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SphtStorm Marathon Phoenix

MoppyPuppy on Mar 12th 2012, Version 1.2.0

The new Marathon Phoenix is the best Marathon Scenario I have ever played.

One can only gripe that some level secrets can only be found via the PDF walk-through, or TABTABTABTABTABing every wall.

That is to say some secrets are not indicated by anything out of place.

S'PHTSTORM is the only bad level for its terrible game play. All enemies teleport in, the level would otherwise be uninhabited, so anytime you enter a new room, you get ambushed and DIE instantly.


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Based off an underrated FPS game Heretical Cyborg

Overlord on Mar 11th 2012, Version 1.2

Heretic is fun, and I personally think it's a great game. Unfortunetly, I wish I could say the same thing for this map (I WISH.) It just doesn't go well with Marathon, and although I liked the bay area, the indoor chambers were cramped, too much for my liking. Either way I find it hard to reccomend this.

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Agreed Gorans Lava Set

W'rkncacnter on Mar 10th 2012, Version 2.05

Why a "5" star rating?

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Come on dude Heretical Cyborg

RyokoTK on Mar 10th 2012, Version 1.2

Still no differential shading. You added the posts in the docks, but you can't actually see them because all of the surfaces are lit in the same way and it just blends together.

Seriously, read up on this stuff.

But literally, go download COLORSPEACK on this site and you can see that those maps are more attractive and easily navigable than this one and they use a single color. Differential shading makes an enormous difference. More distinct lighting in general helps, rather than having dark room after dark room.

Also, you missed a texture on one of the post sides. Whatever. And your ceiling lights need to be checked as "From Ceiling" or they'll be stuck on the floor. Playing through your levels after you make changes like this will help you catch the easy mistakes.

Make another map. E1M1 will never not be boring.

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FINALLY! A solo map! Heretical Cyborg

Destiny on Mar 8th 2012, Version 1.2

It's about time someone uploaded a new solo map!

Although it was taken from something else, and it has some of the flaws that TK mentioned in his review, it was nice to play something different for once.

Three stars!

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ok for what it is Heretical Cyborg

goran svensson on Mar 8th 2012, Version 1.2

Thanks for uploading a solo map. They so rare nowadays. I have not played heretic so I dunno how well you copied E1M1. There are some cosmetic annoyances in the map (lack of shading), but gameplay wise I find few things to complain about. It is a short and easy level. Like first levels in general are.

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Heretic is boring. Heretical Cyborg

RyokoTK on Mar 8th 2012, Version 1.0

So it's not exactly your fault that it's a boring map, but it is your fault because you picked a boring map to remake.

But hey, it's also got genuine problems that can be fixed easily for your next map:

  1. Differential shading. Know it, love it. Flat lighting in your rooms make them boring.

  2. Align your textures properly. And I don't mean where you had them purposely misaligned for secret doors; there are areas where you use textures that have discrete border lines and they're cut off oddly by not being positioned properly on the texture.

  3. The texture on the east wall in polygon 93 (and the rest of that stairwell) is not a wall texture, it is a fence texture. It will cause texture smearing on certain graphical settings. Change it to something else.

  4. The water moves too fast. Change the speed to somewhere between 0.001-0.005.

Make an original map next time, or at least pick a less boring game than Heretic to crib from.

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the maps look fine how they are SL Maps

Unclenate on Feb 28th 2012, Version 1.1

there are standards that are unreasonably low but there are also standards that are unreasonably high...

i for one would prefer to stay in the "green" zone in this color spectrum

my rating is a 5 rather than 4 to reverse the tragic abuse on this rating system

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Highly recommend Model Debugger Plugin

W'rkncacnter on Feb 25th 2012, Version 1.0.1

This is especially great when you're not debugging anything.

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Love it! 3D Items Plugin

goran svensson on Feb 23rd 2012, Version 1.1

This looks good. Thank you doctor for bringing us this plugin. I like all items, but I think it could be improved by closing the lid on the ammo boxes and creating better models for the health canisters (they were somewhat fat).

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Very, very good M1A1 Enhanced HUD Plugin

Overlord on Feb 21st 2012, Version 20120128

This is currently included in the new version of M1A1 (no longer M1A1, now it's really Marathon) and you don't need to download Aleph One to play this (although it still works with it.) Very good, it maintains the smooth, white style from previously before. It is small enough to give us lots of space on the screen, I couldn't ask for more. Bloody brilliant!

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Not very good AAAdventures 1 ~ Daisy

Overlord on Feb 20th 2012, Version

I wish you had textured the world and made it easier to play. The idea was creative but the corridors were too cramped and I always had to restart.

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Fun, but not the best Marathon Aeon

Overlord on Feb 20th 2012, Version 1.10

When you first play Aeon you'll experience a new kind of world where things are tight and crazy. I do enjoy Aeon but the first level is cramped and compact, also quite unorganized. I do have to say, it ain't broke. It just isn't the best either.

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Fantastic! Gorans Sewage Set

Overlord on Feb 20th 2012, Version 1.1

The textures look great and purely do not effect so prominent that itself does not lose it's out-of-this-world feeling that is invoked on the player.

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Lacks proper design My Pants Are on Fire

Overlord on Feb 20th 2012, Version

It would be nice if the map wasn't so small, and if there was a better balance of weapon supply. I would only recommend this for 2 players.

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Great, but confusing Marathon Phoenix

Overlord on Feb 20th 2012, Version 1.2.0

I like Phoenix because it introduces new weapons. I'd like if it were easier to complete the levels and not so easy to get lost and end up having to resort to the map.

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Really Fun SL Maps

brilliant on Feb 19th 2012, Version 1.1

Nice to see an update to this map pack! I enjoy playing on Flight of the Toolator very much. I am also happy to see your version of One Hit Wonder added into the pack. It has great flow and I like the M2 textures a lot! King of the Hill is also a blast on that map. As for the remakes, Incontinental Divide does have better flow and the texturing, for the most part, looks good. As for Age of Aquarius, i have to agree the variety of textures are just too much. I do recommend changing some of the textures back to the textures of the original map. Otherwise, I do enjoy your maps, so keep it up!

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Very Good! Starlight

Sharkie Lino on Feb 18th 2012, Version 1.0

Not sure why it took me so long to review this.

Lots of good games on these maps, great job as always.

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ugly SL Maps

treellama on Feb 18th 2012, Version 1.1

I haven't downloaded these yet, but just from the screenshots, if you're going to remake maps, you should make them look better not worse.

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Nice! Marathon Phoenix

Teak on Jan 23rd 2012, Version 1.1.0

This is great fun...

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Enjoyable Capture the Falg

Unclenate on Jan 15th 2012, Version 1.0.1

the messages for events and the marine changing colors makes this game enjoyable once again

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A few of the netmaps- Paradise Lost

Hotzy on Jan 7th 2012, Version XV

-Have become standards for us. Great one-on-one or more. The Downfall of Paradise incorporates a power up in a defensible and yet vulnerable spot much like the net map "Wrath no more" which add strategy to an otherwise "shoot at anything that moves" game. Great stuff.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

marvelous M2 XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin for AlephOne 1.0

Unclenate on Jan 5th 2012, Version 1.1.1

i dont have an XBox, nor am i unlazy enough to transfer the shapes if i did have one... so this made my day.

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inspiring layouts with poor weapon placement Cranch Wire Sunday

Unclenate on Jan 2nd 2012, Version 1.2

i love the varying layouts of these maps, and their decent color. your big issue is weapon layout. everywhere you have spare ammo laying, so should you have matching guns laying there too. once you fixed all that, these maps will be good enough i believe...

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Sweet Deal Marathon Phoenix

xdedge on Dec 28th 2011, Version 1.1.0

This is a scenario that actually caught my interest. Many other i play to play. This I actually paid attention to the story, which hasn't happened since the original trilogy. The game play was excellent, challenging, but rewarding. Great map design definitely is a plus. Definitely deserves 5 stars!

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It's A Start AAAdventures 1 ~ Daisy

Dugit on Dec 23rd 2011, Version

Terminals? Impressive.

Physics alterations? Most impressive.

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This was uhhh AAAdventures 1 ~ Daisy

The Cool Guy on Dec 22nd 2011, Version

very strange

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Great Marathon Aeon

The Cool Guy on Dec 21st 2011, Version 1.9a

Overall great map, but just pointing out that in case you didn't know, on the level "Vae Victis" one of the computer terminals does not seem to work correctly

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I finally get to playing this... Marathon Aeon

Destiny on Dec 19th 2011, Version 1.9a

I've been a little late about getting a review for this and playing the lattest beta version. Taking time off of replaying Rubicon X, I downloaded the most recent version to Aeon to see if this was any good.

First of all, I would like to thank Dugit for putting music to his scenario. I've played way to many maps that did not have any music. I perfer music over background sound. The music selection was interesting. I's a nice change from the original and remixes of the Marathon soundtrack.

Next thing to cover is the difficulty. Before I got my chance to play the beta, I thought to myself that this was going to be an easy one. Boy, was I wrong about that. Theres enough old and new difficult enemies to pack a starship! It explains why theres so much ammo everywhere. I'd hate to be the one that trys playing this on Total Carnage. The enforcers, upgraded cyborgs, better aiming troopers, and S'pht are already a pain in the neck on normal (not that I can't handle'em). They may be as colorful as a clown, but they're as nasty as barney on steroids!

The mapping and texturing in the beta was amazing! I saw so many curves that I wished I knew how to do that. Spaceships were cool, the planet areas incredibley spacious, the shading very realistic, and so many other surprises. I'm kinda surprised that this is only a beta.

The alien weapon was pretty cool as blue. I not sure which one is better: the original purple, or the new Aeon blue.

The whole story, I didn't really pay attention to. It may have helped to read the terminals, because when I got to the latter section of the beta, I got really confused. At first, Bob is your friend and the Pfhor, of course, is your enemy. It's what everyone expects. Then, this Jjaro symbol dude beams me off a level and I lose all my weapons. After running through a map without anyone around, I get to the next level, only to find out that BoB is not a friend, and there are some grayish versions of Pfhor and BoB that are apparently my friends (ugh...). Jumping through the levels with the level start cheat (kept dying from BoB and the S'pht Kr on the first level when they aren't friendly), I now get BoB back as an ally, and now both the Pfhor and gray copies are enemies. But thats not all! Now theres Durandal on the side!

Over all (I'm going to HAVE to replay this and read the computers next time) this is a great scenario. It's very unique from other ones. Everybody that hasn't checked this beta out, should. It's a good one.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to my starship. I still have several scenarios to play (some to replay), A1 tools that one day will be downloaded and there manuals read, and I think I see Irons over there. I don't think that rocket launcher he has is a gift. I may have a SBR-23, but Irons can probley plant those rockets on the ground quicker than I can get his head in my sights.

Five stars.