture. It will cause texture smearing on certain graphical settings. Change it to something else.

  4. The water moves too fast. Change the speed to somewhere between 0.001-0.005.

Make an original map next time, or at least pick a less boring game than Heretic to crib from.